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Types of Breast Cancer Surgery | Breast Cancer Hospital in India


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Why should you choose to get Indian hospitals offer the Best Cancer Treatment in India at affordable prices. MedWorld india associated Best Cancer Treatment Hospitals in India have the latest technology and infrastructure to offer the Most Advanced Cancer Treatment at low cost.

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Types of Breast Cancer Surgery | Breast Cancer Hospital in India

  1. 1. Types of Breast Cancer Surgery Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us :
  2. 2. Mail Us : Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us : With advancement in technology, breast cancer is no longer an incurable disease. With the latest technology available at best cancer hospitals in India, breast cancer can now be detected at very early stages and can be completely treated. The approach used for cancer treatment in India is multidisciplinary, which involves Surgical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology and rehabilitation after cancer surgery. The top cancer specialists in India use the latest international protocols for the treatment of cancer which includes the following depending upon the patient’s condition and requirements
  3. 3. Mail Us : Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us : Types of Breast Cancer Surgery Breast cancer surgeries differ by the amount of healthy tissue that is removed with the tumor. Some lymph nodes under the armpit are usually removed as part of the operation so they can be checked for cancer cells. This will help your doctor plan your treatment after surgery. Types of breast cancer surgery include: • Lumpectomy •Partial or segmental mastectomy or quadrantectomy •Simple or total mastectomy •Radical mastectomy
  4. 4. Mail Us : Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us : Lumpectomy for Breast Cancer Lumpectomy is also called breast-conserving surgery. The surgeon removes the tumor and a little bit of healthy tissue around it. A second incision under the armpit may be made to remove the lymph nodes. The goal of a lumpectomy is to leave as much of your healthy breast tissue alone as possible. After the lumpectomy, radiation is usually used to treat any cancer cells that were left behind. Lumpectomies are best for women who have small, early-stage breast cancers.
  5. 5. Mail Us : Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us : Partial or Segmental Mastectomy or Quadrantectomy In a partial or segmental mastectomy or quadrantectomy, the surgeon removes more breast tissue than with a lumpectomy. The cancerous area and a surrounding area of healthy tissue are removed. Radiation is usually given afterward. Simple or Total Mastectomy With a simple or total mastectomy, the entire breast is removed, but no lymph nodes are removed. Simple mastectomy is most frequently used to prevent new cancer from developing or when the cancer does not go to the lymph nodes. This procedure is usually performed to treat in situ, microinvasive, and stage IA breast cancers.
  6. 6. Mail Us : Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us : Radical Mastectomy In a radical mastectomy, the surgeon removes the whole breast and nipple, lymph nodes in the armpit, and chest muscles under the breast. This operation is rarely done today because a modified radical mastectomy is as effective and is less disfiguring. Modified Radical Mastectomy The surgeon removes the entire breast along with the nipple. Some lymph nodes in the armpit are removed. The chest muscles are not removed. After Your Surgery After breast cancer surgery, many women get breast reconstruction surgery. This can be done right after the breast cancer surgery or later on. The surgeon makes a normal-looking breast either with breast implants or the patient's own tissue from another part of the body. Your hospital stay depends on the kind of surgery you get. Lumpectomies can be done on an outpatient basis, with the patient recovering in a short-stay observation unit afterward.
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