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Kyle Meeks BYU Advertising Portfolio

  1. 1. Kyle Meekskyle meeks insights I’m Feeling Lucky »kyle meeks creative problem solvingkyle meeks youtubekyle meeks enthusiasmkyle meeks on the moonkyle meeks unstoppable juggernautkyle meeks Your Search is Over
  2. 2. Table of Contents Resume………………………..2 Manifesto…….………………3-4 Real Campaigns….…….…..5-8 Conceptual Campaigns…..9-10 Insights……………….….…...11
  3. 3. Studies Advertising at Brigham Young University Lives at 268 N 700 E, Provo UT, 84606 Fluent in English, Spanish Accomplishments See All Trained in YouTube Marketing I was personally trained in the subtle nuances of Video and YouTube Marketing byWhat’s a Think Tanker? Imagine a think tank, an idea generator. Then make it aggressive, Devin Graham at it carries those ideas to victory, using creativity as ammunition. I’m a Think Tanker. Objective Obtain an internship with a renowned group of advertisers and marketers CHOICE Humanitarian in Research, Account Planning, Audio/Visual production, Internet/Social Responsible for crafting a Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, or Account Management. campaign strategy as well Work Experience as pitching the idea to the client. Our strategy was Social Media Marketing Specialist / SEO Engineer chosen, and we’ll begin Leadgenix : Internet Marketing Agency — Provo, UT implementing it in the Ad Aug. 2010 to Present Lab soon. • Create and manage clients’ social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, blogs, and other relevant networks Skills See All • Build and engage clients’ followers on social media platforms Video Editor • Write content and share relevant links for status updates, blog posts Editing is my and personal user interaction strongest skill; I can • Write, design, and efficiently target Facebook ads take bad footage Advertising Experience and make it awesome. BYU AdLab — Provo, UT Aug. 2011 to Present Sony Vegas Pro 11 and Final Cut Pro • Professionally mentored, student-run advertising agency like this. • Currently performing Research for Provide Gold, a fitness product Like • Worked on Taco Bell’s account, rebranding Taco Bell’s image. • Designed and pitched an event marketing strategy to CHOICE Humanitarian, a Humanitarian Aid Non-Profit organization @TheThinkTanker • Helped film a case study for a Friends of the AdLab campaign Education .com/ThinkTankerMeeksman Brigham Young University Communications : Advertising Matriculates April 2013 • Courses currently studying: Market Research, Media Planning .com/ThinkTankerMeeks • Previously studied courses: Account Management
  4. 4. ManifestoI am possessed by the spirit of the IndependentCreator, the shared attitude of those who pour theirhearts and souls into what they do without thesecurity of a money-laced safety net. This spiritmakes me unstoppable. It provides the power tosolve problems no matter what the restrictions. If Ineed it, I get it. If I can’t buy it, I make it. If I don’tknow, I learn. Above all, this spirit drives me toaccomplish my goals.Yet I’m not driven blindly. I live with my fingers tothe world’s pulse. I tap into the media environment,into the internet, and make it my research play-ground. I find the insights that power my creations.Some call it a superpower. I guess that gives methe responsibility to use my powers for good (andfor awesome). So I use my power to find the insightand solve the problem in a way that nobody elsehas before.Passion is Power. Fun is Fuel. The Internet is inmy soul. I bask in the classiness of pinstripe suitsand the durable familiarity of your favorite jeans. Ithink in action scenes and speak in puns andmovie quotes. You’ll find me crying during Fatherand Son scenes and Kung Fu Panda. I’m the love-able idiot, without the idiot.
  5. 5. My Manifesto ExemplifiedMy passion and drive can be best explained through my Youtube channel. Videos are a hobby of mine, and though I’m anamateur, I am constantly trying to do something different with my ideas.ThinkTankerMeeks :: and Point: When I entered a competition to see who could create the best videos (which I won second place for andover $500 in prizes), I knew that to win I would need to stand out. Each challenge had special limitations. For example,everyone had to follow the prompt, “A main character called The Shark finds a watch that gives him magical powers.” Iknew everyone else would make the Shark character the hero and would give him power over time. So stand out, I turnedthe Shark into the villain and gave him some vicious powers more… befitting a shark.The video can be found at
  6. 6. CHOICE HumanitarianCHOICE Humanitarian is a charitableorganization with an outstanding trackrecord for efficiency. CHOICE goesdirectly to the impoverished people ofthe world to fix the real problem thepeople face there: the hopelessness ofpoverty.While rebuilding and educating villages,CHOICE brings the village communitytogether to make them self-sufficient,knowledgeable, and (most importantly)full of hope for the things they canaccomplish in the future.The CHOICE process consistently andefficiently banishes poverty and restoresthe hope that has been lost due togenerations of hopeless poverty.But CHOICE has a problem: money.Their competitors are better-funded andless efficient, while CHOICE remainsobscure. Sure, those that know CHOICEbecome their advocates for life, but howcan they win over more people to gainmore funding?
