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What are the effects of leaking pipes


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What are the effects of leaking pipes

  1. 1. Leaking Pipes Repair- What are the effects of Leaking Pipes?Leaking pipes can be a great pain if left unnoticed. If you keep ignoring them, you will not even realizehow much damage they can cause to your home. Leaking pipes can cause water damage to many areasof your house. Leaking pipes can be in the walls, floors, under sinks, or anywhere where there are waterfittings.Leaking pipes can lead to indoor flooding which means spending more and more money in repairing andcleaning. Molding is the biggest problem caused by leaking pipes under the sinks and on the walls. It justkeeps on growing with time in the presence of sufficient amount of moisture. Leaky pipes inside wallspacing often cause deformation problems as water remains stagnant for quite a long time.A leak can be small like a drip or it can be big and spread everywhere. It can move from one end to theother of your house, can cause floors to become weak and mold and can deteriorate your walls. Theycan cause floods in your basement and upper floors. If water keeps on collecting at a region, it can causea wall or floor to perish away over a given period of time.In addition to contaminated water, leaks can also lessen or reduce the water pressure coming out ofyour fittings. It can also point towards the presence of chokes within your pipes. Such things can createa hell lot of problem for you. Leaking pipes not only cause huge financial losses but also great wastage ofnatural resources.Leaking pipes can cause rusting of metal pipes. When metal pipes rust, it can become difficult to evenreplace them and if you try to loosen them, it can cause bursting of pipes. Whenever you are fixing orrepairing any type of water leakages you should make sure that before doing it water should be drainedout i.e. you should first dry the entire surface to avoid any further mishaps or accidents.Always remember if the situation gets out of control which means if you are not able to tackle thesituation yourself, you should always call a plumber. It will definitely save your time, money and a wholelot of burden and stress from your shoulders.