Laminotomy Surgery at Best Spine Surgery Hospitals in India


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Laminotomy Surgery in India , Low Cost Laminotomy Surgery india ,Best Spine Surgery Hospitals in India , Spine Surgery Hospitals India

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Laminotomy Surgery at Best Spine Surgery Hospitals in India

  1. 1. Laminotomy Surgery at Best Spine Surgery Hospitals in India Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us :
  2. 2. Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us : Laminotomy Surgery The laminotomy procedure is a minimally invasive endoscopic surgery carried out on an out patient basis.Laminotomy is a surgical procedure that helps to decompress the spinal cord or the spinal nerves that emerge from the vertebral column. It is done with aim of removing any structure that narrows the spinal canal and free the entrapped nerves. In this procedure a small incision is made in the lamina as opposed to laminectomy where the entire lamina is removed. As a result laminotomy procedure decompresses the spinal cord without compromising with the spinal stability.
  3. 3. Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us : When is Laminectomy recommended ? Laminectomy is recommended when one or more of the following symptoms and disorders that affect the lower back are seen in the body: Ankylosing spondylitis Degenerative disc disease Herniated disc Sciatica Spinal stenosis Spondylosis (also known as spinal osteoarthritis)
  4. 4. Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us : How does the procedure work? Laminectomy is performed under general anesthesia, in this the patient is usually positioned lying on the side or stomach. Then a small straight incision is made over the damaged vertebra. And then a retractor is used to spread apart the muscles and the fatty tissues covering the spine. When the laminae have been reached, the bony arch is cut in order to get to the ligamentum flavum (which is a band of yellow tissue attached to the vertebra that helps to support the spinal column). Thereby an opening is made in the ligamentum flavum to reach the spinal canal and then to the compressed nerve. At this point the cause of compression will be visible (that may be a herniated disk, tumour, fragmented disk etc) which is then rectified. This Surgery is completed in one to three hours.
  5. 5. Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us : Benefits of Surgery This surgery is performed by sedating the patient under general anesthesia and making him lie on his stomach. The head is kept slightly bent with the help of Mayfield clamp to straighten the skin folds on the neck. A midline incision is made on the back of the neck corresponding to the affected spinal segment. The skin is cut open and the muscles are separated to view the involved vertebrae. The lamina are cut through their thickness longitudinally on one side and grooved on the other side to keep it hinged to the vertebral body. The posterior part of the vertebra is swung open like a door. Small wedges made of bone are placed in the opened space of the door.
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