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Video podcasting can supplement clinical skills teaching


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Video podcasting can supplement clinical skills teaching

  1. 1. Video Podcasting can Supplement Clinical Skills Teaching Rhys Clement, Tim Coughlin, Charlotte Longman, Jon Lund 2009
  2. 2. About Us • Podcasting since 2006 with the ‘MedSchool Finals Podcast” in iTunes • Producing video podcasts for one year • Content on Youtube : 42000 hits in one year MedSchool Finals Podcast
  3. 3. Our Beliefs • Podcasting should be an adjunct to traditional teaching methods, not a replacement • It will inevitably become an integral part of all curriculums • Material should be made freely available to all rather than locked into university networks • This can easily be done via the internet or iTunes
  4. 4. Current Research • Focussed on audio podcasting • Demonstrated that learning was superior between the podcast group over the didactic learning group in an assessment 19.13Mark Gained 18.23 p = 0.04
  5. 5. Current Research • On top of improved learning from e-learning / podcasting there was no loss in satisfaction compared to traditional teaching methods • Can reduce the actual teaching time required in parts of curriculum and material can be reused multiple times without further outlay
  6. 6. Why Present on Video Podcasts? • Since adding video podcasts overwhelmingly positive feedback • Most students have a video capable portable device such as iPod / iPhone • Currently very limited material • We want to stimulate interest and further research
  7. 7. Advantages over Streaming • YouTube offers similar material • Not always accessible • Can’t download video • Limit to video length (10 mins) • Higher quality video and no issues with loss of connection
  8. 8. Video Podcasting • Can learn clinical examination skills • Utilizes ‘wasted time’ • Allows demonstration of good clinical signs repeatedly when students may never otherwise see them • Students anecdotally feel it is enhancing their learning • Awaiting results from research to formally evaluate outcomes
  9. 9. Video Podcasting • Videos up to 20 mins long • Seven Videos on YouTube and 11 on iTunes • Five star rating on iTunes, 4.2 star rating on YouTube • More than 42000 views on YouTube, the vast majority from the USA
  10. 10. Video Podcasting
  11. 11. “Great Videos” “Perfect Video - thanks”“Great Video for leaning the thyroid examination- found it really helpful for exams” “Really good and instructive vid - I’m a med student from Italy are there other videos available somewhere?” “The podcasts are superb and really useful for revision whilst onthe wards...Please keep them coming”
  12. 12. Conclusion • Video Podcasting is an exciting under-used tool • Only 45 clinical examination videos on the whole of iTunes • Students expressed clear desire to have access to more • Please make content freely available to all on the internet / iTunes
  13. 13. Next Step • Our next step is to create a freely accessible website with video and audio podcasts and traditional text as lecture ‘handouts’.
  14. 14. Thank You