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Master Corporate Executive Coach Certification (MCEC)


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Why is it important to hire an MCEC certified coach for your organization?

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Master Corporate Executive Coach Certification (MCEC)

  1. 1. Association of Corporate Executive Coaches™ and the benefits of working with certified Master Corporate Executive Coaches The Future of Leadership is Now ™ QUALITY & ROI RIGOUR & RESULTS EXPERIENCE & EDUCATION TRUSTED & COMMITTED
  2. 2. “The Association of Corporate Executive Coaches (ACEC) elevates the value of executive coaches in the sea of organizational relationships to ensure our Master Corporate Executive Coaches (MCEC) serve as enterprise-wide business partners.” CB Bowman, CEO of ACEC and the MEECO Leadership Institute
  3. 3. Our MCEC Coaches Are distinguished by the MEECO Leadership Institute as a Certified Master Corporate Executive Coach (MCEC) • 100% hold certifications in 3+ globally recognized assessments • 99.9% Masters • 25% Ph.D. Level • 90% of those that teach, teach at the College/University level Credentialed • 100% Fortune 1000 clients • 99% 10+ years P&L • 98% 10+ years as an Executive Coach • 98% International experience Experienced • 100% Corporate-focused • 100% Apply globally-recognized assessments • 100% Publish articles, books, journals & white papers • 100% Vetted & reference- checked • 100% Positively evaluated from C-level clients Practiced • Culture • Capacity building • Social sustainability • Leadership strength • Focused commitment • Bottom-line improvement • Organizational health • Team agility • Purpose-driven decisions • Courageous efforts • Learning agility • Cascading impact Demonstrated ROI
  4. 4. Diverse & Inclusive Global & Expansive Cultural Competence Thought Leadership Strength in Diversity MCEC Coaches Bring Leadership and Coaching Experiences to the Following Locations
  5. 5. • Focused Practitioners – MCEC coaches are dedicated to executive development, people, performance and productivity. • Background in Business – MCEC coaches are experienced leaders and seasoned coaches. • Expansive Approach – MCEC coaches are practitioners who bring a portfolio of flexible tools and methodologies . • Proven Results - MCEC certification confirms coaches can truly enable transformation. Committed to Excellence & Deep ExperienceIt seems like these days everyone is calling themselves a coach. Organizations that seek to build leadership capacity through top-tier executive coaching services will note the difference when they hire Executive Coaches who hold their MCEC designation. MCEC is backed by a rigorous certification methodology. We set standards for “corporate” executive coaches in being recognized as enterprise-wide business partners™. MCEC Coaches bring tangible results to you and your organization. Engaging an MCEC Coach to support leadership development means you value best-in-class.
  6. 6. Include MCEC Coaches from MEECO and see the difference for yourself! Achieve Excellence Evaluate the distinct difference an MCEC coach brings to your organization, your people and your results. Measure Success Amend your RFP process to include MCEC coaches from MEECO and see the difference for yourself! Expand Options
  7. 7. “COACHEE QUOTE HERE” Just Some of the outstanding organizations engaging an MCEC Coach as an Enterprise-Wide Business Partner™