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What is character development?


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Well, character has to do with internal strength.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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What is character development?

  1. 1. What is Character Development? We were often told that we had to develop our characters as children. Did anybody understand this phrase at that age? It can be difficult to understand it, even at our current age. Developing character? What does that mean, exactly? Well, character has to do with internal strength. It has to do with developing emotional muscles and mental muscles and, to some degree, physical muscles with which to hold up our burdens on this earth. Without a set of each of these muscle types, well developed, we are ill equipped to deal with life very successfully at all. Character development involves exercising these emotional and mental muscles so that you can become a well balanced, confident, eager, joy-filled person. As children, we do not necessarily understand this concept called character development, even if we feel ourselves acquiring it through made, kept and broken friendships. Character is very important to keep people within prescribed social limits so that they do not bulldoze over everyone else or do not make unwanted sexual or risky advances. Character is also necessary for recognizing a need to make amends and for actually making them and following through on apologies and for making people feel better, even if they weren’t the offender, after their feelings have been hurt. Character is required to keep your head above the water when bad things happen in your life and when you feel the need to indulge in drugs or alcohol. Character is first and foremost about the beauty that comes from building internal strength instead of an external façade. Mediscreen is expert with employee drug testing program, and we specialize in onsite drug and alcohol screening. This means our mobile service, where we bring our quality drug testing equipment to your work, and our onsite drug testing. We here at Mediscreen know how important both character development and drug testing is. We know that you need to confirm the absence of drugs or alcohol in their systems while they are at work and to take appropriate action if illicit substances are found in your workers while they are working on the jobsite. This article has been taken from :