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Inside Pediatrics Winter 2008

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Inside Pediatrics Winter 2008

  1. 1. WINTER 2008 A Message from the Chair Children’s and Women’s Hospitals Replacement Project, and Happy New Year! opportunities to help support our cause. I hope you all are off to a wonderful 2008! Congratulations to all and keep up the good work! This year I plan to build on the strong foundation of the Department to continue Valerie Castle, M.D. our successes in clinical care, research, Ravitz Foundation Professor of Pediatrics and education. and Communicable Diseases Chair, Department of Pediatrics This edition of Inside Pediatrics highlights several faculty and staff members who have received awards and honors in the recent past, information on the ongoing C.S. Mott New Howard Hughes Distinguished Career Medical Institute Award Laurence Boxer, M.D. has been chosen Investigator to receive the 2008 Distinguished Career Award from American Society of Pediatric Hematology Oncology Friedhelm Hildebrandt, M.D. has been (ASPHO). selected as a new Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator. This award is given in recognition of outstanding service and significant Dr. Hildebrandt was selected in a scientific contributions to the nationwide competition that sought understanding and treatment of blood applications from researchers who lead diseases and cancer in children. It will be presented at patient-oriented research programs the ASPHO annual meeting in May. Past distinguished and whose scientific work is guided by recipients include Louis Diamond, David Nathan, Frank their interaction with patients. Oski, Elias Schwartz and Archie Bleyer. This is an extraordinary recognition of the outstanding work Dr. Boxer has made extraordinary contributions to the that Dr. Hildebrandt and his research team are conducting. care of children with white cell disorders most notably those associated with low white cell counts (neutropenia). Congratulations to Dr. Hildebrandt and his entire research Additionally, he has made seminal basic research team! discoveries that have improved our understanding of white cell function in normal states and in inherited and acquired diseases. Article continued on page 2
  2. 2. INSIDE PEDIATRICS • WINTER 2008 Article continued from previous page Shining Star Award Dr. Boxer is most proud of the work he has done at Michigan Lisa Hammer, M.D., a general to develop the Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology pediatrician at Briarwood Health and influence the careers of numerous young investigators Associates, has been selected for this and clinician-scientists who have chosen careers in Pediatric quarter’s UMHS Shining Star Award. Hematology and Oncology. Shining Stars are honored at a quarterly Employee Recognition Reception for Congratulations to Dr. Boxer as his extraordinary their contributions to the mission, vision, achievements are recognized with the 2008 ASPHO and values of UMHS. Distinguished Career Award. Dr. Hammer is known for going the extra mile for patients and families. Congratulations! Help Them Make Their Mark In partnership with Detroit-based Pewabic Pottery, the •Mott Patient Tiles - For $100, you may sponsor a Mott community has a unique opportunity to support the new patient to create a tile which will be installed in the new Children’s Hospital and Women’s Hospital with specially facility. For a $1,000 donation, a set of four Mott patient designed clay tiles. These tiles will decorate the new facilities tiles with a border of specialty tiles may be purchased. inside and out. These tile sets will be used to help patients and families find There are several ways in which the community can support their way around the new facility. the Mott and Women’s tile project: All charitable contributions are 100% tax deductible. For •Tribute Gifts - For a donation of $250, you can celebrate more information on how to support the Mott and Women’s a special occasion, honor someone special or remember a Tile Project, please visit loved one with a Tribute Gift to the new C.S. Mott Children’s or call 734-936-9134. Hospital and Women’s Hospital as a distinctive way to create a lasting remembrance. Your Tribute Gift will help fund unique art pieces created by Grand Rounds Pewabic Pottery that will be installed on the welcome desks Tuesdays from 8-9 a.m. in the MCHC Auditorium of the new facility. This art work will help create an inviting atmosphere for patients and their families. January 29 - “Update on Epidemiology and Treatment of Fungal Infections,” Carol Kauffman, M.D. February 5 - “Damage Associated Molecular Pattern: Role in Innate Immunity & Potential Use as Biomarkers,” Dirk Foell, M.D., University of Muenster, Germany February 12 - “Macrophage Activation in Obesity - Adipose Tissue & Beyond,” Carey Lumeng, M.D. February 19 - “Implementing Nutrition Guidelines,” Sam Gidding, M.D., Nemours Cardiac Center February 26 - “Psychological Stresses Associated with Chronic Illness,” David DeMaso, M.D., Children’s Hospital of Boston Future conference topics may be found at http://www. 2
