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OOP's Winter 2018


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Association of Corporate Executive Coaches' (ACEC) NewsLetter Winter 2018. the newsletter for master-level corporate executive coaches who are members of ACEC

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OOP's Winter 2018

  1. 1. OOP’sFrom The Office Of The President Winter 2018 • New Members • New Look ACEC Website • New Benefits • 2018 MEECO Thought Leaders of Distinction • 2018 MEECO Conference Speakers • MCEC Certification Moves • MECCO Designation • Committees • Lighter Side
  2. 2. Welcome New Members Visit https://acec- to read about our new members Suzanne Waller (Thoren) Susan Vance-Johnson Jennifer Gerves-Keen Kathy Ryan Catherine Carr Beverly Benwick Nathalie Dore Guido Cattaneo Mirella Dr. De Civita, MCEC Gregg Ward Ross Roxenburg Liz Guthridge Mary McCarthy Susan Edlinger Ursula Pottinga Stacy Starka Vincent Gordon Sonya Shelton Jeffrey Kays Ann Demarais Ethan Hanabury Jean Triner Lisa Hale Barbara McMahon
  3. 3. ACEC Website Gets A New Look And A New Address! Visit
  4. 4. New Membership Benefits Contact for details
  5. 5. “MEECO INTERNATIONAL THOUGHT LEADER OF DISTINCTION™” In 2013 The Association of Corporate Executive Coaches (ACEC)™—www.acec-—created an annual award, recognizing those who helped create and continue to lead a path for corporate executive coaching; and for those who have had a profound effect on the industry, by clearly articulating and delineating the difference between corporate executive coaching and all other forms of coaching. In 2016 the "Executive Coach Thought Leaders of Distinction" award broadened its scope in order to keep current with the movement in the area of the employee experience. First it was moved under the banner of the MEECO Leadership Development Institute™, a research organization and think tank for the employee experience space. Now the Thought Leader award recognizes people inside and outside organizations who have made a significant difference in the field of employee development, employee contributions to the success of the organization and an employer's ability to increase retention. In addition, this award recognizes people that are making an extraordinary difference in creating a shift in critical thinking about leading and creating an enhanced workplace culture and the wider area of leadership. Along with the award's increased scope comes a name change..."Thought Leaders of Distinction"
  6. 6. Bob Anderson Robert J. Anderson is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Development Officer of The Leadership Circle. He is also the Co- founder and Chairman of Full Circle Group. Over the past 35 years, Bob has dedicated his career to exploring the intersections between leadership and mastery, competence and consciousness, spirituality and business. Bob is the co-author of the book, “Mastering Leadership.” This book is being described as the next seminal work in the leadership field. Mastering Leadership is a comprehensive look at what makes for extraordinary leadership and how to develop it. Bob is the creator of The Leadership Circle Profile™, an integrated and innovative leadership assessment tool. A culmination of years of research, The Leadership Circle Profile and its associated assessments are used by thousands of organizations around the world. The Leadership Circle and Full Circle Group earned first place in the Large Leadership Partner and Provider category of the 2015 & 2016 Leadership 500 Excellence Awards. Bob is a true pioneer in the field of leadership development and research. 2018 MEECO Thought Leader of Distinction
  7. 7. John J. Perry John is a consultant who specializes in organization assessment and diagnosis. He is also a much sought after trainer and speaker who serves many types of organizations in both the public and private sectors. He is the developer of the JPEAssessment, which provides a multi-faceted look at the preferred behavioral patterns of the individual, the perceived behaviors that contribute to the successful performance of the job, and perceived support that the organization’s systems, procedures and practices provide. These results are grouped and averaged to provide a snapshot of the impact the work experience is having on employee energy. John has a BS degree in Mathematics from Florida A&M University, an MBA degree in Management Decision Systems from the University of Southern California and a Certificate in General Business Management from the University of California Los Angeles. For more than 22 years prior to starting his consulting career in 1982, John was employed by the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center in several disciplines, including aerospace engineering, functional and project management, and internal consulting in the area of management systems. In the first quarter of 2012, John published a book entitled, “Creating the Future of Your Choice: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Empowerment.” It is a workbook you can move through at your own pace. It will guide your thinking about the future and help you chart an empowered course to the future you envision. Each chapter builds upon the preceding chapter(s). You begin by articulating a vision of a desired future and end by writing a plan to realize your vision, thus enabling you to create the future of your choice. 2018 MEECO Thought Leader of Distinction
  8. 8. Doug Silsbee Doug Silsbee is a pioneer in the field of presence-based leadership development and coaching. He is an executive coach, trainer of coaches, speaker, and author in Asheville, NC. Doug is the author of two influential books on coaching: The “Mindful Coach” (2004, and Jossey-Bass, 2010) and “Presence-Based Coaching” (Jossey-Bass, 2008.) Doug's work combines deep experience in organization and leader development with strong developmental influences. He supports leaders in making and delivering on strong commitments, while building resilience, executive presence, and capacity for purposeful action along the way. Specialties: Leadership training, resilience, coaching, coach training, mentoring, author. 2018 MEECO Thought Leader of Distinction
  9. 9. MEECO Leadership Development Conference 2018 May 21-23 2018 Estes Park, Colorado Visit:
  10. 10. 2018 MEECO Leadership Development Institute Conference Speakers and Program. Visit: https:// www.meeco- schedule-2018 May 21-23 2018 The Stanley Hotel Estes Park , Colorado
  11. 11. 2018 MEECO Leadership Development Institute Conference Speakers and Program: Visit https://www.meeco- schedule-2018 May 21-23 2018 The Stanley Hotel Estes Park , Colorado
  12. 12. May 21-23 2018 The Stanley Hotel Estes Park , Colorado 2018 MEECO Leadership Development Institute Conference Speakers and Program Visit: https://www.meeco- /schedule-2018
  13. 13. MEECO DESIGNATION Measuring Excellence in the use of Executive Coaching, Employee Enhancement and Corporate Culture in Organizations “A value in receiving the designation is we use it for recruiting, retention, and as a guide to our enterprise wide leadership development program.” … 2017 designee "The application process provides an evidence-based road map for use in measuring achieved success and future direction.” ... CB Bowman, CEO
  14. 14. “We especially want to thank (our coach) for his initial recommendation for us to be included in this award designation, and his unwavering commitment to supporting our success.“… 2018 Applicant “A value of applying for the MEECO Designation can be seen in the application process. Completing the application served as an academic exercise to help us look at our leadership program in terms of where we have been, and where we are currently. It also provided a guide or view towards the sustainability of our program” …2016 applicant “The value of the designation is in the ability to use it for recruiting, retention, and marketing; it is also an attracter for our board of directors and funding campaigns” …2017 applicant "The application process provides an evidence-based road map for use in measuring achieved success and future direction" ... CB Bowman, CEO The Association of Corporate Executive Coaches created the MEECO Designation, a prestigious designation for "Measuring Employee Experience, Executive Coaching and Culture in Organizations" (MEECO™). It recognizes organizations that represent best-in-class standards and execution in the use of executive coaching and/or have created an environment that promotes leadership and employee development as part of its culture. MEECO is a designation of excellence and not an award. It symbolizes to the organization and its employees, the public, shareholders and stakeholders alike that the organization has achieved best in class levels. The designation is good for 2 years; however, MEECO Institute is in contact with designees every 12 months to ensure continued success. After two years, the organization re-files for continued use of the designation. Are you Using the MEECO Designation as a Lead Generator to build your Practice? Companies today like to partner with coaches who are interested in more that just taking home a check for payment of services. They want to know they are hiring an “enterprise-wide business partner” who cares about the heath and growth of their organization. By nominating your client or by nominating a potential client you will display that you care about them. The MEECO designation is being used by designees to indicate their excellence and to support their recruiting, retention, leadership development policies and practices, fundraising and to gain strong board room support. Here is what organizations are saying… MEECO Designation A Lead Generator!
  15. 15. Master Corporate Executive Coach Certification In 2015 the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches created the Master Corporate Executive Coach certification. The MCEC certification was designed to respond to an outcry from organizations for a certification which was based on knowledge of executive coaching at the mastery level, a solid knowledge of business, a well rounded professional portfolio of high-level skills, return on investment as measured by the client, ability to educate leaders about the industry and leadership, and, surprisingly, volunteerism. They wanted to be assured of the senior coach’s ability to engage with their c-suite talent and to be an “enterprise wide business partner,” whose partnership may go far beyond pure coaching. In 2017 as the MEECO Institute began to gain strength and become know as the credentialing organization in the field of leadership development. MEECO now sets the standards for mastery in leadership development for organizations, it was felt that the MCEC certification should be reside under its umbrella. In 2018/19, the MCEC certification is on track to set new standards for measuring quality for mastery as a corporate executive coach. Certification and re-certification will be based not on clock hours or CEU credits but rather on organizational outcomes as determined by the client. Stay tuned for more information. 15 of 18
  16. 16. 2018 ACEC/ MEECO Committees • Executive Committee Ann Daw Jennifer Gerves Jordan Goldrich Mary McCarthy Mercedes Martin Ronnie Kirshner Hawkins Stacy Starka Susan Gilell-Stuy Vincent Gordan • MEECO Designation Evaluation Amy Abel Barbara Singer David Dye Frank Wagner Mchael Crystal Stacy Starkka Sue Lawley Terry Hilderbrandt • Finance Committee Dan Darcy Jeff Keys Ann Daw Susan Gilell-Stuy • Thought Leaders Lynn Harrison Kathy Ryan Outside Support • Newsletter Barrie Hinton • MCEC Anna Pool Bill Carrier Jordan Goldrich Lynn Harrison Rick Gardner • Ethics & Structure Committee Ann Daw CB Jordan Goldrich Liz Guthridge Pilar Colilla Join us in making a difference to your practice and our field! Contact:
  17. 17. 2018 ACEC/ MEECO Committees Join us in making a difference to your practice and our field! Contact: • BrainTrust Jennifer Gerves-Keen Ronnie Kurchner-Hawkins Susan Gilell-Stuy • YoungBlood Mary McCarthy Outside Support Rody Kent Susan Gilell-Stuy • Peer-to-Peer Eileen Broer Terry Hildebrandt Tom Gosslin (TBC) Ken Gigilo (TBC) • Corporate Coaching Community CB Jennifer Gerves-Keen Frank Wagner • Corporate Certification CB Jordan Goldrich Ouside Support Sue Lawley Terry Hildebrandt • Conference Committee Ana Melikian Ann Daw Beverly Benwick CB Mary McCarthy Terry Hildebrandt • Membership/ Marketing (Coming Soon - Join Now!) CB Jeff Keys Outside Support!
  18. 18. On The Lighter Side?