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MEECO Leadership Institute Designation brochure 1 04-19


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Measuring Excellence in the use of Employee Enhancement/Enrichment, Executive Coaching, and/or Corporate Culture in Organizations

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MEECO Leadership Institute Designation brochure 1 04-19

  1. 1. 12/22/2018 1
  2. 2.   M E E C O  Measuring Excellence in the use of Employment Sciences, Executive Coaching, and/or Corporate Culture in Organizations MEECO Designation™ 12/22/2018 2
  3. 3.  Mission:  To elevate the status of "Corporate" Executive Coaches to be viewed as the go-to trusted advisors and strategic partner for enterprise-wide transformation. MEECO Designation™ 312/22/2018
  4. 4.  Vision:  To ensure that organizations evaluate, hire, and utilize “Corporate” Executive Coaches as a trusted advisor and as a resource for ongoing success MEECO Designation™ 12/22/2018 4
  5. 5.   Strategy:  1. To align the bridge between the market, the people and the cultural strategies.  2. To partner with ACEC to identify standards for coaches to enable them to be transformational catalysis.  3. To identify and educate; provide products and services to organizations leading transformation and innovation.  4. To credential coaches, identify organizations, and recognize individuals who are leading transformation and innovation. MEECO Designation™ 12/22/2018 5
  6. 6.   Past Recipients:  2016  Mayo Clinic  Ford Motor Company  2017  Rodan + Fields  L3 Technology  MD Anderson Cancer Research, University of Texas  2018  UCLA, Anderson School of Business  Rice University, Doerr Leadership  Hermes Airports, LTD Cyprus MEECO Designation™ 12/22/2018 6
  7. 7.   Benefits:  MEASUREMENTS: By participating in the application process it will provide you with the opportunity to measure: 1. Where you came from verses where you are now 2. Growth opportunities 3. Sustainability of your program/ investment 4. Receive feedback from SME’s and leaders in Consulting, Measurements, Executive Coaching 5. An important benefit comes from completing the application process itself. Taking a disciplined look at how your programs plays a role in the success of your organization. MEECO Designation™ 12/22/2018 7
  8. 8.   Benefits cont.:  RECRUITING: In the “War on Talent” having an employee enhancement program in place provides critical equity against your competitor. The designation recognizes organizations that demonstrate their belief in the importance of achieving genuine employee engagement. It shows both the internal and the external customers that you support the development and retention of talent. The designation is clear acknowledgement of excellence in your talent management strategy for employee experience, executive coaching and culture in organizations who utilize these areas as a key part of employee retention and productivity to increase stockholder and share value. It signifies to your current employees, potential employees, shareholders/stakeholders, and the public that you know the critical importance of investing in developing your talent. MEECO Designation™ 12/22/2018 8
  9. 9.   Benefits cont.:  RESEARCH: This is an opportunity to become part of the MEECO Leadership Institute™ and to participate in its research regarding the employee experience as it relates to the organization’s bottom line.  CONNECTIVITY: Automatically become a member of the “Stakeholders Circle” to share and bond with former designees and automatically receive an invitation the annual MEECO Leadership Conference Ability to select specially curated products and services especially designed for Stakeholders MEECO Designation™ 12/22/2018 9
  10. 10.   Benefits cont.:  MARKETING: Ability to display the MEECO Designation logo as a symbol of an organization that cares about their employees learning and development. An asset in recruiting and retention. MEECO Designation™ 12/22/2018 10
  11. 11.   How to Apply: 4 Categories  Category 1: 5 Billion and Over In Revenue  Category 2: 20 Million to 4.999 Billion In Revenue  Category 3: 20 Million And Under In Revenue and Small Business  Category 4: Academic Institutions & Government Agencies MEECO Designation™ 12/22/2018 11
  12. 12.  Visit for additional information Or contact CB Bowman, CEO Or contact Dr. Terry Hildebrandt, Chairman MEECO Designation™ 12/22/2018 12