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Mamadou\'s BI Portfolio


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Business Intelligence Portfolio

Published in: Technology
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Mamadou\'s BI Portfolio

  1. 1. Business Intelligence Portfolio<br />Mamadou M. DiopJanuary 29,<br />- Overview -<br />- Contents - <br />SQL Server Integration Services >>> SSIS<br />Example of an SSIS Package: Client Groupings Master Table Referencing the Clients Master Table<br />Example of an SSIS ETL PROCESS: Job Time Sheets Processing<br />...script used to keep a running total of new, updated and invalid records.<br />Example of an SSIS Full ETL Process: The All Works ETL Process <br />SQL Server Analysis Services >>> SSAS<br />Example of SSAS OLAP Cube Modeling: The All Works Data Model (Rectangular Layout)<br />Example of SSAS OLAP Cube Modeling: The All Works Data Model (Diagonal Layout)<br />Creating a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)<br />Browsing the All Works Cube<br />SQL Server Reporting Services >>> SSRS<br />MDX Programming<br />Example of MDX Query using “Generate” and “TopCount” functions<br />Example of MDX Query using the “Lag” function<br />PerformancePoint Server >>> PPS<br />MDX Query within the PPS Report Designer to Generate the Top Chart on the Next Page >>> “% of Quarterly Labor Dollars”<br />Example of two Scorecards Published as one Dashboard Item <br />SharePoint Server 2005<br />Example of an Excel Services Report deployed to SharePoint <br />Example of a PerformancePoint Report deployed to SharePoint<br />SetFocus Letter of Recommendation…<br />Business Intelligence…it’s at the core of every company.<br />