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  1. 1. PRODUCTIVITY SOLUTIONS FOR DISTRIBUTION, WAREHOUSING AND MANUFACTURING mmh.com ® March 2013 THE BIG PICTURE Dock to dock Little things that make a big difference 16 SPECIAL REPORT Industry Outlook/ Equipment Survey 24 EQUIPMENT REPORT Carts and casters: Business in motion 32 ProM A looat 2013: at thek back sh 36 ow
  2. 2. Power at Your FingertipsBrought to You by Dematic Mobile MonitorAccess warehouse data whenever and wherever youwant with a few taps of your fingers. Dematic MobileMonitor delivers crucial information via your mobile device,eliminating the need for you to be at your desk, in yourwarehouse or even the same country to keep your businessrunning smoothly.With information at your fingertips, you have the power toquickly spot potential issues and re-direct your operationsto avoid any process delays. Gain overall efficiency and Scan the QR code for aknowledge that enables smarter decision-making. video trip that leads you to a better, smarter future.Dematic Mobile Monitor can unleash your warehousepotential today for a better future now.
  3. 3. UP FRONT BREAKING NEWS YOU SHOULD KNOW Automate 2013 reaches a related trade shows.” It’s clear that the message that record number of attendees automation is the best way to become a stronger global competitor AUTOMATE 2013, held Automation, the primary sponsor is resonating with companies in virtu- Jan. 21-24 at Chicago’s of the show. “All of our numbers ally every industry, said Burnstein. McCormick Place, was were up sharply, including Robot sales set a record in 2012, the attended by a record total exhibitors (+17%), show Automate 2013 show was a success, 10,975 attendees attendees (+62%) and confer- and Bernstein expects these trends from across the United ence participants (+10%). Our to continue as the manufacturing States and 55 countries. post-show survey indicates that resurgence in the United States gains “Automate 2013 Automate is becoming the primary an even stronger foothold. “We exceeded all of our expecta- trade show in the field for many believe this will lead to an expanded tions,” said Jeff Burnstein, president people, as about 50% of attendees Automate event when it is next held of the Association for Advancing do not attend any other automation in 2015,” he added. RPA launches connected Dematic and Vocollect expand community initiative; seeks relationship to global level industry input DEMATIC, A SUPPLIER of systems The Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) is seek- for the factory, warehouse and dis- ing input from supply chain professionals to help tribution center, has announced the mold its new virtual reusable packaging forum, expansion and strengthening of its called Connected Community. When launched, relationship with Vocollect, a leader the community will provide a forum for sharing in voice solutions for mobile work- new ideas and practical real world solutions for ers and a business unit of Intermec, implementing and maximizing reusable transport packag- through a new global partnership. ing systems into the supply chain. The goal of the commu- Vocollect solutions integrate with Dematic’s nity is to virtually and effortlessly connect people looking software platform for seamless, consistent applica- to either source or sell a reusable packaging product or tion throughout the entire warehouse operations. service, and propel the adoption of reusable packaging Collaborating in this way at the global level, said solutions as a preferred solution for transporting products company officials, helps ensure reliable support and in a B-to-B supply chain. The Connected Community will repeatable results regardless of location while greatly available on the RPA Web site (reusables.org). improving the ability to make real-time decisions, “The findings from the survey will shape the founda- leading to increased distribution and fulfillment capa- tion of the online community so we are seeking input from bility while lowering costs. a broad base of supply chain professionals,” said Jerry “Leveraging knowledge captured from the ware- Welcome, RPA president. “Industry input and direction will house or DC is important to the supply chain,” said be critical to building a successful and useful online com- Robert Nilsson, Dematic vice president and general munity for the reusable industry.” manager of software and supply chain intelligence. Virginia governor announces Commonwealth Center for costs, accelerate new discoveries and deliver transfor- mative results to the technology, transportation, human Advanced Logistics Systems and other systems that enable logistics. Governor Bob McDonnell announced the formation “Virginia’s universities represent a powerful economic of Virginia’s newest collaboration between industry development engine for the Commonwealth, especially and Virginia universities: the Commonwealth when they come together in collaborative support of Center for Advanced Logistics Systems (CCALS). industry objectives,” said Governor McDonnell. “CCALS Modeled after the successful Commonwealth capitalizes on an emerging logistics hub in central Virginia Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM), that includes Fort Lee and a transportation infrastructure CCALS offers businesses and government agencies that connects to the world. Breakthrough research at with significant logistics operations a new, unique CCALS will raise the region’s profile further, bringing new and collaborative R&D method that promises to cut businesses, new jobs and new opportunities.”mmh.com MODERN MATERIALS HANDLING / M A R C H 2013 3
  4. 4. THE RELIABLE, HARDWORKING E B R K PALLET JACKS THAT WON’T A E H LET YOU DOWN. E U O PROBLEM SOLVED. O E We pushed our heavy duty pallet jacks to the limit—1000+ hours in an extreme cold storage application test, emptying 1,300 trailers, moving 50,000 pallets and transporting 105,000,000 lbs. of freight—without lubrication or service. Just the dependability that you’d expect from a world-class manufacturer like Yale. Of course, we don’t recommend you treat your trucks this way. Always follow recommended maintenance intervals. Find out more at Yale.com.12YLE5275 Yale is a Registered Trademark. is a registered copyright. ©Yale Materials Handling Corporation 2012. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. VOL. 68, NO. 3 ® PRODUCTIVITY SOLUTIONS FOR DISTRIBUTION, WAREHOUSING AND MANUFACTURING Cover illustration by Dan VasconcellosCOVER STORYBIG PICTURE16 Little things make a big differenceAutomation is transforming distribution centers. But don’t overlookthe little things that can have a big impact on your performance. 60 seconds with... Bob Babel, ForteFEATURESEQUIPMENT REPORT32 Carts & Casters: Business in motion DEPARTMENTS & COLUMNSAs lean sensibilities migrate from the production floor to the 3/ Upfrontwarehouse, carts, and casters prove a pivotal tool for enhancing the 7/ This month in Modernmobility of product, people, and processes. 