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StarBuzz-July 31st-2009-WEB[1]

  1. 1. Interview withLisa Ray - Pg 11
  2. 2. July 31, 2009 2 TVShweta quits Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao!Shweta Tiwari, the drama queen has finally decided to call tity of food received on a daily basis is quite meager. work. “If you don’t work, people complain of you beingit quits. The sexy bahu has decided to walk out of the jungle The drama queen doesn’t forget to mention the jungle bad lazy and not get back to her cozy life in Mumbai and to be beside her boy, Akaashdeep Saigal’s behavioral swings as well. She And if you work, then they gossip that all the work is done,daughter Palak. quoted her displeasure towards Akaash’s uncouth behavior to gain publicity out of it.” About her experience in the showShweta claims her exit was due to unhygienic living condi- towards Fiza. she said “Mein yaha pe jungle experience ke liye aayi thi,tions, which lead to skin infections. She also quotes about “Tum padhe likhe ho, acche ghar ke ho. Tumhare bhi ghar pe woh mene kar liya hai... ab mujhe Iss Jungle se bachao.”their stay in jungle as scary and dangerous (they saw a live mummy, ya behen, bhabhi hogi... tumhe kaisa lagega jab koihuge green snake the other day). Even the other jungle in- aise baat karega unse. Mein yeh sab appreciate nahi karti”.mates have decided to pit against each other, since the quan- She also pointed out what the other celebs felt about the
  3. 3. July 31, 2009 NEWS 3I want Love Aaj Kal to break Dhan Te Nan - It’s Shahidall records: Kareena versus Saif in the chartsHer recent release “Kambak- acters - Jai Vardhan Singh much from him. He has greatkht Ishq” has seen the best and Veer Singh (the younger sensibilities of a storyteller It’s Shahid versus Saif in my Twist have a old-fash- in Vishal’s Dhan te nanopening of 2009 so far. But version of Rishi Kapoor) and can’t set a foot wrong. the charts. And if Shahid is ioned sub-layer just goes to sounds suspiciously simi-Kareena Kapoor wants boy- - “Love Aaj Kal” touches I really hope and pray that jiving to Vishal Bhardwaj’s prove, retro is back.” lar to the opening musicalfriend Saif Ali Khan’s “Love upon the universal essence ‘Love Aaj Kal’ manages to Dhan ten nan in Kaminey, Both tracks have a ravishing interlude of Laxmikant-Aaj Kal” to even surpass her of love. strike a chord with audiences Saif grooves to Pyarelal’s Hai haifilm’s record and enjoy phe- According to director Imtiaz in the same way as ‘Jab We Twist in Love yeh majboori fromnomenal success at the box Ali, “the process of relation- Met’, “ she said. Aaj Kal as though Manoj Kumar’s Rotioffice. Remembering her stint in there’s no tomor- Kapda Aur Makaan.“I really want ‘Love Aaj “Jab We Met”, Kareena row. While Pritam’s TwistKal’ to break all box-office agrees that it was an extraor- As far as listen- openly acknowledgesrecords. Yes, ‘Kambakkht dinary experience. ers’ choice goes, its debt to its sourceIshq’ is my film but then so “To play a character like Vishal’s track has material Vishal poohis ‘Love Aaj Kal’. For both ‘Geet’ (her screen name in a marked market poohs the suggestionSaif and me ‘Love Aaj Kal’ ‘Jab We Met’) doesn’t hap- edge, and Pritam that his Dhan te nanis a not just a prestigious pen all the time; it just hap- has no qualms in bears any resem-project but also something pens. When you begin work- admitting it. blance to the olderwhich is very close to our ing on a film, you of course “I’m the biggest song.hearts”, Kareena told. know about the story and Vishal Bhard- Vishal does agreeReleasing Friday, “Love Aaj your character. However, no waj fan, no two though, that LoveKal” is Saif’s first produc- one knows how audiences ways about it. His Aaj Kal is the maintion venture. Tell her that would eventually react to Dhan te nan is competition for theexpectations are huge from it. ‘Geet’ did strike a chord awesome.I can’t music of Kaminey.the movie as well as Saif and ship might be different in with the audiences and be- stop listening to it. However the twoshe nods in agreement. different eras, but the expe- came a household name, “ I wish I had com- current chartbusters,“Yes, I’m aware about the rience of being in love re- she said. posed it, ” says the bumper-to-bumperhuge expectations and I also mains the same”. One expects something sim- exuberant com- hits of the kind notknow that ‘Love Aaj Kal’ Another factor that makes ilar from “Love Aaj Kal” as poser. seen for a very longhas turned out to be a lovely “Love Aaj Kal” a special well that also stars Deepika Says Pritam, time, have more infilm. The good part is that the film for Kareena is the fact Padukone. Apart from them, “Never before common than it firstfilm has generated all around that it has Imtiaz at the driv- Rishi Kapoor and Rahul have two dance appears to the eye …positive vibes and everyone ing seat. Khanna will also be seen numbers been so retro feel to it. While Twist and ear. And only oneexpects good things from the “I have worked with Imtiaz in pivotal roles with Neetu closely competitive in the has borrowed its main riff of them will finally pullfilm, “ she said. in ‘Jab We Met’ and ever Singh in a guest appearance. charts. The fact that both from Hemant Mukherjee’s the product beyond theWith Saif playing two char- since then we all expect so Vishal’s Dhan te nan and Nagin, the main hookline finish line.
