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Scoliosis Surgery Cost in India | Best Spine Surgery Hospitals in India


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Scoliosis surgery is one of the longest and most complicated orthopedic surgical procedures performed on children or adult. The operation takes approximately six hours. Hospitalization can last several days and activities are restricted for several months. Scoliosis is best treated when found early and can be detected during a routine school screening

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Scoliosis Surgery Cost in India | Best Spine Surgery Hospitals in India

  1. 1. World's Most Advanced Medical Treatment in India - Get free Expert Medical Opinion and Treatment EstimateCost Scoliosis surgery cost in India - Best Spine Surgery Hospitals in India Scoliosis surgery isone of the longest and most complicated orthopedic surgical proceduresperformed on childrenor adult. The operationtakesapproximately six hours. Hospitalizationcanlast several days and activitiesarerestricted for several months. Scoliosisis best treated when found early and can be detected during a routineschool screening. Scoliosissurgeryis designed to reducethe patient’scurvatureand fuse the spine to prevent any further progressionof the deformity. Surgeryfor adolescentswith scoliosis is only recommended whentheir curves are greater than40 to 45 degrees and continuing toprogress, and for most patientswith curvesthat aregreater than50 degrees. Severe curvatures (greater than50 degrees) aremore likely to progressin adulthood. If a
  2. 2. curve is allowed to progress to 70 – 90 degrees, it will not only result in a very disfiguringdeformity, but willstart to result in cardiopulmonary compromise. What are various types of scoliosis? Functional Scoliosis In thistype of scoliosis, the spine is normal, but an abnormal curve develops becauseof a problem somewhere else in thebody. This could be caused by one leg being shorter than the other or by musclespasmsin the back. Neuromuscular Scoliosis In thistype of scoliosis, there is a problem when the bones of the spine are formed. Either the bones of the spine fail to form completelyor they fail to separatefrom each other during fetaldevelopment. Thistype of scoliosis develops in people with other disorders, including, birth defectsand muscular dystrophyand cerebralpalsy, or Marfan'sdisease. People with these conditionsoftendevelop a long C-shaped curveand have weak muscles that areunableto hold them up straight. If thecurve is present at birth, it is called congenital. Thistypeof scoliosis is often much more severe and needs more aggressivetreatmentthanother formsof scoliosis. Degenrative Scoliosis Unlike theother forms of scoliosis that arefound in children and teens, degenerativescoliosisoccursin older adults. It is caused by changesin the spine due to arthritis knownas spondylosis. Weakening ofthe normal ligamentsand other soft tissuesof the spinecombined with abnormal bone spurs canlead to an abnormalcurvatureofthe spine. The spinecan also be affected by osteoporosis, vertebralcompressionfractures, and disc degeneration Expected Results Scoliosissurgeryin India which involves spinalfusion is quitesuccessful in stopping thecurve from growing. With sophisticated techniques, doctors
  3. 3. canstraightenthecurveto a great extent which improvesthe patient's appearanceand functioningtoa great extent. Recovery You would have a lot of painafter the surgerywhich would be controlled with painmedications. You would stay at the hospitalfor about a week to ten days to makesure you areon the right healing path. The surgeon would adviseyou to start walking on second or third day of the surgery and physicaltherapywould beginon thethird or fourth day of the surgery. Scoliosis Surgery in India Owing to availabilityofstateof theart hospitals, a lot many patients come to India for scoliosissurgery. Scoliosissurgeryin India is being performed by highly experienced orthopedicsurgeons and doctors. Besides quality of treatment, thecost of thesurgery in India is much less than the cost of the surgery in USA, UK or Canada. Our networkhospitalshave the most advanced spinesurgeryfacilities. The spine surgeons here use minimally invasive and computer guided techniques in spine surgery. In a Minimally Invasive spine surgery the surgeon makes a few small incisions unlike the open surgery where a single largeincisionis made. Minimally Invasive spine surgery has several important benefitsfor thepatients. If you have been advised spine surgery your first choice should be the latest minimally invasive technique developed by our world best hospitalsin India. Most advanced Technology like Intra Operative MRI, Brain Suite and Computer Assisted Navigation System are deployed by highly trained surgeons for accurate and safe Spine Surgeries through a small incision. Why should you choose to get Indian hospitals offer the best spinal surgerytreatment inIndia at affordableprices. MedWorld india associated best spine surgery hospitals in India have the latest technology and infrastructure to offer the most advanced spine surgery at low cost. Salient features of these hospitals are:
  4. 4.  Comprehensivemanagement ofspine disorder from birth defectsto degenerationof tumor and trauma.  Dedicated team ofInternationaltrained and vastly experienced Spine Surgeons, Rheumatologists, Neurologist, Physiciansand Physiotherapist.  Expert evaluationof spinal problemsby dedicated team ofexperienced spine Surgeons, Rheumatologists, Neurologist, Physiciansand Physiotherapist.  Latest GenerationDiagnosticand Imaging facilitiesincludingdynamic digitalX rays, SpiralCT scanning , MRI and Electrophysiologyunit all under one roof.  Physiotherapyand Rehabilitationbyexpertsafter the surgeryhelp you regainfunctionalabilitiesquicklyhelping in vastly improved overall results. For more information visit: Please scan and email your medical reports to us at and we shall get you a Free Medical Opinion from India’s Best Doctors. Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us :