  7. 7. CHOICE Humanitarian // Brand Model // Campaign BriefCurrent Brand Position Role of the Brand Effective yet painfully unknown. CHOICE provides an emotionally moving experience, an opportunity to trulyFuture Brand Objective change the lives of our brothers and “CHOICE brings hope to the hopeless sisters in the fight against poverty. and inspires those who can help with their emotionally powerful process” Insight :: Compelling Truth Those who interact with the CHOICETarget Audience brand see the real changes in the lives of While we seek the donations and volun- those they help. They see that, while teer efforts of the common man (middle other charities simply throw money at the class, upper-middle class budgeters who problem, CHOICE makes a proven, real, can only spend so much of their income long-term difference in the lives of those on a charity), the majority of CHOICE’s they serve. If we can give everyone a funding must come from philanthropists CHOICE experience, we can convert and corporate sponsors. These are the them to our ideal and gain their advocacy “big fish” needed to continue funding and support. CHOICE’s international initiatives. They are the kind of people who are rarely Strategic Solution forced to set a limit on charitable Bring the CHOICE experience home and spending. They are more concerned with involve the communities of the United how effectively their donation dollars are States to expose American communities spent, and whether they are going to to the passion and hope customary of the support a good cause. CHOICE process.Core Desire Effectively help the impoverished raise themselves from poverty.
  8. 8. CHOICE Humanitarian // Brand Model // Creative BriefCampaign Objective Support Bring the CHOICE experience home to con- • Those who work with CHOICE love it and nect and inspire the public and catch the eyes are lifelong advocates of the “Big Fish” philanthropists • CHOICE is both transparent about where the money goes and effective in achievingCreative Target lasting results, where other charities’ efforts The common man, or “budgeters,” who do not fail or fall apart after time have the funds to make a difference but can be inspired to donate their time and talents in Tone our work and in spreading awareness. We get • Inspirational these people involved, create a newsworthy • Social Movement movement, and grab the publicity that we • Genuine need to catch the attention of the “Big Fish,” • Taking-It-To-The-Streets philanthropists and companies that want to be charitably associated with a big name, Assignments effective charity. • Choose a US city to work within • Contact local leaders to find something bigInsight that needs to be fixed Since those that experience CHOICE first • Use social media (contact influential blog- hand become life-long advocates, we’ll bring gers, Twitter sponsored trending topics) to the CHOICE experience to the public, winning connect personally with the people of that advocates at home in the states and the city and find exactly what needs to be fixed attention of the media and “Bigger Fish” funders. and how they want to see it done • Go about fixing this problem, CHOICE style,Promise uniting the community and inspiring the CHOICE Humanitarian, through inspiring and people to show them the effectiveness of effective humanitarian work, will rid the world the CHOICE process. of poverty by rebuilding communities and uniting the people by bringing hope and awareness to people at home and abroad.
  9. 9. CHOICE ResultsWe pitched this campaign idea to CHOICE Hu-manitarian in a competition with other groupsin the BYU Ad Lab. CHOICE chose our ideaabove all others.We are in the process of working with them inthe BYU Ad Lab.
  10. 10. Bloodhound SummaryBloodhound is a fake product we createda campaign for in an advertising class. Itis a near-invisible GPS locator sticker forbicycles, which connects to an app onyour phone and to Bloodhound’s fakewebsite. It can tell you where your bikeis, what routes you’ve been taking, andcan even immediately notify police withthe real-time location of your bike shouldit ever be stolen.As Head of Video Production, I wrote thevideo ad’s screenplay, directed andfilmed the entire ad as Director of Pho-tography, and edited the final product. Ialso wrote the creative brief.Through each step of the process, I en-sured that the ad would resonate on bothemotional and cultural levels with our tar-get audience, college students.