  4. 4. July 31, 2009 4 BUSINESS Kingfisher Airlines Indian law firms category, claiming a market share of over 10%. This is a huge leap for Indian law firms, not only A StarBuzz Media posts FY09 loss, emerge top for achieving global ranking, but because they have on their way managed to beat some of the issues pay delay dealmakers Publication world’s biggest firms on a global stage includ- ing Clifford Chance, DLA Piper, White & Case, warning to staff Published by Meena Chopra Ashurst, Latham & Watkins, and Allen & Overy. Indian project finance is hitting a purple patch, ‘‘Dealogic is a highly regarded source of data Contributing Writers MUMBAI: Private carrier Kingfisher helping Indian law firms to beat the world’s for the investment banking industry. Clearly, the Tia Virdi, Toronto biggest to emerge top legal advisors to global scale of infrastructure projects across sectors in Airlines Ltd said on Wednesday it posted SS Anand, New Delhi India has allowed Indian law firms to showcase a net loss of 16.09 billion rupees on net project deals, says a global investment bank- MP Singh, New Delhi ing report. best-in-class global standards and intellectual Gautam Chaturvedi, Mumbai The Indian legal profession, perhaps after In- depth, particularly of India’s complex regulatory dia’s famed BPO/outsourcing/IT sector, is the environment,’’ Bank of America, India MD & Photograhers first to get global recognition on this scale. The CEO Vishwavir Ahuja told ToI. Ben Girn, Bashir Nasir similarity however ends there. Unlike the IT DSK Legal with one deal and Indian Law Servic- sector where India had a headstart and main- es with seven deals claimed the 2nd and 3rd slots Advertising tained its lead, Indian law firms have emerged under Global PPP deals behind Luthra & Luthra. 647 802 2899 from the shadows to beat big and formidable Under the Global Finance Deals category, the sec- Email: global competitors. ond position went to Indian Law Services which In the first half of 2009 India closed 36 proj- advised 14 deals worth $6 billion. Amarchand & ects valued at $31.9 billion an increase of Mangaldas, as the legal advisor to 7 deals worth StarBuzz Media $5.8 billion, claimed the third spot.71 Glenn Hawthorne Blvd 158% over the same period last year. In its lat-Mississauga ON L5R 2K4 est report, Dealogic, a leading analytics/com- The analysis shows that Indian law firms enjoy Tel: 647 802 2899, sales of 52.7 billion rupees for the year- munications firm finds this performance was 22.8% market share in all PFI and PPP deals and 905 507 2579 ended March 31, 2009. Year-ago figures surpassed by Indian law firms earning the rare 18.1% share in all global project finance deals. were not immediately available. distinction of occupying the three top posi- When contacted, Rajiv Luthra, managing partner,StarBuzz is published every week, 52 times in a year by StarBuzz The airlines warned its 6000 employees tions under the category ‘Advisors to Global Luthra & Luthra told ToI, ‘‘This is a valuable rec- Media. Entire contents are the of delay in salary. PPP (pubic private partnership) Deals’ and ognition for the Indian legal fraternity as a whole. copyright of StarBuzz Media. Opinions expressed herein do not In an email sent, Hitesh Patel, execu- ‘Advisors to Project Finance Deals’. We hope existing and new law firms will keep the necessarily reflect the opinion of tive vice-president, Kingfisher Airlines, Indian law firm, Luthra & Luthra, came out momentum going on the world stage.’’ the publisher. StarBuzz welcomes wrote, “Along with all other airlines, we The performance of India’s law firms also madesubmissions but is not responsible as both the top legal advisor to global project are in a tight situation regarding financ- sure that Asia as a region topped project financefor unsolicited material. All Rights deals in this period for its role in six deals to- Reserved. All advertisements are es. You can expect to be in embarrassing talling $6.3 billion, giving it a market share volumes across the world. Surprisingly, native deemed to be reliable for their situations with our vendors; your sala- claims but all liabilities are those of 6.3%. Luthra also closed three deals valued Chinese law firms did not make the cut in the top of the claimants/advertisers. ries may be delayed but never beyond the 7th.” close to $3 billion in the Global PPP Deals ten.
