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Rockfeller habits_summary


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Rockefeller Habits
A systematic approach to rethink assumptions about the business flow, innovate, change And implement changes.

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Rockfeller habits_summary

  1. 1. Have Clarity = Get ResultsHave Clarity = Get Results Rockefeller Habits  Habits that companies must get  RIGHT  to maximize revenue, profit,time & to survive 
  2. 2.   Many  businesses  do  a  good  job  of  developing  their  strategic  direction  and annual business plan but falter at  the last hurdle of execution
  3. 3.            For Growth Strategy with  Great Execution     apply the fundamentals from  Rockefeller     Habits.  
  4. 4. Sets of Fundamentals
  5. 5. Setting PRIORITIES   What is critical to achieve in the next   90 days.     Pick the top 5 and then the number 1  priority.
  6. 6. Using right DATA to make decision  Ensure all the data and information is  captured   Can be monitored in an easy manner   Daily and weekly.   
  7. 7. Setting Organizations Rhythm  To keep everyone informed aligned  and accountable   Implement a daily huddle to celebrate  progress towards a goal or identifying   barriers blocking that progress.  
  8. 8. Decisions companies must get RIGHT to maximize revenue, profit & time
  9. 9. Each Influenced by the Other 
  10. 10.  People:    Getting the right  people in the right  seats  Strategy:     Knowing your  customer,  developing brand  promise and BHAG  Cash:    Maximizing your  cash conversion  cycle.  Execution:    Are you hitting  the milestones  
  11. 11. For Survival & to be Competitive
  12. 12. Framework That identifies and supports  your corporate strategy 
  13. 13. Common Language In which you can express that  strategy 
  14. 14. A well developed Habit Of using the framework and the  language to continually evaluate  the strategic progress.
  15. 15. The Strategic Framework 1% Vision, 99% Alignment 
  16. 16. Its time to put the business  Focus & Clarity  into an  Action Plan
  17. 17. Implement the Rockefeller Habits If you are serious about:  Growing business  Maximizing revenues and profits  Survival and  Being a futuristic company
  18. 18. Rockefeller Habits    Toyota Production System              Net Promoter Score  For successful implementation of