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A final project example.

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  1. 1. Peshawar, Pakistan Peshawar is the city of Patans, in Pakistan. I was born in this city. The culture, people, dresses, and even shops are completely different from what we have here in North America. Almost everything is still done the old fashion way. I think were 50 years behind in terms of technology. Their daily life style is completely different from ours, and my pictures will prove how!
  2. 2. “Tea maker in Peshawar”  An old man making tea on fire logs, in an old market to make money so he can provide for his family’s needs.
  3. 3. “Police in Peshawar”  These are the cops in Peshawar. As you can see their uniform is much different from the uniforms that cops were in Canada or the United States, and the cops over here are all clean shaved.
  4. 4. Local transportation bus inPeshawar  This is the local bus that go through the city all day long, very different from the local buses we have over here. The guy in the blue is the driver, waiting for passengers so he can make another journey around the city. All others are random people on the streets.
  5. 5. “Local grocery store in Peshawar”  This is how goods are sold, most of the item’s will be on the road, front of the shops, in open air, from where all vehicles travel. The guy who is sitting down on a chair, is the owner of the shop. The other’s are his employees.
  6. 6. “Bread making in Peshawar.”  A whole in the ground, used as an oven with lots of wood logs. They work in this hot place making about 50 rupees/day, which is probably less than a dollar! The temperature is around+ 50 all day long. Everyone inside the picture work in this little shop, doing different tasks.
  7. 7. “Serving Breakfast on the street, inPeshawar.”  Saleem serving morning breakfast on a busy road. Deep fried liver with vegetables are favourite among the local for breakfast. Do you see the little chairs in the side? That’s where people would sit and have the plate on their laps.
  8. 8. “Little kid polishing shoes on thestreet.”  Looking at something like this makes me want to cry. This is a 12 year old orphan, Wajid Khan, polishing people’s shoes on road for money. A lot of child labour still exists in Peshawar.
  9. 9. “Jewellery market, in Peshawar”  People walking through the Jewellery market in Peshawar. See, how the market of Peshawar really differs from the markets we have over here in Saskatoon
  10. 10. “Bomb in Peshawar destroys 5start Hotel”  A car bomb blast explodes and destroys the 5 star hotel in peshawar, leaving many people dead, and 1000’s injured.