  5. 5. July 31, 2009 NEWS 5It’s official! Katrina Nandana Sen’s kiss gets a missconfesses love for Salman Nandana Sen is making news, why? Well because the pe- tite actress choose to scorch the screen by kissing co-star Anubhav Anand not one or two but three times! Nandana seems no holds barred when it comes to her on-Finally, the ‘kat’ is out of diva has also hit out at all of her overtly possessive screen image as a sexy diva and really didn’t seem to shythe box. Katrina Kaif has those who try to hamper his beau, the swishy babe has away from kissing a newcomer like Anubhav for her newmade a confession that was spirits by speculating about stated that she is extremely film Perfect Mismatch. For her new flick Nandana sharedlong due. After using every him. happy in her relationship. three on-screen smooches with her co-star.trick in the book And as for But seems like even three time smooching didn’t proveto keep her ro- the marriage lucky enough for Nandana Sen, as the filmmakers decided in the end to cut out the kissing scenes from the film Per-mantic alliance question rul- fect Mismatch, to make it a family entertainer. So eventu-with Bolly- ing everyone’s ally in the end the whole kissing shots were edited fromwood’s angry mind, Katrina the film, well Nandana it was a Perfect Mismatch to beginman Salman stated that with, kissing a newcomer for a family entertainer is a seri-under wraps, though Sallu ous no-no.and snubbing is all set to tie Looks like someone is going Mallika Sherawat’s way. Butevery contro- the knot, she then darling like they say if its too hot to handle then justversy with her is not ready give the kiss a miss!coy smile, Ka- to settle downtrina Kaif has any time soon,boldly owned thereby mak-up to her ing Salmancushy clandes- wait.tine love affair Well, Katrinawith the ma- and Salman’scho actor. love affairIn a candid in- What’s more, unlike popu- might be com-terview given to a maga- lar belief that Katrina feels mon knowledge but it justzine, the swishy babe has suffocated in company became official.thwarted all murkyspeculations surround-ing her ever so guardedpersonal life.Stating loud and clearthat she is romanticallyinvolved with SalmanKhan, the stunner haslashed out at all thosestating that her love af-fair with the feisty Khanhas gone kaput. And it’snot just a one-line ad-mission of her love forher beau, but Kat hassnubbed aside her shygirl image to divulgesome saucy detailsabout their rocking rela-tionship.Speaking to a maga-zine, the stunner statedthat she is so hookedon to Salman that shecarries his picture withher at all times. Besidesstating that Salman’s a‘wonderful person’, the
  6. 6. July 31, 2009 6 NEWSKonkona finds business of cinema boringShe is known as an intel- “What I like is that’s like a general account.ligent actress but Konkona playing different I don’t have a very huge,Sen Sharma doesn’t want characters, meeting Bollywood-like account.”anything to do with the busi- and interacting with The National Award-win-ness of cinema - in the literal creative person- ning actress, known for do-sense. alities and not the ing offbeat roles like “Mr &“I find the business of cin- profits, “ she added. Mrs Iyer” and “Page 3”, willema very boring - the trade Asked how she be seen next in a fully-com-of cinema, the facts and fig- manages her own mercial movie “Wake Upures, the money - that’s not accounts, Konkona Sid” with Ranbir Kapoor.what appeals to me about said: “I have a CA She is also doing “Mirch”,cinema and frankly, I don’t (chartered accoun- where she will play a doubleeven know about it..., “ said tant) who handles role for the first time.Konkona. my account. ButMadhavan to pair up withKangana RanautMadhavan is a busy man Another film ‘Teen Patti’ re-these days with whole lot make of Hollywood movie ‘21’of Hindi projects in hand. (teams up with Amitabh Bach-Moreover, this lucky- chan and Ben Kingsley) is inchap of Bollywood has the plan to make his way Recently, he has signed upback to Kollywood. for a Hindi film titled ‘MadhuWith his film ‘Sikandar’ weds Tanu’ directed by Anandproduced by Big Pictures L Roy.ready to hit the screens Kangana Ranaut has beenshortly, he has also al- signed for starring oppositemost finished shooting Madhavan in lead role. Madha-for Aamir Khan starrer ‘3 van’s ‘Naan Aval Adhu’ remakeIdiots’ a novel adaptation of Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Dar-of Chetan Bhagat’s ‘Five ling’ will soon hit the screensPoint Someone’. by the first week of August.