12/ Lift Truck Tips: Ergonomics 14/ Packaging Corner: PalletizingREADER SURVEY 62/ Focus On: Casters, Carts, Tuggers24 Industry Outlook: 66/ 60 seconds with...Moving more, spending lessOur annual outlook survey finds the industry steadying for a new,slower pace of growth following the release of pent-up demand after the NEWSdownturn. Yet, even as planned spending drops off, facility activity is the 9/ Women could be key to filling thehighest since 2007— signaling that “doing more with less” has stuck. manufacturing talent gapSHOW REVIEW 10/ STEP Award winners announced 11/ Neeley School of Business announces26 ProMat 2013: A look at the showA look back at some of the products and services our MS in SCM degreeeditors saw at ProMat 2013.PRODUCTIVITY SOLUTION50 Retailer adds modules to WMS to Modern Materials Handling® (ISSN 0026-8038) is published monthly by Peerless Media, LLC, a Division of EH Publishing, Inc., 111 Speen St, Suitemonitor and enable growth 200, Framingham, MA 01701. Annual subscription rates for non-qualified subscribers: USA $119, Canada $159, Other International $249. SingleCompany that took orders by fax 15 years ago now commands 30% copies are available for $20.00. Send all subscription inquiries to Modern Materials Handling, 111 Speen Street, Suite 200, Framingham, MA 01701market share. USA. Periodicals postage paid at Framingham, MA and additional mail- ing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Modern51 WMS helps bring distribution in-house Materials Handling, PO Box 1496 Framingham MA 01701-1496. Reproduction of this magazine inamid strong growth whole or part without written permis- sion of the publisher is prohibited.After cutting ties with a 3PL, retailer easily handles 50% spikes in daily All rights reserved. ©2013 Peerless Media, LLC.order volume.mmh.com MODERN MATERIALS HANDLING / M A R C H 2013 5
  6. 6. www.hyundai-ce.com further! Moving you HYUNDAI FORKLIFT TRUCKS FORKLIFT LINE -UP LPG Forklift 1.5 ~ 5.0Ton Diesel Forklift 1.5 ~ 25Ton Battery Forklift (Counter Balanced) Electric Order Picker 1.6 ~ 5.0Ton 10BOP-7 / 13BOP-7 Reach Truck (Pantograph) Reach Truck (Standing) Reach Truck (Seated) Electric Towing / Platform Truck 1.5 ~ 2.3Ton 1 ~ 2.5Ton 1.4 ~ 2.5Ton 40TA-7 / 15PA-7HEAD OFFICE(SALES OFFICE) 14th FL., Hyundai Bldg. 75 Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, KoreaTel. 82. 2. 746. 4753 / 4609 Fax. 82. 2. 746. 7444 / 7445 E-mail. sisky@hhi.co.kr
  7. 7. ®® THIS MONTH IN MODERNEDITORIAL OFFICES EDITORIAL OFFICES111 Speen Street, Suite 200 111 Speen Street, Suite 200 MICHAEL LEVANSFramingham, MA 01701-2000 Framingham, MA 01701-2000 GROUP EDITORIAL(800) 375-8015 (800) 375-8015 DIRECTORMichael Levans Michael LevansGROUP EEDITORIALDIRECTOR GROUP DITORIAL DIRECTORmlevans@peerlessmedia.com mlevans@peerlessmedia.comBob Trebilcock Bob Trebilcock Little things that makeEEXECUTIVEEEDITOR XECUTIVE DITORrobert.trebilcock@myfairpoint.net robert.trebilcock@myfairpoint.net a big differenceNoël P. Bodenburg Noël P. BodenburgEEXECUTIVEMANAGING EEDITOR XECUTIVE MANAGING DITORnpbodenburg@peerlessmedia.com npbodenburg@peerlessmedia.com W hile many of us are still buzzing vital pieces of the productivity equation,Josh Bond Josh BondASSOCIATE EEDITOR ASSOCIATE DITOR from one of the busiest ProMat associate editor Josh Bond gives readersjbond@peerlessmedia.com jbond@peerlessmedia.com events in recent memory, this a comprehensive snapshot of the state ofSara Pearson Specter Sara Pearson Specter month in Modern we pull our focus in a bit carts and casters (page 32) and explainsEEDITORAT LLARGE DITOR AT ARGE and concentrate on the little things that are where the perception of carts as a “neces-sara@saraspecter.com sara@saraspecter.com making a big difference inside materials sary evil” to keep product moving insideRoberto Michel Roberto Michel handling operations—especially in light of a facility is changing. The heavy, noisy andEEDITORAT LLARGE DITOR AT ARGErobertomichel@cox.net robertomichel@new.rr.com the increasing adoption of high-speed order unwieldy cart, says Bond, has evolved into fulfillment systems. a “cart system” designed from the casters Jeff BermanJeff BermanGROUP NEWS EEDITOR GROUP NEWS DITOR For example, in executive editor Bob Tre- up to optimize material flow through with as jberman@peerlessmedia.comjberman@peerlessmedia.com bilcocks’s Big Picture—the latest in a series much comfort to the user as possible. Mike Roach of articles that explores the vital role materi- “The concept of putting everything onMike Roach CREATIVE DIRECTORCREATIVE DIRECTOR als handling plays in business—he explains wheels is an apt metaphor for the flexibility mroach@peerlessmedia.commroach@peerlessmedia.com that as sophisticated automation is taking demanded by today’s operations,” says Wendy DelCampoWendy DelCampo operations to new heights of efficiency and Bond. “By empowering the workers and ART DIRECTORART DIRECTOR wdelcampo@peerlessmedia.com productivity, it’s more important than ever to managers on the front lines to adjust workwdelcampo@peerlessmedia.com cure the common bottlenecks often found cells and react to changing conditions on Daniel GuideraDaniel Guidera ILLUSTRATION inside operations. the fly, carts and casters have become es-ILLUSTRATION daniel@danielguidera.comdaniel@danielguidera.com Starting on page 16, Trebilcock focuses sential to the mobility of product, people the microscope on the growing importance and processes.”Brian Ceraolo Brian CeraoloGROUP PUBLISHER of powered mobile workstations in receiv- Rounding out this month’s theme, con- GROUP PUBLISHERbceraolo@peerlessmedia.com ing and quality control; capturing cube and tributing editor Maida Napolitano revisits bceraolo@peerlessmedia.comPEERLESS MEDIA, LLC weight early in the process; centralizing eight fundamental guidelines to help man- PEERLESS MEDIA, LLCwww.peerlessmedia.com packing and labeling; automating the pack- agers improve inventory management. To www.peerlessmedia.com ing process; procuring proper dock equip- do this, she’s gathered six inventory man-Kenneth Moyes Kenneth Moyes ment; and streamlining loading and unload- agement experts with a combined 80 yearsPPRESIDENTAND CEO RESIDENT AND CEOEH PPUBLISHING,INC. . ing processes. of experience inside the four walls. EH UBLISHING, INC “Over the past few months we’ve con- “I picked this panel because I knew theyBrian Ceraolo Brian CeraoloPPUBLISHERAND UBLISHER AND centrated on some impressive high-speed would get back to basics and review theEEXECUTIVEVICE PPRESIDENT XECUTIVE VICE RESIDENT order fulfillment engines that are driving critical strategies some operations mayPPEERLESSMEDIA, ,LLC EERLESS MEDIA LLC the business strategy of some of today’s have neglected as they raced to adoptMAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS savviest retailers,” says Trebilcock. “But more sophisticated order fulfillment equip-Start, renew or update your FREE Start, renew or update your FREEmagazine subscription at magazine subscription at that engine simply won’t hit its numbers if ment,” says Napolitano. “These steps forcewww.mmh.com/subscribe. www.mmh.com/subscribe.Contact customer service at: Contact customer service at: inventory doesn’t get off the receiving dock managers to step back and see how theyWeb: www.mmh.com/subscribe Web: www.mmh.com/subscribeEmail: mmhsubs@ehpub.com or orders can’t get through manual packing can better integrate their data with their Email: mmhsubs@ehpub.comPhone: 1-800-598-6067 Phone: 1-800-598-6067 stations to hit shipping cut-off times.” systems and make real-time visibility moreMail: Peerless Media Mail: Peerless Media P.O. Box 1496 P.O. Box 1496 On the theme of often overlooked yet of a reality.” Framingham, MA 01701 Framingham, MA 01701ENEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTIONS ENEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTIONSSign up or manage your FREE Sign up or manage your FREEeNewsletter subscriptions at eNewsletter subscriptions atwww.mmh.com/enewsletters. www.mmh.com/enewsletters. Official Publication of Member Member of Winner Jesse H. Neal Certificates of Merit for Journalistic Excellencewww.peerlessmedia.com www.peerlessmedia.com mmh.com MODERN MATERIALS HANDLING / M A R C H 2013 7
