When you are easily influenced


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Some of us are more easily influenced than others. No, this does not make us weaker and leading collection agencyit does not make us idiots.

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When you are easily influenced

  1. 1. When You are Easily Influenced Some of us are more easily influenced than others. No, this does not make us weaker and it does not make us idiots. It just means that our spirit reacts to external influences in more personal way. Out of the four major personality types (Thinker, Feeler, Intuitive, and Sensate), the Feelers and the Intuitives, especially the Intuitives, are more likely to be easily influenced or easily affected by their surroundings. Therefore, it is of great importance to know what to do about this little trait of yours if you have it. There are, of course, times when you want to be affected by a good movie, a close friend, or the bonds of friendship out in the wild around a campfire. However, when your boss is yelling at your or your spouse is demoralizing you, it is a good idea to know of a way to shut down the influence these things have on your spirit. First, you must step back, both literally and figuratively. By giving yourself a modicum of distance between yourself and your problems, you are beginning the separation process. Then, recognize how they and their way of dealing with life is different from yours. They may be more emotional and you may be more practical, etc. After you’ve done those two things, give them a response which is uniquely your own, not a copy or an exact opposite of their reaction. This way, you are making your response controlled by you and not them. Finally, make sure these traits don’t interfere with your business. Use onsite drug and alcohol screening from Mediscreen to bring a more democratic approach to this process. Simply screen all of your employees at their place of business with our handy mobile drug and alcohol testing system, and we will make sure that your time and money are saved from having to send all of your workers to a regular laboratory. Onsite drug testing is infinitely more valuable than the slow, tedious waiting in line and traveling that laboratory screening requires. This article has been taken from : http://www.mediscreen.net.au/when-you-are-easily-influenced/