  7. 7. July 31, 2009 NEWS 7Trisha and Asin’s competition inBollywoodIt was Asin who made a But now the wait is over wait and see, who wins therolling start of her career for Trishna as she has been final battle and has a pro-in Bollywood with Aamir signed by non-other-than di- longed career in Hindi filmKhan starrer- Ghajini, rector Priyadarshan for his industry.the Hindi remake of upcoming flick Katta Meeta,Tamil flick which starred wherein superstar AkshaySurya in it. Kumar will be paired withMeanwhile, Asin was the gorgeous lady. Not onlyshining bright in Bolly- this, Trishna has also signedwood; Trishna was wait- three other big budgeteding for the right project Bollywood come her way so that It seems the cold war be-she can jump into the tween the two southerncompetition with her beauties is about to startsouthern counterpart in in the glam-world of Bol-the world of Bollywood. lywood. We would have to
  8. 8. July 31, 20098 FASHION Look hot in cool citrus shades! Is the harsh Sun taking the freshness and oomph out of your wardrobe? If yes, then it’s time to slip into some happy hues! Playful, fresh and flamboy- sen according to the occa- for a sunshine yellow bag or ant – shades of yellows and sion. Also, the cut of a dress a pair of stilettos in electric greens are ruling the stylo- can either enhance or mar green. Adds Ranna, “Lemon meters of city’s citrine and buttercup fashionistas this gold are colours that summer! Slip into mark new begin- a tangy lemon nings.” tee or a chirpy Oft referred to as the fluorescent green tricky colours, here’s dress, and let the how to wear them colours work their right and bright. magic. “Yellow is hot. But “These are the since it does not go must-wear colours well with all skin for this season. I’d tones, one should be suggest a lemon careful about sport- yellow dress for ing it,” says Thenny, that extra zing and adding, “Tanned freshness,” says skin and yellow is a designer Abdul complete no-no.” Halder. And these “Avoid wearing yel- fresh hues look low pants,” says Ab- good in all fabrics dul. However, Amit like cotton, linen, Sandhu, a model, etc. the colour,” says designer thinks otherwise. Says he, “It is natural that every- Ranna Gill. “If you have the attitude then one wants to sport the ‘in’ Citrus colours allow for di- don’t be afraid to slip into a colours, but the outfit type verse accessorising opportu- pair of yellow or green trou- and colour should be cho- nities too, so you can go in sers.”
  9. 9. July 31, 2009 COMMUNITY 9Tushar Unadkat’s views on Art in Canada Tia Virdi The role of art is to teach about human rights and responsibilities by highlighting our commonTushar Unadkat is an internationally acclaimed and award winning art director. He is the humanity and prompting a deeper understanding of issues of justice, peace and progress.CEO and Creative Director of Mukta Advertising. He is also the moderator of Noveau IDEA You are multifaceted, what is your favorite art form?(New Indian Dimension in Entertainment and Arts. StarBuzz, recently got an oppurtunity to With ten years of professional academic training in the art & design discipline, I believe thatexplore with Tushar Unadkat his opinions about arts in Canada the most influential medium of education is “films”.What are your opinions on art in Canada? Where do you see it going? With years of experience in advertising, film & photography, fashion & choreography, event My opinion on art would in comparison to Mum- direction & management, I’ve gained skills and knowledge in the entertainment industry. bai, London, Paris, New York, Germany and I’ve written scripts that I wish to transfer to a silver screen. Film-making is my passion and Netherlands as I’ve lived and worked in these favorite medium for art expression. places before moving to Toronto. Tushar Unadkat, 416 716 8582, Artists in Canada are like farmers and they live by seasons. Summer is the harvest time, so art- ists need to make the most of it while it lasts. Entertainment business slows down during the Riteish has doubts about honest journalists winters and there is less to do for professionals. Post 9-11 incidents, the US/Canada immigration border rules got stricter and reduced the oppor- tunities that American film-makers brought to Actor Riteish Deshmukh says he was per- media today who take up issues and use the Canada. The film-industry got affected signifi- plexed when film- medium to bring justice, as cantly due to this and we see limited number of maker Ram Gopal also bring in a certain sen- projects through the year. Varma narrated his sibility among society, but However, here is where I see it going… role of an honest and a lot of them don’t. Facts In 2006, the government announced to build sincere journalist in are blown out of propor- “Filmport” on the harbor-front that holds the de- his media-based film tion and a lot of them sur- velopment rights to the lands that are leased to “Rann”. vive on rumours. the city of Toronto economic development cor- “Ramu (Varma) nar- “So I had my doubts aboutporation (TEDCO) for a long term. rated the role to me. how real my characterFilmport will be the “convergence district”, anchored by the state-of-the-art film and televi- He said you have to is. But the experience ofsion production facility with the World’s largest purpose built sound-stage. It is claimed that play an honest, sin- shooting for the film wasthe Filmport will stand at the leading edge of the world’s film, television, music and interac- cere and fair journal- great, “ he added.tive cultural industries over the total site area of 20 hectares with an estimated total develop- ist in my film. And “Rann” also stars Amitabhment cost of $275 million and an economic contribution of $400 million. my first reaction was, Bachchan, Paresh Rawal,Besides, Canada is family oriented beautiful country for bring up children and have a con- ‘I hope this is not a Rajat Kapoor, Manishaservative life-style. More and more immigrants are attracted to this economy who has settled fictitious character’, Koirala, Purab Kohli ashere peacefully. “ Riteish told. well as Gul Panag.What do you feel is the role of art in the growth of humanity? “I agree there areThe role of art in the growth of humanity is to encourage conscientious development in loads of people in thepublic awareness.
