This is the way we rock


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There’s a lot to be said for being yourself. Your business should reflect that special spark mobile screening clinic WAand clarity you bring to a situation.

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This is the way we rock

  1. 1. This is the Way We Rock There’s a lot to be said for being yourself. Your business should reflect that special spark and clarity you bring to a situation. If you’re gentle but resilient, it should be there. If you’re wild and dark, this should be reflected in the beauty of your business. If you’re classy and mysterious, that should be there, too. Whatever you are should be reflected in your work and in your company. This is how our businesses become more than just a place where a bunch of people go to work. This is how they become living breathing companies that mean something and that have value more than just a paycheque to the people who work in them. This is the way we rock. This is the way we show ourselves. If you want to show wildness, you also need to be able to control it. If your employees abuse substances in the workplace, then they are looking forward to bringing down your company from the inside and to bringing themselves down from the inside, as well. Don’t allow this mentality or this attitude to enter your company. Make sure that you leverage the power of onsite drug testing to your advantage. Mediscreen is one of the leading collection agencies in the nation, and we specialize in mobile drug and alcohol testing. Pre-employment screening is also necessary, and Mediscreen can take care of that, too. Our services are numerous, flexible, and can arrive at your place of work at any time you schedule with us. This is really important because your workers do not always have the time to go out and visit a laboratory, and then wait in line at one. This way, all of your employees get screened together at your workplace and the whole process is over and done with before you know it. It’s quick, pain-free, hassle-free, and much more efficient than all of that traveling around. Make sure that your company reflects your true nature and leverages the power of our NATA accreditations for AOD testing, like our AS4308 accreditation, along with our quality drug testing equipment, not inclusive.