Super moshis!


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A really fun story thingy. Click on the options to go to the page! :)

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  • Link to do an evil deed
  • Super moshis!

    1. 1. Super Moshis!By Moshimoshimonstaar Go!
    2. 2. “Your mission, if you choose toaccept, is to join Strangeglove‟steam undercover and find outwhat their evil plan is! Will youtake this mission onboard?” No, to Yes!!!!!! dangerous!
    3. 3. Choose your monster:
    4. 4. First you need a disguise…. Which one?
    5. 5. First you need a disguise…. Which one?
    6. 6. First you need a disguise…. Which one?
    7. 7. First you need a disguise…. Which one?
    8. 8. First you need a disguise…. Which one?
    9. 9. “Good choice Super Moshi! Nowyou must think of how tojoin Strangeglove‟s team. Shouldyou…” Get into C.L.O.N.C. and join straight away! Do an evil deed…
    10. 10. “Crime against fashionthat may be, but not bigenough to grabStrangeglove‟s attention Ithink I‟ll find a bettermonster for thejob, goodbye.”
    11. 11. “Alright Super Moshi, I‟ll get abraver monster to do this mission.Until next time, goodbye!”You chose not to begin themission, so your adventure is over.
    12. 12. “If that is what you think is best SuperMoshi, off you go!” You manage to get into the CLONC, but a Glump spots you! “INTRUDER!!!” It yells. Dr Strangeglove finds you, but he doesn‟t accept you to join his team. You‟re trapped in the CLONC. Your mission is over.
    13. 13. “Great work, gain Strangeglove‟s trust by doing an evildeed, you really are becoming a fantastic Super Moshi!Now, what sort of evil deed did you have in mind?” Fake a robbery No, I wanna break into CLONC Wear odd socks!
    14. 14. “Good idea Super Moshi, lets make it get all over MNN! Raarghyhas agreed to be the victim of you „robbery‟ and we have plantedBugs Big Bounce in your house for evidence. Roary Scrawl hasalready posted an article in the Daily Growl about it. You aremeant to have ran away from the Monster Police who are outlooking for you. We have told loads of monsters it is fake, but beprepared for people calling the monster Police. Now, how are yougoing to get to CLONC??? “ Show up on the doorstep I Don‟t know! 
    15. 15. “Quick thinking is one of the main propertiesin a Super Moshi, especially if they are goingon a mission like this one. If you can‟t find thesolution to a simple question like that you maybe in trouble. I‟m sorry super moshi, but thisjut isn‟t good enough, goodbye!”
    16. 16. “Yes, that does seem the only option. Go on then Super Moshi.What are you waiting for?”You approach CLONC and knock on the door. A Glumpanswers. Um… Hello, I‟d like to join CLONC, you might haveheard of me, I‟m in the news… I stole that game from theGames Starcade… The Glump says something into amicrophone. A sinister voice answers. The Glump nodsover in the direction of a long hallway. It looks like you‟vedone it! Mission acomplished! 