  10. 10. July 31, 2009 10Britain’s biggest DVDpirates jailedKhalid Sheikh and two sons claimed housing benefit, ecuting, told the court theymade £7m operating from supplemented their already “worked round the clock inwarehouse and houses and multimillion-pound turn- conditions of virtual slav-exploiting illegal immi- over by copying so many ery”.grants porn and bestiality films All three were previouslyThe pirate operation sold some sex shops were driven found guilty of conspiracymultiple copies of new out of business. to acquire criminal prop-films, some even before erty, while the broth-their cinema release. A fa- ers were also convictedther and his two sons who of conspiracy to breakkept dozens of Chinese the Copyright Act andworkers in virtual slavery conspiracy to break theto run Britain’s biggest Trademarks Act.DVD piracy operation The brothers were eachwere jailed for a total of 16 jailed for six years whileyears today. They used their profits on their father was jailedKhalid Sheikh, 53, and sons luxury cars and first-class for four. Sentencing, JudgeRafi, 26, and Sami, 28, of flights around the world but Martin Beddoe told KhalidWalthamstow, “hid beneath police believe much of the Sheikh: “What I find reallya veneer of respectability”, money has been smuggled distasteful is you corruptedusing their previously legiti- out of the country. and exploited your childrenmate business selling DVD Southwark crown court for your own financial in-accessories as a front, as heard how, after two years terests.” The judge told thethey made up to £7m from of operating out of a small brothers they were “moti-the three-year scam. shop in Walthamstow, east vated by greed and selfishThey used industrial equip- London, the fraudsters were interest”.ment imported from the far able to buy a £658,000 After the case, Detectiveeast to burn box-office hits warehouse headquarters in Superintendent Russellsuch as Ice Age 2, The Da Essex. They farmed their Day, of the Met’s film pira-Vinci Code and Iron Man business out to a string of cy unit, said three years ofand sold them for £3 on “factories” or semi-detached hard work and investigationstreet corners, sometimes houses, staffed by largely il- had resulted in the disman-even before their cinematic legal Chinese immigrants. tling of “an extensive crimi-release. The family, who John Hardy, QC, pros- nal network”.
  11. 11. COMMUNITY July 31, 2009 11 LISA RAY - The internationally acclaimed actress Lisa Ray has been featured in the Canadian edition of Hello magazine as one of the ‘50 Most Beautiful People’ of the country. In an exclusive tete-e-tete with Tia Virdi of StarBuzz Here goes the chat:“Yes, definitely Water. It has been the most significant film of How are you liking Masala Mehndi Masti? It’s really cool. I’m liking it very much. I am honoured to be career so far. Also because I really value Deepa Mehta. As What kind of works are we going to be seeing you in?a director and as a friend and as a mentor. It’s just one of those I’m working on a few movies that will come out soon. Most don’t have any South Asianreally special experiences.” context. The list is online on (Trader Games, Defender, Let The Game Begin, Somnolence etc)Lisa Ray was born in Toronto, Canada to a Bengali Indian father and a Polish mother andgrew up in the suburb of Etobicoke, Toronto. She excelled academically, doing five years Is there anybody in particular you would like to work with?of high school in four. She spoke Polish to her maternal grandmother and watched movies I don’t really define it that way. I’m very open. A great actor is someone who is dedicated to their craft, that’s all. That’s all that matters. Iof Federico Fellini and Satyajit Ray with her cinephile dad. Ray was get along in anyway with a variety ofspotted by an agent in a crowd during a family vacation in India when she was 16, when people. So there is no one person.she began modelling. Her first assignment was for Bombay Dyeing and then she went on In the past has there been ato the front page of Glad Rags. She has never looked back once she got a break in to films. project that has been special toIncidentally her first foray into films was a Tamil movie called ‘Nethaji’ with Sharath Kumarin 1994. Her Bollywood career started with ‘Kasoor’ in 2001. She then got a chance to work you?with the famed Deepa Mehta in Bollywood Hollywood and Water . Yes, definitely Water. It has been the most significant film of my career so far. Also because I really value Deepa Mehta. As a director and as a friend and as a mentor. It’s just one of those really special experiences. Everything just worked. We also had an amazing time shooting the film. I am very very proud to have been a part of it. World unseen was also something that has been very close to me. I do like films that are challenging, not to say that I don’t enjoy light films or commercial films. I just recently shot an episode of psyche, which is really popular in the US. But yeah I am definitely more into intense work. What are your opinions about the kind of work MMM is doing in the GTA for the South Asian community? Well they are really doing amazing work. I really admire the dedication of Abhishek and Jyoti, I am really honoured to be here, I’m being honoured by the festival. I think it’s about celebrating the community. It’s giving us a chance to dissolve boundaries.
