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  1. 1. International Services:Our Mission:Advise and supervise the provision of quality health in Colombia, but more accurately inBogotá to Colombians or foreign, resident or non – resident visitors in Colombia, obtaining forthem the best specialists in their health need, the best clinics, priority attention whethermedical, dental or cosmetic, looking for the best rates and even offering you variety in ourcomplementary services for your convenience.Our Vision:Be in 2015 the best international advisory health services in Colombia and Latin America.Our Services:Colombia is a great destination for medical, dental or esthetical treatments of any complexityand high quality, many of these treatments are not made in the country or there are veryexpensive, some of these treatments may be covered by insurance health, or by the user.We are able to offer full medical, dental and esthetical treatments in Colombia, more exactly inBogotá main city and capital of the country, where you can have the best clinics, the bestspecialists, the best medical rates, the best opportunities for their appointments, also we canhelp them in their travels to Colombia, stay at home and return.We ensure that the treatments are carried out correctly, that your record handledconfidentially and under international quality standards and also prior agreement establishingthe scope, costs and we can unify us take care for you to pay suppliers.Finally we offer you complementary services as: accommodation, transport, domiciliaryservices, translators, Advisor clinical case clinical electronics ("Medical case management"),second concept nationally or internationally, history according to international standards,unified, auditing medical billing, in general aim to provide a comprehensive advice.Our allies:Clínica Del Country - Carrera 16 # 82-57 – www.clinicadelcountry.comFundación Clínica Shaio - Diagonal 115 A # 70 C-75 – www.shaio.orgFundación Cardio Infantil – Calle 163 A # 13 B - www.cardioinfantil.orgClínica de Marly – Calle 50 # 9-67 - www.marly.com.coClínica de la mujer- Cra 19C # 91-17 - http://www.clinicadelamujer.com.co
  2. 2. Our Locations: Medplus Medicina Prepagada Address: Carrera 14 # 93 B – 15 Bogotá, Colombia Phone Number: + 57 (1) 593-8111 ext 401 E – Mail: asesoratebien@medplus.com.co Centro Médico Especializado Chicó Address: Carrera 14 # 94-49 Bogotá, Colombia Phone Number: + 57 (1) 592-4501 Clínica VIP Address: Calle 97 # 23-10 Bogotá, Colombia Phone Number: +57 (1) 745-2727Why to choose Bogotá?Bogota, Capital District of Bogotá is officially located in the center of Colombia; Bogota has apopulation of roughly 7,300,000 people. It is the largest city in Colombia and is a pioneer ineconomic, social, cultural and health in Latin America. In economic terms, it stands out as themost important economic and industrial center of Colombia where according to the Ranking ofCEPEC 2012 by University of Rosario and The Chile Business Intelligence firm is the fifth mostattractive city to invest in Latin America.According to The Economist, Bogota is notable for its economic strength associated with thesize of your production financial maturity, the attraction of multinational companies forinvestment, the quality of its human capital and above all is a new attractive field for bothmedical and cosmetic treatments.
  3. 3. In addition this will provide you with all the comfort you need during their stay, the best hotelchains recognized worldwide, the best restaurants with the best national and internationalcuisine, the best malls where youll find everything you need and on all the best human capitalof the country so that you can feel as at home.Affiliations:It’s necessary to join us to consult all our services, now we explain you how: 1. Read carefully the conditions. 2. Fill out completely. 3. Explain your needs in health and possibly attach medical reports to help us to understand your requests. 4. We will reply in a short time as an expert analyzes your case.Conditions of membership: 1. Valid for one year. 2. Memberships does not imply acceptance of the case. 3. Allows you to consult your case and receive an answer by e-mail, whether it is viable or not attention in Colombia. 4. We may need an extension or a recent medical history.
  4. 4. 5. If the costs are covered by insurance that insurance is necessary to establish an agreement with us previously.6. If the user who assumes the costs would need to tell as forms of payment.7. When the user is the one that pay all the treatment, the cost must pay firstly.8. The cost is set by MedPlus and informs the user or insurance.9. Should be additional costs associated with the services authorized, during the execution of the treatment, they will covered by insurance by the user.10. On the other side if some of the prepaid services authorized and not carried out, its value will be refunded to the user or the insurance will not be charged.11. Additional services not authorized by your insurance are not made, or id made with the consent of the user must cancel directly, if authorized by your insurance.