  8. 8. Follow Modern Online facebook.com/mmhmagazine Twitter | @modernmhmag Web | mmh.comMANUFACTURING REPORTWomen could be key to filling themanufacturing talent gapSURVEY RESULTS HIGHLIGHT PERCEPTIONS OF “The survey results didn’t neces-MANUFACTURING CAREERS, WHERE WOMEN MAKE UP sarily surprise me,” said Wilkins. “WeJUST 24.8% OF THE WORKFORCE. have research on the general percep- tion of manufacturing among theBY JOSH BOND, ASSOCIATE EDITOR American public and we know the stereotypes are out there. We knowEVEN AS MANUFACTURING enjoys on-one interviews with more than a that people love manufacturing anda resurgence in the United States, dozen women. According to Jacey think it’s great, but they aren’t goingcompanies are facing a critical talent Wilkins, director of communications into it, and they’re not going to en-shortfall. According to a recent sur- for the Manufacturing Institute, the courage their kids to go into it.”vey, one of the best ways to address study is part of a three-part initiative That said, some of the recentthe talent gap is to improve percep- to assess and improve the role of survey’s research presented interest-tions of the industry as a female- women in manufacturing. The three ing contrasts to past research. Thefriendly workplace. Nearly 80% of parts include research, recognition surveyed women in manufacturingsurvey respondents believe manu- and leadership, where recognized were more likely to recommendfacturers can improve their efforts women become ambassadors in the industry to their sons than theirto recruit women, and 51% believe their communities advocating for the daughters, but according to generalthe main driver on women’s under- next generation of female industry public research, more mothers thanrepresentation is the perception of a employees. fathers are likely to recommendmale-favored culture. While manufacturing jobs towomen make up 46% of the children of either sex.total U.S. labor force, they Women in manufac-account for just 24.8% of the turing reported compen-durable goods manufacturing sation and opportunitiesworkforce. for challenging assign- These are among the find- ments as the top two at-ings of a study conducted by tributes that make manu-global research firm Deloitte facturing an attractiveon behalf of the Manufac- career path. These alignturing Institute, the educa- nicely with the desires oftion and research affiliate of many young workers, butthe National Association of a disconnect persists.Manufacturers. The survey “There is a perceptionreached more than 620 that these are routinized,women in manufacturing, mindless assembly lineacross all functional roles and jobs, but that is begin-levels, and included one- ning to change,” Wilkinsmmh.com MODERN MATERIALS HANDLING / M A R C H 2013 9
  9. 9. said. “We, as an industry, need to a global war for jobs, and if manufactur- WOMEN IN MANUFACTURINGaddress this head-on.” ers don’t attract the best and brightest, As many as 600,000 manufactur- we will not be able to build a diverse STEP Award winnersing jobs remain unfilled and 70% of workforce,” Wilkins said. “No big prob- announcedmanufacturing companies report lems were ever solved by a room fullexperiencing a moderate to severe of people with the same background, IN ADVANCE OF March’s Women’stalent shortage. “The United States is in experience and perspectives.” History Month, the Manufacturing Institute and its STEP Ahead initiative partners recognized 122 recipients of the STEP Awards at a reception in Washington, D.C., on February 5. The institute partnered with Deloitte, Uni- versity of Phoenix, and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers on the STEP Ahead initiative (women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Produc- tion), which was launched to examine and promote the role of women in the manufacturing industry through recog- nition, research, and education/leader- ship. It also highlights best practices for attracting, advancing and retaining strong female talent. The STEP awards recognize women at all levels of a manufacturing organization from the factory floor to the C-suite. “These 122 women are the faces of exciting careers in manufacturing,” said Jennifer McNelly, president of the The Manufacturing Institute. “We chose to honor these women because they each made significant achieve- ments in manufacturing through posi- tive impact on their company and the industry as a whole.” “The STEP Ahead initiative was founded to change perceptions of the manufacturing industry and create new opportunities for women in the sector,” said Latondra Newton, group vice president at Toyota Motor North America, and chairwoman of the STEP STEP Award honorees received standing ovation.10 MA R C H 2 0 1 3 / MODERN MATERIALS HANDLING mmh.com
  10. 10. Ahead initiative. “This initiative is the Chain Management Certificate, to programs at TCU provide supplycall for action to transform the face optimize on-the-job experience. chain professionals with the visionof today’s manufacturing talent and “The ability to respond to the and skills to directly impact the com-ensure that women can contribute to complex, worldwide supply and pany’s bottom line.”the future of this industry.” demand of business is vital to give a For application, curriculum and company a competitive edge,” Swink tuition information, visit www.neeley.EDUCATION said. “These two new advanced tcu.edu/MSinSCM. ⅪNeeley School ofBusiness announcesMS in SCM degreeTHE NEELEY SCHOOL OF BUSI-NESS at TCU (Texas ChristianUniversity) has announced a new ad-vanced academic degree for work-ing professionals in the supply chainfield to take their career to the nextlevel. Neeley’s Master of Sciencein Supply Chain Management is a30-hour, evening-only, college-creditprogram beginning in fall 2013.Applications are currently being ac-cepted through May 30. The degree includes a two-weekinternational experience to visit busi-nesses and governments to betterunderstand global opportunities andchallenges. A field project teamseach student with a faculty memberto participate in vital research thatimmediately impacts the student’scompany. “Companies have told us that theywant advanced education options insupply chain, especially since a degreein supply chain management didn’t ex-ist 10 years ago,” said Morgan Swink,executive director of TCU’s Supply andValue Chain Center and professor ofsupply chain. “Supply chain manage-ment has evolved out of an affiliationbetween purchasing, logistics andmanufacturing into an integrated, mul-ticultural, cross-functional discipline.The Master of Science in Supply ChainManagement gives professionals andtheir companies a decided advantagein today’s complex, global businessenvironment.” The Neeley School recently an-nounced a non-credit option for sup-ply chain professionals, the Supplymmh.com MODERN MATERIALS HANDLING / M A R C H 2013 11
