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Mixi and Sourav


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Mixi and Sourav

  1. 1. Sourav and Meenakshi were in the Music Section @ IIT Roorkee. Sourav got run over by a car, and they became friends I brought you I have no front teeth I know! That’s why I got something & three cracked ribs. you soup. The chocs are I can’t bite or swallow. for me!Music brought them closer… …..And they spent the rest of their last sem in Neski Suna hai Neski wale bhaiya ka retirementAapki ankhon Aap se bhi fund ban chuka hai inmein kuch mehke khoobsurat dono ke account sehue se raaz hain aapke andaaz hain
  2. 2. Mere dil mein aaj I love you. Wotsay?kya hai, tu kahetoh main dikha dun Ismein Star World aata hai kya? I say, right back at ya! And so began the longest party of their lives
  3. 3. Through ups…. … and downsExplorations…. … and celebrationsTogether… … and apart
  4. 4. To all those wondering ‘Woh toh sab theek hai, lekin party ka kya hua?’* To be very clear, this is not an invitation. This is just FYI.* We’re rich in love, but short on cash. So we’re keeping it simple.* That doesnt mean we dont love you, it just means we cant feed youright now.