Se program for models and ng os


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Join now the Biggest Champion For Student Activities & NGOs in Egypt Summer 2010.

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Se program for models and ng os

  1. 1. SocialEntrepreneursinspiration The Power of Development Prepared by
  2. 2. Content • About Yaki • Project objectives • Training methodology • Bonus system
  3. 3. About Yaki • Company overview: Yaki is a leading company in the Training field, we provide courses, workshops and diplomas with a non-profit prices with high quality and certified from Cairo University or American Agencies. Yaki International Educational campus ; The purpose of these campuses is increasing the managerial skills of all participants and entrepreneurs through interacting with other cultures and people, also through educational programs abroad with non-profitable events. Our target at 2010 is to encourage our student and entrepreneurs to discover Europe and Asia to develop their educational background and managerial skills.
  4. 4. Our Mission • Providing unique Training & educational programs with high quality, suitable prices, going with the latest global business development needs for preparing the calibers for the market needs. Spreading social entrepreneurs field within the youth to have a role in economic development field for leaving social legacy in Egypt.
  5. 5. Project objectives • This a non-profitable project aims to develop the managerial skills of the crew of each student activity (models & clubs) and preparing them to a Social Entrepreneurs to develop their community.
  6. 6. Training methodology 1-Studing stage The objectives of the project will be achieved by providing to all of the student, Entrepreneurship diploma over 88 hour divided on 9 subjects in management and economic field, followed by a session of the impact of the entrepreneurship on our community's development. You will learn: • Leadership. • Entrepreneurship and innovation. • Presentations skills. • Business writing. • Communication skills. • Business etiquette. • Economics & Social development. • Conflict resolution You must specialized in one Subject only from the following subjects: • HRM. • Fundraising. • Project Management. • E-marketing. • Marketing. • Business Planning • Customer Service & Consumer behavior.
  7. 7. Training methodology
  8. 8. 2- Project In Action stage (PIA) At this stage each Model Team ( must be between 20 and max.25) Will have a 3 weeks after finishing Entrepreneurship diploma to plan to a new project from the practical experience of the diploma, all your experience and knowledge must be used in this project simulation because you will get more points that will be discussed in bonus system section. • This stage will give you the power and chance to establish an innovative project with an entrepreneurial legacy. This project will be presented in the closing conference in the third stage that called (Inspiration day) which you will got the final points that will determine the winner. The aims of PIA stage are increasing the teamwork, spirit, Leadership, Creativity and commitment.
  9. 9. 3- Inspiration day This is the final stage of SocialEntrepreneursinspiration campaign that each model will present its primary project in the next year in a business plan style starting from project strategy till the financial plan. In this stage the judgment will be given by the trainers in a points, each team must try to save its point greater more than any team that will be recorded in points sheet. Each team will got its point after his presentation directly. At the end the 5 managers will give an extra points called last chance extra points to their favorite project according their desires. The winner will be determined according to the Total points
  10. 10. Bonus System Total Bonus system will equal 166 points The points classified to three categories. 1-commitment points 2-Project simulation 3-last chance extra points *Will be discussed in a formal meeting with the responsible person of the organization or the activity.
  11. 11. 3-last chance extra points After this step, we can determine which team is the winner
  12. 12. Registration How to apply? -Each Activity or NGO must create a team or crew between 20 to 25 person to join the competition. -Head of the Activity must fill the following application as a request of applying =dE1NYTMtWHRKQW94dWRjenM5SDBiMnc6MQ#gid=0 -Within 48 hours our representative will determine a meeting with the head of activity to discuss all the details and information and the competition guide over 2 months. -Each Group will has his private schedule. -Registration fees L.E 200 Per Person, including certificate, Materials , ID and Training
  13. 13. Contact Details Mohamed Samir Business Development Manager, partner +2 0111000459 Contact