  3. 3. INSIDE PEDIATRICS • WINTER 2008 Division at a Glance: Replacement Project Pediatric Genetics Work continues The Division of Pediatric Genetics provides service in on the C.S. Mott the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of birth defects, Children’s and structural abnormalities, inherited diseases, chromosomal Women’s Hospitals abnormalities and mental retardation. In addition, the Replacement Division treats children with inborn errors of metabolism and Project! metabolic disorders identified on the newborn screen. Recent progress Services include inpatient and outpatient evaluations includes placement to diagnose genetic diseases, syndromes or metabolic of the first piece diseases, and appropriate laboratory studies including of steel! A total of quantitative amino acids, organic acids, carnitine, 10,500 tons of steel will be erected in the final project. chromosomal microarray analysis, karyotype, DNA-based gene sequencing, recurrence risk calculations, teratologic In the fall, Barton Mallow employee Scott Huff shared his evaluation of abortuses, stillborns, and selected neonatal views from the top of the tower crane above the project site. deaths, medical genetics follow-up, treatment, and genetic Scott travels 315 feet up a series of yellow ladders to reach counseling. Website for more details: ( the cab of the crane where he works each day - a trip that takes him an average of 25 minutes a day. Most recently, the Michigan Medical Genetics Laboratories The crane performs four different modes of operation and (MMGL; website in development) was established within the can lift up to 40,090 pounds. Scott depends on his co- Division. This comprehensive laboratory provides state- worker, Phil, to help with the crane operation from his of-the-art testing for rare genetic diseases. The MMGL position on the ground. To make certain their jobs are is comprised of two sections, one for metabolic genetic performed safely, Phil and Scott communicate via radio. diseases such as those on the newborn screen, and one for DNA based molecular genetic methods. Scott’s views on clear days include downtown Detroit. And, while working on fall football Saturday’s, he is able to view Research efforts within the Division include the evaluation the Wolverines in the Big House with a pair of binoculars. of long term outcomes and best practice guidelines for management of patients with inborn errors of metabolism, You can view the progress of the replacement project from outcomes of patients with metabolic diseases detected pre- the top of the Taubman Parking Structure. symptomatically by newborn screening, limb malformations, role of HOX genes in development, genetics of early For more information, please visit postimplantation mammalian development, adrenocortical edu/i/mottproject/. and caudal development, neural tube defects, diagnosis of kidney disease in diabetes and hypertension, genetic basis of neuronal development and autism, genetics of pre-term Cycling Gear birth and adverse perinatal outcomes, and cystinosis. There is still an opportunity for The Division includes 11 faculty members, 18 staff members, bike enthusiasts to support the and two medical genetics residents. Faculty members have C.S. Mott Children’s and Women’s extensive collaborations within Pediatrics, the Department of Hospital Replacement Project by Human Genetics and other UMHS Departments. purchasing a jersey or cycling shorts. If you are interested in Genetics Outreach Clinics staffed by Divisional faculty are making a purchase, please contact located in Gaylord, Marquette, and Traverse City. Laura Gray at 734-936-3682. 3
  4. 4. INSIDE PEDIATRICS • WINTER 2008 2007 New Faculty R.A.V.E. Awards Members Shaney Bowers, Pediatric Cardiology, is our Extra Mile Winner for the month Jill Lancaster, M.D. of July. Shaney was nominated by Diane Gaffney, Alicia Valentini and •Clinical Lecturer, Division of Shelly Brown. The nominators say General Pediatrics “Shaney always has a smile on her •M.D., 2001, Temple University face; she has the foresight to anticipate School of Medicine problems... we would be lost without •Residency, 2004, Children’s her”. Shaney is appreciated for going Hospital of Pittsburgh the extra mile taking on additional task in absence of co-workers and doing it with a smile. Dr. Lancaster will be practicing in at the Livonia Pediatrics Clinic. Her clinical interests include preventative medicine. Kelly Hornbacher, Taubman Pediatric Clinics, is our Extra Mile Winner Bethany J. Sallinen, Ph.D. for the month of August. Kelly was nominated by Dr. Emily Fredericks for •Clinical Assistant Professor, her effort in going above and beyond Division of Child Behavioral Health to problem solve clinic space concerns •Ph.D., 2005, University of Maine and difficulties for obtaining dictation •Residency, 2005, University of and careweb access for incoming Florida psychology