  12. 12. July 31, 200912 Minissha lamba August 2009 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 28 29 30 31 647 802 2899
  13. 13. SPORTS July 31, 2009 13Dhoni remains on top in ICCODI rankingsDUBAI: India captain Ma- blaster Sachin Tendulkar is 10 ODI bowlers list which ishendra Singh Dhoni contin- way behind in the 15th posi- being headed by Sri Lankanued to top the ODI bats- Nuwan Kulasekara, fol-men ranking while his lowed by Kiwi Kyledeputy Yuvraj Singh has Mills and spin wizardmanaged to cling on to Muttiah Muralitharan.his second position in the India’s lone entry in theICC ODI Players Rank- chart is pacer Zaheering issued on Wednes- Khan who is at the 16thday. place.Dhoni held on to his nu- Indian players also don’tmero uno status with 828 find a place in the ICCrating points while Yu- ODI all-rounders table,vraj, who had achieved which is being led byhis career-best ranking Shakib Al Hasan of Ban-earlier this month, has gladesh. England all-784 points in his kitty. rounder Andrew Flintoff,Australian Mike Husseyis third with 767 points. who is retiring from Test cricket after the on-going For Adver tising in StarBuzz callThe only other Indian Ashes, is at the secondto feature in top 10 is tion and Gautam Gambhir in spot, followed by Paki-Virender Sehwag in the 19th place. However, no In- stani duo of Shahid Afridiseventh spot, while master dian finds a place in the top and Shoaib Malik. 647.802.2899Kirsten vows to come hardat next T20 World CupNEW DELHI: India may even make the semifinals for so long,” he told a newshave been outplayed in the this time, losing all their su- channel.Twenty20 World Cup this per eight stage matches. Kirsten also said the IPL,time but coach Gary Kirsten The former South African which was held in South Af-says they will come back opener once again stressed rica this year, should stay inhard in the next edition of on the importance of pre- India.the event which is just eight serving Test cricket. “The fans here enjoyed itmonths away. “We just need to be care- immensely. It was an amaz-“We will make sure that our ful. Twenty20 and the In- ing experience for them butpreparations next time are dian Premier League are a IPL should remain in Indiagood,” Kirsten said. great product, very popular. because it’s an Indian prod-India, who won the inaugu- But Tests is what the game uct,” he saidral edition in 2007, did not stands for. It’s been around
  14. 14. July 31, 200914 LIFESTYLE & RECIPE Eggs are good for the heart Eggs are not bad for heart health, say experts. US egg expert Dr Don McNamara insists that their buy in the supermarket for the lowest cost, and they con- bad reputation is no longer warranted and even Heart tain every vitamin and mineral we need except for vita- Foundation has lifted its recommended intake to six min C,’’ he said. “So they easily fit into a healthy diet for eggs a week. “Seniors have been afraid to eat eggs people with normal cholesterol levels, people with high because for 40 years they have been worried about cholesterol levels, diabetics and people with metabolic the dietary cholesterol,’’’’ the Herald Sun quoted nu- syndrome,’’ he added. The Heart Foundation had con- tritional biochemist McNamara as saying. ducted a survey earlier this year and reissued its guideline “But, over the years, the research has clearly shown to recommend people eat up to six eggs a week. that cholesterol in our food doesn’t impact our risk “Cholesterol in food doesn’t equal cholesterol in the for heart disease - (what causes) that is saturated fat blood,’’’’ said the foundation’s healthy weight spokes- and trans fat,’’’ he added. woman Monique Blunden. Eggs are low in saturated fat and consist of some of “It’s the saturated fat and trans fat we consume that is the vital compounds like choline that are considered directly related to the rise in cholesterol in the blood,’’ good for metabolism and for foetal brain develop- she added. ment during Mr. SS Anand, pregnancy It also contains a renowned lutein, which is known to lower Astro the risk for cata- racts and macular Consultant degeneration. McNamara said those who eat For further information, eggs for break- fast feel fuller please contact: SS Anand, for longer and Mobile: 011 91 9810075594 (New Delhi) reduce the risk of overeating at Email: lunch. “Eggs have the WEEKLY HOROSCOPE highest quality protein you can Aries: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your zealous or fanatical streak, which will come to the forefront now. You are eager to defend your convictions or fight for a cause you believe in. Taurus: This week’s scenario is highlighted by big questions of life! They occupy your attention and you may be drawn to study philosophy, religion, metaphysics, or other areas which open up new worlds for you. Gemini: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your career, social standing, or reputa- tion is favored at this time, especially by making personal contact with superiors or by socializing and making friendly contacts at work. Cancer: This week’s scenario is highlighted by hard work and concentrated effort and are the key issues for this time period. You are faced with tasks that are tedious and difficult but which must be completed at this time. Leo: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your plan or take a journey to a distant land. Travel and exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking about the world interest you now. Virgo: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your feeling that hard work is a euphe- mism for what you are experiencing, and the obstacles you face may be very frustrat- ing. Try not to become emotionally depressed or angry because of the demands. AAloo PArATHA Ingredients: Tomato puree- 4 tsp Libra: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your thoughts which turn to love and this Grated paneer-1/2 cup Chilly Sauce & tomato sauce- is a favorable time to bring out any concerns you have in your personal relationships. Bread- 5 to 6 pieces 1tsp Agreements and cooperation can be achieved easily now. Vinegar-1tsp Salt Scorpio: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your communications, which are ex- cellent now. You come across clearly and present yourself articulately. Public speak- Method: ing, interviews, and other transactions with the public are favored. Add above all well and blend it uniformly.. Sagittarius: This week’s scenario is highlighted by harmony with the people in your Make it as immediate environment. There is a sense of ease and of flowing with, rather than balls and fighting against or resisting, what is going on around you. deep fry it in oil.. Capricorn: This week’s scenario is highlighted by a nonstop flow of communication Garnish between yourself and the people in your immediate environment is likely today. Men- with cori- tal curiosity or restlessness may also impel you to take a short trip or visit. ander leaves.. Aquarius: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your feelings, friends, and female relatives figure prominently in your life now. You realize how much you appreciate and need their love and support, and you are particularly affectionate now. Green chilly- 1 Santha Purushottam Maida-1/4 cup MADrAS PAlACE Pisces: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your reliability, consistency, and dedi- Ginger- garlic paste- 2 tsp cated work and it is appreciated, and you may receive recognition or a promotion now. Curd-1 tsp Richmond Hill / Scarborough Big breakthroughs and celebrations are not indicated; the effects are more subtle, but Soya sauce-1tsp 905 881 6222 / 416 759 5400 still very important.
