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Neverland and the lost boys


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Neverland and the lost boys

  1. 1. Neverland and the Lost BoysIn the story of Peter Pan, the children protagonists are taken by PeterPan to Neverland, a place where no one ever grows up. Here, herules on high against even the most intemperate pirates, along withthe lost boys. The lost boys are a group of boys who no longer haveparents to take care of them, and so they are a little rascally.If you have ever encountered someone who is addicted to drugs, youwill notice how similar they are to the immature and unruly lost boysin Peter Pan. The drug addict is naively unaware of the dangers theworld has against them, and they are far too paranoid about realitieswhich will not actually harm them. Their mind is not entirely stable,their thinking is not entirely clear, and their ability to judge forthemselves is limited to a few small experiences.Outside of these limited times of discernment, they are unable tofully function in today’s world, and often jump into and out ofrelationships with people, whether they are friendships or romanticconnections. They are not stable themselves, and so they are unableto bring any amount of stability to their own worlds.Of course, this is painful for them. The only way out is through their addiction. Only that can hidetheir eyes from their own incompetency.Workplace drug testing is necessary to businesses because employees must be able to feel safebeing loyal to the company. They must be able to encounter a situation, handle it correctly, andmove on with the production of the business at large.Drug & alcohol testing brings the lost boys to their knees. It shows who is a real worker, and who islooking to be taken care of. There can be no babysitting.Onsite drug and alcohol testing in Australia is available through Mediscreen. We bring the best ofthe screening process right to your own doorstep. Your business can thrive with this additionalscientific information. We want to show you what we can do. To make an appointment withMediscreen or to talk about scheduling, call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.This Article has been taken from