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Attn! CEO, Entrepreneur's And Businesses


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Are you looking for Answers to:

Dealing with the same internal issues every quarter?
Quality of service & deliverables are on a zigzag
Organizational blame games with zero accountability?
No time to focus on growth and strategy ?
Do not know how to begin the change?
Running short of 24 hours?

Most Importantly “that Stress..!!”

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Attn! CEO, Entrepreneur's And Businesses

  1. 1. The Down Side of Being UP Attn: All CEO's, Entrepreneur's, And Businesses
  2. 2. Vacation: What you thought
  3. 3. What it is like...
  4. 4. Weekend: What you thought
  5. 5. What it is like...
  6. 6. Sleep: What you thought
  7. 7. What it is like...
  8. 8. To-do List: What you thought
  9. 9. What it is like...
  10. 10. Work life Balance: What you thought
  11. 11. What it is like...
  12. 12. Stress: What you thought
  13. 13. What it is like..
  14. 14. It's a Grind.. So what does it take to balance it out..
  15. 15. Are you looking for Answers to:  Dealing with the same internal issues every quarter?  Quality of service and deliverables are on a zigzag  mode?  Organizational blame games with zero accountability?  No time to focus on growth and strategy ?   Do not know how to begin the change?   Running short of 24 hours?    Most Importantly “that Stress..!!”  
  16. 16. All you need is to structure: 5 W's and an H (Who, When, Why, What, Where and How) With the Daily, Weekly, Quarterly, Annually & the Short term, Medium term and Long term plans..
  17. 17. Rockefeller Habits – The Technique A systematic approach to re­think assumptions about the business  flow, innovate, change  And implement changes.
  18. 18. Usage of Technique that runs the the business on a Auto Pilot/ Auto Functional mode
  19. 19. Bring in the Experts Keystone Services: Implementation of Rockefeller Habits  Business corporatization ­Transforming organization  into a corporate body.  Profit & business efficiency improvement.  Setting up & running structured board meetings.  Dash boarding & setting up reporting systems on a  need to have basis.  Definition of the Authority & Responsibility matrix.
  20. 20.    From strategic goal alignment to daily communication,  follow up plans and those everyday things, simple  tools that make Your Business easier and you stress  free.