  15. 15. July 31, 2009 KOLLYWOOD 15Sneha’s bikini act soon?Looks like actress Sneha is all set to experiment with differ-ent roles in the industry.The soft spoken actress, Anushka and Priyamani, Sneha too will join the bi- kini brigade!who’s famous for her Sneha, in a recent in-girl-next-door im- terview, made someage in movies like observations about theAnandham, Parthi- bikini act. She said thatban Kanavu and Pi- she wasn’t reluctant torivom Sandhippom, don a bikini if the scriptturned glamorous demanded it, and if itlast year with Pandi, would work out com-starring Lawrence. mercially for the film.She wore reveal- Meanwhile, the actressing clothes and also has been on a crash dietshook her hips to a and has become pen-sensuous number in cil-thin. This has lentthe film. credence to rumoursThen, she turned to making the rounds thataction with Bhavani Sneha has done a two-IPS, which is still piece bikini act forunder production. Venkat Prabhu’s Goa,And now, the lat- which is being shotest buzz doing the in Langkawi beach inrounds is that, after Malaysia.Nayanthara, Shriya,Just Do It !A class professor was givinga lecture on company slogansand was asking his studentsif they were familiar withthem.“Joe,” he asked, “which com-pany has the slogan, ‘come fly the friendly skies’?”Joe answered the correct airline.“Brenda, can you tell me which company has the slogan, “Don’t leave home without it?”Brenda answered the correct credit card company with no difficulty.“Now John, Tell me which company bears the slogan, ‘Just do it’?”And John answered, “Mom.”Family TraditionTeacher: “Sam, you talk a lot !”Johnny: “It’s a family tradition”.Teacher: “What do you mean?” Top 10 Songs of the WeekJohnny: “Sir, my grandpa was a street hawker, my father is a teacher”.Teacher: “What about your mother?”Johnny: “She’s a woman...”Natural Childbirth Song FilmA boy was assigned a paper on childbirth and asked his mother, “How was I born?”“Well honey...” said the slightly prudish mother, “the stork brought you to us.” 1. Gazab Aa Dekhen Zara“Oh,” said the boy, “and how did you and daddy get born?” 2. Delhi Destiny 99“Oh, the stork brought us too.” “Well how were grandpa and grandma born?” the boy per- 3. Marjaani Billu Barbersisted.“Well darling, the stork brought them too!” said the mother, by now starting to squirm a 4. Kuchh Is Tarah 8x10 Tasveerlittle. 5. Rock The Party Aa Dekhen ZaraSeveral days later, the boy handed in his paper to the teacher who read with confusion theopening sentence: 6. Aapse Aa Dekhen Zara“This report has been very difficult to write due to the fact that there hasn’t been a natural 7. Phir Dekhiye Rock Onchildbirth in my family for three generations.” 8. Masakalli Delhi 6 9. Mar Jawaan Fashion 10. Guzarish Ghajini
  16. 16. July 31, 2009 16 MOVIE TALK Movie Preview : love Aaj KalStarring: Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone, Rishi Kapoor,Viki Rajani.Director: Imtiaz AliProduced by : Saif Ali Khan, Dinesh Vijanlove Aaj mein... yehi meri votti ba- Jai does not understand howlondon, San Francisco, negi - Harleen Kaur.” Veer Singh could have beenDelhi - 2009. He travels a thousand kilo- so naïve and silly aboutJai and Meera is a modern- meters by train to stand un- Harleen in the days of hisday couple in London. They der her balcony only to have youth.are very happy to- But as bothgether but do not stories unfold,believe in tying we realize thateach other down. the processSo when life of relation-pulls them in dif- ship mightferent directions, be differentthey decide to go in differentwith the flow. eras, but the“These Heer- experience ofRanjha, Romeo- being in loveJuliet type janam remains thejanam ka saath same.type couples ex- So there is theist only in story frolic and de-books,” Jai says. spair of mod-In the real life, ern living, thewe have to be liberation andpractical. Kal a glimpse of her face. And And there isDelhi, Calcutta - 1965. yet not speak a word with the past - the times of in-Veer Singh is struck by a her. nocence and compulsion.thunderbolt when he sees love Aaj Kal And there is distance, andHarleen for the first time. Veer does not understand the fondness that increasesSoon after, he stands under how Jai can treat matters of with distance. Gaps widena tree and swears that “is the heart without passion, between two people, butjanam mein aur har janam like a financial transaction. bridges keep growing too.