  11. 11. LIFT TRUCK TIPSKeep lift truck operatorsin one placeStandard and optional lift truck features can helpthe operator move as little as possible, a sure wayto increase comfort and productivity.By Josh Bond, Associate EditorO perating a lift truck all day can be physically demanding. With an eye toward improving oper- ator comfort, many lift truck manufacturers havebeen developing standard and optional ergonomic fea-tures to reduce an operator’s stress and strain. Fingertipcontrols can replace hydraulic levers to minimize upperbody exertion. Seat suspension can alleviate lower backpain. But to really boost comfort and productivity, theend-user should work not only to ensure the operator iscomfortable in his seat, but that he stays there as oftenas possible. According to Nebojsa “Beck” Trajkovic, electricproduct planning specialist with Toyota Material HandlingU.S.A., ergonomics have such an impact on productiv-ity that customers can even build a justification for newequipment based on ergonomics alone. “Customers understand more than ever how ergonom- nomic solutions. Scales reduce the need for an operatorics play an important role in not only reducing fatigue, to exit and enter the lift truck to weigh a load, while thebut keeping the operator productive,” Trajkovic says. “If ability to bypass a stationary scale creates more directyou’re trying to keep the operator as comfortable as pos- routes for load movement. Fork positioners reduce thesible, their amount of movement is directly related.” likelihood of hand injury, speed up productivity, and, With each new generation of lift truck, more ergo- again, keep the operator firmly planted in the seat.nomic features become standard, such as fully sus- For operators in some applications, repeated entry andpended seats, smaller steering wheels to reduce strain exit is unavoidable. In this case, there are features thatto shoulders, and a lower front cowl, which improves lessen the difficulty of frequent dismounts. In addition tovisibility. Improvements in visibility lead to a reduction more spacious floor space and a lower step height, liftin movement, since viewing the forks, the load and any trucks can be fitted with a swivel-seat option to reduceobstructions requires less craning, leaning and stretch- twisting motions. These seats can also lock at an angle toing. Minimizing leaning is not just a good practice, says minimize lower back strain for rear-facing operators.Trajkovic, it’s an activity monitored by the Occupational The justification starts with listening to operators,Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Leaning out or providing a channel for feedback. Best of all, saysof a truck is a citable offense, says Trajkovic, and thus a Trajkovic, is that “happy operators will always lead toclear indicator of a problem. increased productivity.” But some of the most ergonomically friendly aftermar-ket options for lift trucks, such as integrated scales and Josh Bond is Modern’s associate editor and can be reachedfork positioners, are not presented expressly as ergo- at jbond@peerlessmedia.com12 MA R C H 2 0 1 3 / MODERN MATERIALS HANDLING mmh.com
  12. 12. The ORIGINAL PIONEERSREVOLUTIONARY by Design After laying the foundation for high-frequency charging, HAWKER continues their tradition of motive power innovation with their patented high-frequency, IONIC smart charging technology. With the greatest efficiency, highest power factor, and highest charge effectiveness available in the industry, HAWKER ’s IONIC patented charge profile reduces your utility consumption and demand while prolonging battery life, reducing water usage, and increasing productivity.Call 1.877.7HAWKER to join the high-frequency IONIC revolution. P.O. Box 808 | 9404 Ooltewah Industrial Drive | Ooltewah, Tennessee 37363 USA PH. (423) 238-5700 | 877-7HAWKER | FAX (423) 238-6060 | www.hawkerpowersource.com
  13. 13. PACKAGING CORNERAutomated palletizersemphasize flexibility, safetyCompanies turn to automated palletizing equipmentto accommodate changing packaging requirements.By Sara Pearson Specter, Editor at LargeS maller packages. Club store packs with shelf-ready packaging. Sustainability. Packaging waste reduction. All of these trends have pushed manufac-turers and distributors to invest in automatedpalletizing systems, particularly hybrid modelsthat feature a robotic arm to arrange casesthat are then fed—layer by layer—to a con-ventional palletizer to secure them to a pallet. “Companies are trying to do more withless,” says Ted Yeigh, sales director for Co-lumbia Machine. “That’s prompting them toimplement more automated solutions. Withhybrid palletizers, companies get the flexibil-ity of a robot that can quickly adapt to chang-ing packaging requirements and handle verydelicate products, including tall and tippycases, labels-out layer forming and otherchallenging package types. They also benefitfrom the simplicity of a conventional palletizerto finish the load-building process.” In the vein of doing more with less,notes Yeigh, there’s been a strong uptickin in-line, floor-level palletizer sales. “Withthe full machine on the floor, it’s easier towalk by and visually verify proper operation.Floor-level palletizers are also easier toaccess for regular maintenance.” tains in the discharge area—operate properly to protect Of course, with all automated machinery, regular personnel, even in the event of a circuit failure.service is required to keep it functioning at peak per- “We were seeing an increasing demand from multi-formance. national corporations to mirror the safety standards set To protect operators and service technicians, Colum- in place in Europe,” continues Yeigh. “It just made sensebia started including Category 3 electrical circuits as a to make these safety enhancements a standard feature,standard feature on all of their palletizers (including hy- rather than a custom-engineered solution.”brid models) more than three years ago. The redundant,fail-safe circuitry ensures that all integrated safety equip- Sara Pearson Specter is an editor at large with Modern andment—including interlocked door switches and light cur- can be reached at sara@saraspecter.com.14 MA R C H 2 0 1 3 / MODERN MATERIALS HANDLING mmh.com
  14. 14. EXCELLING ATMULTI-CHANNEL ORDERFULFILLMENT BY JASON.FLEXIBILITY ENSUREDBY VOCOLLECT.A VOCOLLECT SPONSORED WEBINAR SERIES BUSINESS OPTIMIZATION SMART INNOVATION OPERATIONAL FLEXIBILITY PREMIER EXPERIENCE MODERN MATERIALS HANDLING THOUGHT LEADERS WEBINAR “TRANSITIONING SUCCESSFULLY TO OMNI-CHANNEL FEATURED PRESENTERS: DISTRIBUTION” – PRESENTED BY FORTNA Jason Denmon Multi-Channel Retail Industry Leader Get practical advice on planning and implementing cost-effective, Fortna Inc. multi-channel order fulfillment into your distribution center design and how to optimize your operations. Michael Levans Group Editorial Director MARCH 28, 2013 Supply Chain Group, Peerless Media 2:00 P.M. EST ARE YOU READY TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS BETTER? Visit www.mmh.com/vocollect to register. © 2013 Intermec IP Corp. All Rights Reserved.