  11. 11. Bloodhound // Brand Model // Creative Brief Promise “The Sucky Action Movie” Bloodhound provides bike security and enter- tainment, providing you with the drama and Advertising Objective action you don’t want in your real life due to Captivate a young, tech-savvy and entertain- bike theft. ment hungry audience with advertising that feels more like entertainment than traditional Support ads, while still explaining what the product • College students watch more satire and does and connecting on an emotional level political parody than they do news, preferring through cultural cues. entertainment to actually being informed Target • Specific, familiar emotions can be evoked College students whose only form of trans- through imagery and an understanding of portation is their bicycle. These students fear entertainment genre cues having their bike, which they’ve probably put • Bloodhound combines functionality with much time into maintaining, stolen. This emotion, providing a product as well as enter- would leave them out in the cold, unable to tainment to return to and continue connecting get to where they need to go. They are tech- with. and web-savvy. They don’t respond well to traditional advertising or obvious advertising, Tone feeling as though they are being sold to. In- • Crime-drama stead, they find fulfillment through entertain- • Serious, yet subtly funny ment, and will spend the majority of their time • Secure searching for something to entertain them. • Hyperbolic Research Assignment Though the internet generation hates being • Film semi-serious video ads for placement advertised to overtly, few skip the preroll ads on Youtube and other social video-sharing on Youtube and other social video-sharing websites websites if they look more like entertainment • Place videos also as preroll ads on You- than ads. This is because the audience is tube and other Social video-sharing websites already prepared to watch an entertaining Film ads with emotional cinematography and video, it’s why they came to the site in the imagery reminiscent of crime dramas, to first place. evoke the same emotions that people feel while viewing those images on TV or other Insight mediums “I don’t want to be advertised to, I want to be entertained. I want an emotional connection with a brand that understands what is cool and offers me something special.”
  12. 12. On Hashtags and #O_v_OVolkswagen (@VW) is asking for high-fives on Twitter from people who like the new #O_v_O. I’m willing to give out high-fives for any-one who can tell me what a #O_v_O is.Interestingly enough, the hashtag #O_v_O represents the VW Beetle. Yeah. Read that again and think. Do you see it now? Cool right?This is interesting because this hashtag, #O_v_O, was one of Twitter’s sponsored trending topics, which excites me because it showshow advertisers are finding new ways to use the social media platform I personally love the most.I’ve been an active Twitter user for over two years. I use Twitter almost exclusively to market content that I produce as well as keep upon all the interesting news and trends that I care about. I also manage client’s Twitter accounts as part of my job. I’ll take Twitter overFacebook any day.So when Twitter announced last year that they would be offering sponsored tweets and topics in April of last year, I was pretty excitedto see what advertisers could do with it. Since then, I’ve seen two types of sponsored topics: hashtags you can play with (similar to theorganic hashtags created by users, like #ARealBoyfriendWill) and straight up statements (like the brand or product’s name all by itself).Both serve their purposes, but VW’s new hashtag could possibly open up a third, more interesting category more focused on brandpositioning.Trending Topics that are blatant statements (like, “Oh hey, #Ford is trending”) can unveil new products or drive traffic to a specific pagelinked to the top comment of your sponsored trend. Useful in driving traffic, but once it’s gone, nobody will be talking about it. Yourtrend is over as soon as you’re done paying for it.Hashtags you can play with, that start a sentence somehow related to the brand but give users freedom to use it as they wish, arehelpful in giving users an experience with the brand ONLY IF it’s not too broad. Otherwise, people will most likely use the hashtag to(let’s be honest) say something about sex. They’re useful in bringing people to the brand if done the right way, but only last as long asthey are interesting. Once they’re no longer entertaining to write about, people stop.But the interesting thing about VW’s latest sponsored trend is that, when I saw it yesterday afternoon, I immediately thought, “What isthat thing? What does THAT mean?” and clicked on it to find out. I thought it was an owl at first, to tell the truth, but I HAD TO KNOW!So I clicked. And then I found out that it’s supposed to look like a VW Beetle. I did a double take, thought about it, and said, “Yeah, Ican see that,” then filed the knowledge away in my brain under “Neat stuff.”When I was driving home from work today, I found myself behind a VW beetle. The hashtag image returned, and I thought, “Wow,yeah, the front of a Beetle really DOES look like that!”Now I can’t look at a Beetle or think about a Beetle without seeing the hashtag too. And every time I think about it, it reminds me ofhow cool and creative that hashtag (and by association, VW) was. That’s positioning, of course, and its effect is valuable because itlasts so long after the exposure to the ad (in this case, the sponsored trending topic).Bottom line: It was something different, and different is important.I hope to see more sponsored hashtags from advertisers like this.