  17. 17. July 31, 2009 CLASSIFIED 17 BrIDE HElP HElP oFFICE CoNDo For WANTED WANTED For SPACE SAlE WANTED rESTAUrANT london (ont) Punjabi Sikh parents Wanted Paan Wanted CUrrY Available for 3 bedroom condo for sale, invite matrimonial and Chat alliance CooK, TANDoorI maker for a store rent located in London, On- tario. Excellent opportu- CooK, SWEET- 1000 Sq Ft area available for their son, 38 yrs nity for a first time buyer/ MAKEr for a popular in Brampton/ at prime location old, 5”5”, slim build. Restaurant. on Matheson/Tomken in- small investor. Rented out Canadian citizen, di- Contact : 519.748.4400 Mississauga. tersection in Mississauga. for $900+hydro. Listed for Contact a private sale $109,900 @ vorced. Well settled Ideal for Real Estate/ . in Canada. looKING For Immediately: Mortgage/Insurance/ 1.5 washroom, 1 store room. Caste no bar. call AIr CoNDITIoNING / starbuzzclassifieds@ Medical Clinic Ideally located in the city rEFrIGErATor or any Office. Ample (951)-227-1040, centre, close to all ameni-starbuzzclassifieds@ parking. Access to all (951)- 780- 2201 TECHNICIAN ties like White Oak Mall, highways. School, Shopping centre, With 2-3 years of Rent only $ 1499.00 (All Experience DoMESTIC inclusive) Library, Park, Community Centre and all other stores. Contact : HElP Call: 905 629 8231 Early closing. Please contact @ 647-294-2100 TEACHErS 416.720.2081 WANTED for UrDU and PrIVATE SAlE HElP Domestic Help wanted For CoNDo FrENCH for cleaning and other WANTED housework. Weekend or 2 Large Luxury One Bed- evenings, about 7 hours/ room Condo In Scarbor- Wanted Part Time An established com- week. Winston Churchill ough. Fully Furnished, Teachers for a well pany is looking for & Britannia area in Mis- Central Ac, Ensuite Laun- known tutorial center sissauga on convenient dry. 24 Hrs Gate House Se- in Mississauga. Apply CArPENTEr, bus route.convenient bus curityMonthly Maint. Fee immediately to: PlUMBEr, TIlE route. Please call at Of $330 Only.Appliances starbuzzclassifieds@ INSTAllEr. 1-2 (905) 785-0963. Included, Open Balcony, years Experience. Great View.Big Locker & Excellent Wages. Underground Parkingstarbuzzclassifieds@ Rec Centre - Indoor Pool, Contact Immediately: Gym, Sauna, Etc. HIrING 416.617.0049 Please Call 416 283 2980 SAlES PEoPlE lADIES Or Email : kbhaktidham@ leading Kitchen SErVICE Start your own busi- Computer Company Hir- HAIr - CArE ness with AVON - Service & Repair ing – Sales Peo- only $20.00 Work THINNING HAIr? from your home, flex- on and offsite Com- ple & Designers puter repair & Trou- HAIrloSS? Use ible hours, unlimited for Mississauga new top brand or- income, 50% com- bleshooting. Setup & and Toronto lo- ganic shampoo neu- missions. No experi- Installation of Soft- ware, Virus removal, cations. tralizing the cause ence required. Train- Networking Solutions Please Call and see the results ing provided. Receive and all other kind in one week! Good Gift worth $ 50.00. 416.913.0286 Call: Hanna 905 812 of computer mainte- for men and women. nance. or Fax only $15. 5620 Email: 416.913.0311 fakhra-shaheen12@ Callstarbuzzclassifieds@ 905-712-9404 647-341-0078 gmail.comstarbuzzclassifieds@
  18. 18. July 31, 2009 18 DISPLAY CLASSIFIEDFor Display Classified Ads in StarBuzz Unit 3.5’ x 3’ $30 FOR ONE WEEK$100 FOR ONE MONTH For Advertising in For Details Contact 647-802-2899(BUZZ) StarBuzz call EMAIL: 647.802.2899
  19. 19. July 31, 2009 19
  20. 20. July 31, 2009 (Vol III # 31) TOEFL, IELTS, ESL TEST PREPARATION