  15. 15. THE BIG PICTUREWhere Business Meets Materials HandlingLittle things that make a By Bob Trebilcock, executive editor A utomation, technology and software promise new levels of efficiency and productivity along with the capability to execute complex order fulfillment strategies.That’s the good news. The bad news: just as a supply chain is only as efficient as its weakest link, a sophisticated materials handling system is only as efficient as the bottlenecks in a distribution center. A high-speed order fulfillment be inspected and labeled for shipment is labor intensive and prone to error. That’s where powered mobile workstations can play a role. Mobility allows the associate to take the technol- ogy to wherever the work needs to be performed. Unlike traditional carts, however, a powered mobile worksta- tion includes a mobile power source to run a laptop, engine won’t hit its numbers if inventory doesn’t get off thin client or industrial tablet; a bar code scanner; a the receiving dock or orders can’t get through manual thermal printer; an electronic scale or cubing device; or packing stations to meet shipping cut-off times. some other piece of equipment that might be used for As a result, these new systems are highlighting the quality control or inspection. “The No. 1 reason people big difference that little things can have on operations. invest in a powered mobile workstation is to cut down Here are seven examples to consider for your facility. on or eliminate walking from the dock or picking area to get labels, purchase orders or other information they 1. Receiving, inspection and quality control with powered mobile workstations. Receiving, storing and shipping full pallets is a relatively need to put on product coming in or going out the door,” says John O’Kelly, president of Newcastle Systems. One e-tailer, for example, uses a powered mobile simple process. On the other hand, breaking down workstation to pick oversized products that ship in their those pallets into smaller units of measure that must storage packaging, such as 42-inch flat screen televi-16 MA R C H 2 0 1 3 / MODERN MATERIALS HANDLING mmh.com
  16. 16. difference in youroperation Automation is transforming distribution centers. But don’t overlook the little things that can have a big impact on your performance.sions. Order selectors use the bar code scanner on the television. Associates then print and apply the shippingcart to scan a location label on the rack to confirm that label from the cart before delivering the TVs to the ship-they are picking a Sony television rather than a Sanyo ping area. “Labeling at the point of picking streamlines the process and cuts down on errors,” says O’Kelly. 2. Capture cube and weight information now for packaging later. Cubing and weighing equipment has long been used to capture the weight and dimensional information of incoming pallets and cartons to make the best use of storage locations. With the increase in e-commerce, cubing and weigh- ing systems are now being used to provide precise dimen- sions and weights of individual items that are unpack- aged and may also be an unusual shape. That information allows a distributor to pick, cartonize and ship an order inCubing and weighing information helps e-tailers the most economical way possible. “The information col-optimize packaging requirements and minimize lected upfront is exported to a WMS or some other sys-shipping costs. tem that can be used to tell the order fulfillment personmmh.com MODERN MATERIALS HANDLING / M A R C H 2013 17
  17. 17. THE BIG PICTUREWhere Business Meets Materials Handlingwhich carton to use to minimize ship- early stages of a projectping costs,” says Clark Skeen, president can deliver a design thatof CubiScan.” The information can also integrates with the flowbe used by the warehouse management of product through thesystem (WMS) to group picks together building and reduces thein a way that optimizes packing. Finally, number of touches andit provides information for the new gen- movements at the pack-eration of on-demand packaging systems ing station.highlighted later in this article. Weight “If we understandinformation, meanwhile, is used to the step-by-step process Too often overlooked in the design of a system, thecheck weigh orders for quality control at the outset, we can shipping and receiving docks are the last frontierspurposes. design in small, incre- for efficiency. Skeen says that most new customers mental savings in thebegin by installing cubing and weighing packing process,” Dehnert says, add- urges customers to think of the pick,equipment on a powered mobile worksta- ing that a well-designed workstation pack, validation and flow of an ordertion so they can weigh and cube items can deliver productivity improvements as one continuous process that beginsalready in storage. Once that process is of 20% to 25% for that process. “Those with picking and ends with a productcomplete, the equipment is moved to the improvements may not seem like much going into a truck. “The first step usedreceiving area to dimension new items at one station, but when you multiply to be to buy a print-and-apply system,”or confirm that existing items haven’t them by the 15 or 20 workstations that says Hanrahan. “Now, we’re definingchanged in weight, shape or packaging. a typical big box retailer operates most the whole pick-and-pack process. That of the year, it adds up.” allows us to take touches out and build3. Integrate workstations with the materials handling system.Despite the amount of time, money 4. Lean out the labeling process. repeatability into the process before it gets to the print-and-apply station.” According to Hanrahan, there areand planning invested in software, As the volume of parcel shipping rises, several areas to be considered in thatdata collection technologies and auto- so does the interest in systems to auto- approach:mation, manual workstations in the matically insert a returns label, print Centralize packing and labeling: Ifpackaging and value-added services and insert packing slips, and print and processes can be centralized, then theareas are often an afterthought, says apply shipping labels. area can be laid out in an ergonomicJeff Dehnert, president of Dehnco. The place to start, says Dan Hanrahan, way that minimizes walking and maxi-“Typically, system designers spend their president of Numina Group, isn’t with mizes the workflows to the packer eventime on software and equipment to the print-and-apply system, but further without automation.pick with 100% accuracy and move an upstream with the picking process. He Rationalize carton sizes: Instead oforder at very fast speeds,” says Dehnert.“All of a sudden, all that automationhas to integrate with a manual processinvolving an hourly wage employee whoisn’t equipped with the right suppliesor tools to keep up with the through-put of the system. The manual processbecomes the bottleneck.” It’s a little like a downhill skierhitting an unexpected patch of dirt:Everything comes to a sudden halt. Dehnert argues that considering therequirements of the workstation in theOn-demand box making systems usethe information collected by cubingand weighing systems to determineand create the best size box for eachindividual order.18 MA R C H 2 0 1 3 / MODERN MATERIALS HANDLING mmh.com
