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Medicare links IPPE and AWV


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2013 Medicare Billing Seminar

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Medicare links IPPE and AWV

  1. 1. LinksDescription LinkQuick Reference Information: The ABC’s of providing the Initial Preventive Exam MLN/MLNProducts/downloads/MPS_QRI_IPPE001a.pdfAAFP template for Medicare IPPE exam for Medicare annual well visit Reference Information: The ABC’s of Providing the Annual Well Visit Learning Network: Preventive Services“Welcome to Medicare Visit” aka IPPE aka G0402 the Annual Well Visit Annual Wellness Visit Questionnaire (Courtesy of Maryland Primary Care Risk Assessment Form Sheet For Cognitive Screening Test Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Test – Self Administered Gerocognitive Examination Blessed Test – SBT. Also referred to as Blessed Orientation Memory (BOMC)Mental Health America—Depression Screening Test To Medicare Visit ---Patient Information Annual Well Visit Starter Kits AWV Portfolio® for Medicare Wellness Visits, CANS-MCI for Cognitive Impairment Medicare Preventive Services: A new benefit for Patients and Physicians Screening Checklist Understanding Medicare Preventive Services © Medical Network One Health Solutions 2012 1