fellows. Fredericks says “ •Fellowship, 2007, Pediatric Kelly is always willing to lend support Psychology, University of Florida to faculty, staff and trainees. She is truly dedicated to the Pediatric Clinics”. Clinical interests include pediatric obesity, psychosocial issues and family functioning in pediatric obesity, and health promotion. Cheng-Yu Chang, Division Administrator for Pediatrics Research interests include development and evaluation Endocrinology, GI and Rheumatology of pediatric weight management programs, and family is our Extra Mile winner for the month functioning in pediatric obesity. of September. Cheng was nominated by 5 faculty from the various Renee A. Shellhaas, M.D. divisions he serves; Drs. Ram Menon, Chris Dickinson, Delia Vazquez, •Clinical Assistant Professor, Josephine Kasa-Vubu and Vasantha Division of Pediatric Neurology Padmanabhan. The nominators •M.D., 2001, University of Michigan state “ Cheng consistently goes above and beyond the •Residency, 2003, The Children’s call of duty”...”always responsive, a great listener and Hospital of Philadelphia unflappable under pressure”...” has worked tirelessly •Residency, 2006, The Children’s to help organize our office staff to make them more Hospital of Philadelphia efficient”...”meets the needs of various faculty and with a •Fellowship, 2007, Clinical very cheery attitude to help faculty meet their deadlines” Neurophysiology and Epilepsy, The and “ he’s hardworking, competent and dedicated to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia improvement of all the operations he performs, makes the workplace the best it can be for all staff members.” Clinical interests include epilepsy and neonatal seizures. Research interests include neonatal seizures. 4
  5. 5. INSIDE PEDIATRICS • WINTER 2008 Lois Hauck, Pediatric Education, is (continued) our Extra Mile Winner for the month In addition, Kathy coordinated the Quality Assurance and of October. Lois was nominated by Peer Review process to help make sure that the Pediatric Kim Moosekian, Sr. Admin Asst for Cardiology team continues to deliver the best quality Pediatric Critical Care. Kim says, service to it’s patients and care givers. She did all of this “ Lois has done a superb job!” with in addition to her regular duties as a senior sonographer staying on top of the things in the in the echo lab and never lost her cool or her smile. fellowship coordination role. Lois learns all she can about fellowship Sue Clark, Taubman Pediatric Clinics, program’s and helps all of the was crowned Queen for a week in fellowship coordinators do a better job. Kim goes on to October. Sue received this recognition say, “ I have never seen an employee from the U go out for all of the consistent dedicated of her way to help someone else do their job better. If work she provides, her incredible we only had a few more employees like Lois, She has customer service skills and ability and shared so much valuable information with all of us. willingness to take on “just one more Thanks Lois, you’re the best!!!” thing” all of the time. Recent emails from parents attest to the quality Kathy Sundbeck, Pediatric Cardiology, and dedication provided as well as is our Extra Mile Winner for the month the outstanding customer service skills demonstrated. of November. Kathy was nominated Parents of patient state, “ She is always pleasant and by Dr. Mary van der Velde for eager to help. She’s the first person I would go to with completing the arduous and thankless any problems or questions”. This is the common theme task of compiling/submitting the re- Sue’s supervisor, Kelly Hornbacher, hears from anyone certification application and materials who has worked with Sue. Her attendance is great, for the pediatric echo-cardiography she always goes above and beyond, she provides high laboratory to ICAEL. (continued) quality work and has a pleasant attitude. UPCOMING EVENTS 2nd Annual Susan B. Meister Lecture in Child Health Pediatric Resident Graduation - Tuesday, June 10, Policy - Tuesday, February 12, 2008 BSRB Auditorium, 2008. For more information, please contact Denise Alton 4:30 - 6 p.m. “Bridging the Worlds of Business and ( Public Health” by John Agwunobi, M.D., M.B.A., M.P.H., Executive Vice President for Health, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Med-Peds Resident Graduation - Thursday, June 12, Reservations required: 2008. For more information, please contact Michael Lukela, M.D. ( Developmental Origin of Health and Disease - Friday, October 17, 2008 Forum Hall, Palmer Commons. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sponsored by the Division of Pediatric Endocrinology. For more information, please contact Amanda Howard ( Inside Pediatrics Editor: Laura J. Gray ( Associate Chair for External Affairs: Gary L. Freed, M.D., M.P.H. ( Inside Pediatrics is published quarterly by the Office of the Chair. Suggestions or submissions for this newsletter should be directed to Laura Gray, Editor, email:


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