  18. 18. The fastest-growing companies are making distribution their FORTE.Supply Chain ConsultingDelivering optimal performance First-hand experience. Combiningthroughout the distribution network decades of empirical process and practice knowledge with advanced business intelligence and analyticsSupply chain managers must constantly look for ways to improve their tools, FORTE’s consultants providedistribution networks to create differentiation and stay ahead of the powerful and pragmatic solutions to workday problems, as well ascompetition. At FORTE, our expert consultants engineer and implement for more strategic issues suchinnovative distribution operations that as network optimization, WMSare flexible, scalable and, above evaluation and 3PL strategies.all, profitable for many ofthe world’s fastest-growing companies. Keep pace with growth. FORTE helps companies deploy supply chain strategies that enable the most aggressive growth Strive for perfection. Are plans and capitalize on opportunities there delighted customers in the marketplace. We’ll recommend at the end of your supply cost-justifiable process improvements chain? We’ll help you assess and software applications that increase and redesign distribution throughput while reducing costs. systems that yield near- perfect accuracies while reducing fulfillment times from days to minutes. With single-source accountability and total objectivity, FORTE ensures that your customers will experience exceptional service levels. Download white paper Evaluating the Effectiveness of Existing Distribution Operations at forte-industries.com/effectiveS U P P LY C H A I N C O N S U LT I N G | DISTRIBUTION CENTER DESIGN/BUILD | WAREHOUSE CONTROL SYSTEM SOFTWARE
  19. 19. MODERN system report13 or 14 different carton sizes, see if Loading and unloadingyou can fill most of your orders with cartons is more efficientjust six different sizes. and ergonomic with Assess your void: Make sure void fill a powered platform.and packing documentation is located Or the process can bewithin easy reach. “If you’re packing automated with robotics.more than 500 cartons a day, you may bea candidate for an automated system for 30% less cardboard oninserting packing slips,” Hanrahan says. average in each box,” Create an assembly line in packing: says Tom Coyne CEO ofInstead of one packer performing all System Logistics.the steps in the process, consider put- The new on-demandting cartons on gravity flow conveyor and box making systems areperform a different step at each station. designed for high-volume environ- Liebel, business engineer for Sealed Air. By leaning out the processes before ments. System Logistics machines are “People have automated how they pickthe print-and-apply station, product will capable of making 3,000 boxes per line and sort their products. The pack stationflow more efficiently. in an eight-hour shift; a system from has always been a neglected area.” Sealed Air is capable of making 5,5005. Optimize and automate the packaging process.The conventional way to package indi- boxes on a single line per shift. Both System Logistics and Sealed Air provide fully automated solutions that integrate 6. Don’t overlook the dock. Walt Swietlik, director of field support for Rite-Hite Products, tells avidual and less-than-carton quantities of with a materials handling system. story about a customer that outfitted allitems is to keep an inventory of different Along with a new approach to pack- of its lift trucks with attachments thatsized boxes and void fill to accommodate aging, these systems are also sold in a could load two 48-inch pallets side bythe many different sized orders that may variety of ways. side into a trailer at one time. The ideabe shipped. The result is that customers Packsize, for instance, does not was to drastically speed up the load-are often shipping too much packaging charge upfront for its machinery. ing process. The only problem: No onefor an order and paying for more of the Rather, it provides the corrugated that realized that two side-by-side palletscube of a trailer or shipping container works with its machinery. wouldn’t fit through the dock doors.than they really need. Similarly, Sealed Air does not charge “The loading dock is the last frontier for “People squeeze every second of the upfront for its equipment either, other efficiency,“ says Swietlik. “A lot of con-cycle time from the processes inside than an installation fee. Northeir buildings,” says Hanko Kiessner, does it charge for the mate-CEO of Packsize International. “But rials used in the machine.when the product leaves the building, Instead, it charges a transac-they lose more in excess shipping costs tion fee for each box made bythan they saved inside the building.” the machine. Instead, a new generation of machin- System Logistics, on theery has come to market that makes the other hand, offers a conven-right size shipping container for each tional sales model, where theorder—and does it on-demand. These customer buys the machinesystems combine information about the and works with any corru-items being picked from the WMS with gated supplier.the dimensional and weight informa- “The growth of e-com-tion collected by weighing and cubing merce is driving the need forsystems to determine the best size box these solutions,” says Donthat fits each order. The machines thenmake the box at the time the order is With powered mobilebeing picked. carts, associates can take In the most efficient operations, technology, such as mobilethe order is picked directly to the on computers, scanners anddemand box rather than into a tote to printers to where the workbe packaged later. “You’re using about needs to be done.20 MA R C H 2 0 1 3 / MODERN MATERIALS HANDLING mmh.com
  20. 20. Solutions That Move Your Business Forward Successful businesses come to MHI – and its 800 member companies - for professional resources and reliable information as they make material handling and supply chain capital investment decisions. That’s because they know MHI is the premier trade association and information resource for this diverse industry. In fact, MHI’s solutions set the industry standard for excellence. MHI provides: MHI Solutions magazine Connect with MHI, where you can find solutions that make the supply chain work. For more information, visit MHI.org.Find us on: Scan to learn more about MHI:
