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Mc donald’s arch deluxe


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This is one of the classic example of brand failure whereby McDonalds introduced Arch Deluxe for the grown up taste neglecting their real customers.

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Mc donald’s arch deluxe

  1. 1. McLean Deluxe and McSoup  This was an attempt to cater for the health conscious customer.  These are two obvious examples, but it was with the Arch Deluxe burger that McDonald‟s experienced its most embarrassing flop.
  2. 2. McLean DeluxeMcSoup
  3. 3. The story… Marketed as the „Burger with the Grown-up Taste‟, the idea was to have a burger which wasn‟t associated with children. Indeed, the advertising campaign for the Arch Deluxe rammed the message home with various images of kids shunning the „sophisticated‟ product. The trouble was that nobody goes to McDonald‟s for sophistication, they go for convenience. Everybody knows that McDonald‟s is never going to be awarded a Michelin star, yet everybody still comes back.
  4. 4.  Most people who walk into a McDonald‟s restaurant know what they are going to order before they reach the counter. They don‟t want to be bombarded with a million and one variations on what is essentially the same product – a hamburger. The other problem with the Arch Deluxe was the fact that it was sold on taste.
  5. 5.  In an article headlined „McDonald‟s Missing the Mark,‟ which appeared in Brand Week on 12 November 2001, Dave Miller attacked the „compete on taste‟ strategy apparent in the promotion of the Arch Deluxe:  We don‟t come to the Golden Arches on the merits of taste and tantalization and culinary delight.  We prize your brand on friendliness, cleanliness, consistency and convenience  They are value propositions that you‟ve abdicated in recent years and – luckily – competitors have neglected to capture
  6. 6.  McDonald‟s has been accused of losing touch with its customers and being too far behind the market. „We have been taking much too long to develop an idea and get it to the market, then too long to decide whether we want to do it or not‟ - Jack Greenberg, CEO, stated in an article of Financial Times entitled “A mission to buff up the golden arches”
  7. 7.  Another interesting aspect of the Arch Deluxe failure is that the product was well researched. After conducting masses of market research, it emerged that people would love to eat a burger designed specifically for adults. Unfortunately, these people seemed to be in short supply when the product was finally launched.
  8. 8. The Arch Deluxe composition froman advertisement
  9. 9. Mistake by McDonald Not going for what they were better known for:  Part of McDonald‟s brand identity is simplicity. Another part is its child-friendly approach. A „sophisticated‟ burger designed to exclude children was therefore wrong decision.
  10. 10.  Created customer confusion:  „McDonald‟s is not cognitive, it is reflexive,‟ says Dave Miller in the November 2001 Brand Week article.  „We treasure not having to think about it. It just “is”.‟  By extending its range with products such as the Arch Deluxe, Bratwursts, McTacos and McMussels, McDonald‟s was creating a need to think.
  11. 11. Bratwursts McTacos McMussels
  12. 12. THANK YOU