Male & female infertility treatments in india


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IVF / Infertility Treatment in India

The science of Infertility Treatment is constantly evolving and new technology and expertise is being constantly developed at our advanced IVF Centre in India with the result that the Pregnancy and live birth rates have significantly improved over the past few years.

At India's leading IVF Clinics we have a scientific approach to diagnose the cause for infertility. Our IVF center has state-of-the-art facilities for (IVF), In Vitro Fertilization and fully functional laboratory for diagnostic and therapeutic tests. The world class facilities along with competent staff have enabled us to achieve an outstanding success rate. We provide everything under one roof and make best possible efforts to help infertile couples achieve their dreams of parenthood.

Hundreds of International Patients who travelled long distance to India have benefitted from the expertise of renowned Indian doctors.

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Male & female infertility treatments in india

  1. 1. Male & Female Infertility Treatments in India Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us :
  2. 2. Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us : In Vitro Fertilisation ( IVF ) An IVF cycle consists of ovarian stimulation, egg collection, fertilization, embryo culture and embryo transfer. Ovarian stimulation consists of daily injection of hormones to the female partner with frequent clinical and ultrasonographic monitoring. This usually continues for 10-15 days. Egg retrieval is performed under anaesthesia through the internal route. There are no incisions or scars.The egg and sperm are either mixed (IVF) or the sperm is injected into the egg (ICSI-intracytoplasmic sperm injection). The fertilized egg forms the embryo. The embryo is cultured in the laboratory for 2-3 days . Two-three best embryos are selected and transferred into the womb (uterus) on the second or the third day. The pregnancy test is done 14 days after the day of embryo transfer.
  3. 3. Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us : Infertility in Women Infertility in women is conventionally defined as failure to conceive despite regular sexual intercourse for a year, without using any contraceptive. There are many reasons for female infertility. Some of the most common reasons are as follows. Irregular or absent periods Hormone imbalance Smoking or alcohol use Endometriosis Fibroids History of infertility
  4. 4. Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us : Infertility in Men More than 90% of male infertility cases are due to low sperm counts, poor sperm quality, or both. In 30% to 40% of cases of sperm abnormalities, the cause is unknown. It may be the end result of one or a combination of factors that include chronic illness, malnutrition, genetic defects, structural abnormalities, and environmental factors. Some of the common factors causing male infertility are: Prostate infections Varicocele A history of sexually transmitted disease Low sperm or no sperm count Poor sperm motility Abnormally-shaped sperm
  5. 5. Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us : Listed procedures that are imposed in India makes the huge difference in the success rates than other countries 1. Ovarian Hyper stimulation: This process includes the most important two kinds of protocols for inducing the ovaries for the treatment of IVF. The protocol known as long protocol includes down regulation inside the pituitary ovary axis with the longest usage of GnRH protagonist. As per the survey conducted by the specialists have reported that the ovarian stimulation is the most successful procedure that is conducted as it provides nearly 30% of the total number of procedures. This is the most properly conducted experiments. 2. Natural and slight IVF: IVF can be executed by a set of collection of natural chosen egg from women’s menstrual procedures without any usage of any kind of drugs. There is another type of method known as modified natural procedure of IVF. As per the survey conducted by the physicians have reported that it is the second most successful procedure that is conducted as it provides nearly 21% of the success.
  6. 6. Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us : 3. Preparation of egg with sperm: The discovered eggs are marked of the circumventing cells and disposed for the process of fertilization. An acute choice may be executed prior to the process of fertilization to choose the eggs with the optimal encounter of productive pregnancy. As the reports suggested by the specialists that have been reported by the surveys as it provides nearly 19% of the success of the total set of procedures that are conducted. 4. Fertilization: An egg is allowed to incubate with a sperm at a ratio nearly 75000:1 as per the cultural media for a long duration of about 18 hours. Maximum number of cases, the egg ends up fertilizing with the sperm within that time. This process is known as fertilization. As per the reports suggested by the specialists that have reported that the fertilization process has a success rate up to a range of about 85%. This is excellent when compared to other processes as an individual. The success rates for these types of procedures have reported as very much successful. The percentages are listed above with the proper figures.
  7. 7. Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us : Why come to India for IVF / Infertility Treatment      Specialized Modern hospitals with highly competent and experienced IVF doctors High Success Rates State of the Art Technology for Tests, Diagnosis and Treatment. Courteous Staff and highly focussed patient care. Significant Cost Savings with very affordable treatment packages. 4500 US Dollars - Cost includes ICSI - IVF cycle All required Medical Tests & Investigations, Top IVF Specialist Consultations, Hysteroscopy, Medicines and Consumables and Airport Pick & Drop.
  8. 8. Get the MedWorld India Advantage Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us :
  9. 9. MedWorld India ! Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us :