  21. 21. THE BIG PICTUREWhere Business Meets Materials Handlingsultants have looked at the efficienciesthey can gain inside the box. But themain artery in and out of a facility is thedock doors and they are an afterthoughtto the design of most facilities.” Too often, he adds, docks are too highfor today’s trailers. Dock doors aren’t wideenough for today’s loads. And, dock platesare often the wrong size and capacity forwhat the client wants to run over them.“In those instances, the dock becomeslike a clogged artery,” Swietlik says.“When a truck comes in, it has to beloaded or unloaded by hand and produc-tivity goes down the tube.” The solution, he adds, is relativelysimple. Before leasing a building or A smartly designed workstation that is integrated with the materials handlingimplementing new processes, have a dis- system makes the most of manual packing operations.cussion with someone who specializes indock equipment to make sure the right extendable conveyor that reaches into the shift.” The reason is that the associ-equipment is in place to work with the the trailer. In the second example, an ate can slide the cases into position ratherdistribution and shipping procedures. associate often has to reach over his than lift them.“The dock is part of an overall system,” head or stand on a step stool to get to At the same time, robots are nowSwietlik says. “If you’re maximizing the the cartons at the top of the stack. Both being deployed to automatically load andcube on a pallet and you want to maxi- approaches are hard work and neither unload cartons from trailers and shippingmize the cube in a trailer, that cube bet-is very ergonomic. containers. The technology is alreadyter roll through the doors efficiently.” Semi-automated and automated being used by a leading CPG manufac- solutions for loading and unloading car- turer, according to Joe O’Connor, direc-7. Automation doesn’t stop at the dock door. tons can now extend the reach of auto- mated materials handling systems rightLoading or unloading floor-loaded con- into the trailer. tor of marketing for Wynright. “One robot can work two containers,” O’Connor says. And while the solution still requirestainers and trailers is typically done in The first approach involves attaching a an associate on the dock to oversee theone of two ways. Cartons are manu- powered platform to a flexible roller con- robots, typically one associate can moni-ally loaded onto a pallet that is then veyor or extendable belt conveyor. The tor three robots. Ⅺremoved by a pallet jack or lift truck. platform’s controls allow an associate toOr the cartons are loaded onto an position it at an ergonomic height and slide a carton from the con- Companies mentioned veyor into position in the in this article stack. “One liquor distribu- CUBISCAN: www.cubiscan.com tor in Ontario was loading DEHNCO: www.dehnco.com ENGINEERED LIFTING SYSTEMS: 575 cases an hour with two www.destuffit.com people in the trailer using NEWCASTLE SYSTEMS: just a flexible roller con- www.newcastlesys.com veyor,” says Richard Kat, NUMINA GROUP: www.numinagroup. vice president of sales and com PACKSIZE INTERNATIONAL: www.pack- marketing for Engineered size.com Lifting Systems. “By add- RITE-HITE PRODUCTS: www.ritehite.com ing the powered platform SEALED AIR: www.sealedairautoma- to the conveyor, one opera- tion.comAutomated on-demand box making systems are tor can now load 650 cases SYSTEM LOGISTICS: www.systemlogis- tics.comdesigned to integrate with materials handling per hour and the operators WYNRIGHT: www.wynright.comsystems handling from 3,000 to 5,500 boxes per aren’t as tired at the end ofline per shift.22 MA R C H 2 0 1 3 / MODERN MATERIALS HANDLING mmh.com
  22. 22. WAMAS®- The ULTIMATE WMS SolutionWarehouse Management Software for Every Application and BudgetWhether your warehouse is entirely manual, fully automated or a combination, WAMAS® by SchaeferSystems provides you with a warehouse management software package with unlimited possibilities.Our software is easy to use, provides real time stock management and efficient inventory control. Itallows for synchronization of interdependent processes across your entire distribution system.With over 500 successful implementations worldwide, Schaefer’s software solutions and continuousproduct advancements allow our customers to rest assued that they will have long term sustainablesystems for their warehouse operations. (877) 724-2327 automation.ssi-schaefer.us Schaefer Systems International, Inc.
  23. 23. MODERN special report2013 Warehouse/DC Equipment and Technology Survey:Moving more,spending lessOur annual outlook survey finds the industry steadying for a new, slowerpace of growth following the release of pent-up demand after thedownturn. Yet, even as planned spending drops off, facility activity isthe highest since 2007—signaling that “doing more with less” has stuck. By Josh Bond, Associate EditorRespondent J ust as an effective materials handling system cannot be shaped around one data point, interpreting the results of an industry survey is about more than just the bottom line. For instance, take a look at the average materials handling budget as reported by Peerless Research Group In the meantime, most businesses will tend to sit tight. “In the past couple of years, we saw the effect of delayed spending,” says Hill. “Now, many have caught up; and unless growth is phenomenally good, there won’t be as much pressure to spend. We’re looking at modest growthdemographics (PRG) in the 2013 State of Warehouse/ that perhaps many feel they are able toIn January, Peerless Research DC Equipment and Technology Survey. handle.”Group e-mailed survey ques- At nearly 26% less than last year, the In fact, respondents expressed ationnaires to readers of Modern average anticipated spending among great deal of optimism that they couldMaterials Handling and Logistics the survey’s 597 respondents is just handle it. When asked about theirManagement, yielding 597 qualified $334,510. In fact, about half of those anticipated activity levels over the nextrespondents from manufacturing(39%), warehousing (21%), corpo- respondents plan to spend less than two years, almost 95% said that theyrate (25%) and aligned logistics $50,000. expected activity to increase or stayprofessionals (15%). Revenues of But if we look at activity levels, facil- the same. To be fair, more than 50% ofresponding companies range from ity capacity numbers have jumped up respondents suggested their warehous-large (26% have annual revenues of by as much at 10% in one year—fol- ing activity would stay the same.$500 million or more) to small (47%are below $50 million). Qualified lowing six consecutive years of decline. According to George Prest, CEOrespondents are those managers According to John Hill, director at St. of Material Handling Industry (MHI),and personnel involved in the pur- Onge, capacity figures between 60% growth is projected to improve intochase decision process of materials and 70%, although a big improvement, 2014. Following industry growth rateshandling solutions. are still below a certain threshold. of 14% in 2011 and 10% in 2012, 2013 When they rise above 70%, he says, it’s could hover around 6% before breaking often necessary to spend on materials double digits again in 2014. handling equipment just to keep up. “We’re on the declining side of the24 MA R C H 2 0 1 3 / MODERN MATERIALS HANDLING mmh.com
  24. 24. Daniel Guiderammh.com MODERN MATERIALS HANDLING / M A R C H 2013 25
  25. 25. MODERN special report in 2012. This year, only about 30% said Level of spending that had been the case, and just 26% In total, over the next 12 months, approximately how much do you expect expect spending to increase in 2013. In to spend on materials handling equipment and information systems solutions? 2012, 45% said they expected spending to stay the same in the coming year, but 4% $2.5 million or more 8% now almost 60% expect their spending to remain unchanged in 2013. 6% $1 million-$2.49 million According to Jim Moran, chairman 7% 7% of the Industrial Truck Association and $500,000-$999,999 Ⅵ 2013 6% member of the board of directors at Ⅵ 2012 Crown Equipment, the industry might 8% $250,000-$499,999 9% want to get used to a slow and steady $100,000-$249,999 14% approach. 16% “Everyone is being very conservative, 14% but that’s predictable given the news $50,000-$99,999 15% you hear today and the level of uncer- $25,000-$49,999 19% tainty,” says Moran. “The tendency is 16% to feel negative, and it’s hard to shake 29% Less than $25,000 that. The reality is that it’s not that bad, 23% but it’s so much different than any- thing we’ve seen in the past. I think the industry is moving gradually forward in $451,000 $451,700 Spending level a positive way, but it’s a pace we have to will drop get used to, because I think it’s going to $334,510 significantly be around for a while.” from last year. 2011 2012 2013 The return of labor The 14% of respondents who reported Median anticipated spending 2011 2012 2013 that they would hold off on investments $77,000 $85,500 $58,620 in the coming year will avoid primarily big-ticket items like automation, stor- Source: Peerless Research Group (PRG) age, and technology and software. The 19% who plan to proceed with invest-growth curve,” says Prest, “but we can results. Aschenbrand also pointed to ments are looking at the same technolo-expect to see things trending upward the political and economic climate gies, including conveyors and sortation,from here. Specific industry segments at the time of the survey, which was information technology like warehousewill pick back up at different times, but fielded in January as President Obama management systems (WMS) andthe overall outlook is good.” was poised to begin his second term. enterprise resource planning (ERP) A level of uncertainty was reflected systems, as well as automatic guidedDemographics and reduced in the 50% of respondents who said vehicles and robotics.spending that they will take a “wait-and-see” Hill says that the outlook for robot-This year’s respondent base of 597 is approach in 2013, up from 46% last ics suppliers is good as solutions forabout twice last year’s base of 314 sur- year. Those with pre-approved capital picking and packing gain momentum.vey responses. However, according to expenditure budgets for materials han- But he was quick to point out thatJudd Aschenbrand, director of research dling solutions dropped from 60% in manpower remains an effective solu-for PRG, the demographic breakdown 2011 and 48% in 2012 to 38% this year, tion, particularly for retailers facing theof the group remains statistically simi- averaging just $390,000. Both figures e-commerce boom. He pointed to thelar to last year. are the lowest in seven years. 43% of respondents who plan to spend One notable change is in the level The uncertainty also made an impact on labor and staffing in 2013, up fromof participation in the southern and on optimism as compared with January 40% in 2012 and 37% in 2011.southeastern part of the country, where 2012, when 40% of respondents to last However, MHI’s Prest suggests that20% of respondents are located—as year’s survey said they expected their hiring practices have evolved in recentcompared to just 10% in last year’s materials handling spending to increase years. As companies expand their labor26 MA R C H 2 0 1 3 / MODERN MATERIALS HANDLING mmh.com
  26. 26. MODERN special report Budget levels Do you have a pre-approved annual capital expenditures budget for materials handling solutions? (2009 information not available) If yes, what is the amount? Less than 11% 60% $25,000 10% 57% 27% $25,000- $99,000 19% 48% 46% 42% $100,000- 21% Ⅵ 2013 38% $249,000 20% Ⅵ 2012 $250,000- 21% $999,999 22% 20% $1,000,000+ 29% Mean: 2007—$600,120 2011—$694,500 2008—$655,000 2012—$470,250 2007 2008 2010 2011 2012 2013 2010—$515,000 2013—$390,000 Source: Peerless Research Group (PRG) Rely On Your Best Resource… You stepLogic Enables You To Do More! Build New Screens Develop New Processes Create New RF Dialogs Create Custom Enhancements Organizations like yours rely on WMS. Yet you are constantly struggling to meet rapidly changing business requirements. At DMLogic, we have decades of experience with WMS. That’s why we created stepLogic. stepLogic is a new software scripting tool that frees your users from the constraints of your existing system. stepLogic expands customization possibilities, simplifies and shortens the process and enables YOU to do more. Scan here to see Hear how our clients are putting stepLogic to use, stepLogic contact us at 412.440.4493. in action Solving Challenges Inside the Four Walls DMLogic designs, installs and supports systems to manage what you do inside your four walls. The DMLogic team of senior consultants excels at process and system design of WMS and MHE systems in virtually every industry, and for companies large and small. For more information, visit: www.dmlogicllc.com
  27. 27. MODERN special report The economy and materials handling tivity of each. “It’s a operations trends different kind of hir- How does your company’s spending on How do you expect your company’s ing,” he says. “People materials handling solutions in 2012 spending on materials handling solutions are being more cau- compare with 2011? in 2013 to compare with 2012? tious about the types of And by what percentage? And by what percentage? employees they bring into their companies.” As respondents work to grow their work- 30% Increased 27% Increasing force and productivity, 14% Decreasing it is not surprising that 49% Stayed safety tops the survey’s about the same list of most important 60% Will stay issues, placing above 21% Decreased about the company growth, same throughput, and last year’s top issue: cost Source: Peerless Research Group (PRG) containment. Moran suggests the reason pro- ductivity metrics haveforces, they will tend to recruit and bodies at the problem,” businesses will fallen in importance is due to the spend-train with an eye toward long-term use employees to leverage investments ing on technology in recent years, whichretention. No longer content to “throw in technology, maximizing the produc- has helped many companies to be more I Slip Strip Sl p Str p Aigner Label Holder Corp. Slip Strip 218 MacArthur Avenue New Windsor, NY 12553 Tel: 1.800.242.3919 Fax: 845.562.2638 info@aignerlabelholder.com Call for a FREE Catalog or Samples! www.aignerlabelholder.com