Lessons from an Intuitive
Intuitive people are those whose primary typology is
intuition, as opposed to thinking, feeling,...
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Lessons from an intuitive


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Lessons from an intuitive

  1. 1. Lessons from an Intuitive Intuitive people are those whose primary typology is intuition, as opposed to thinking, feeling, or sensing. Intuitive people are those whose strength lies in seeing a situation along a timeline, including the past and the future of a certain event. The opposite typology to intuitive is sensate, which sees things directly, one point at a time, in the present moment. Lessons from the intuitive world include introspection, ability to see the energies and spirits surrounding individual issues, including political and personal agendas, understanding of how a process occurred and where it will go in the future, and why people do what they do. If someone is an intuitive but is also abusing drugs and alcohol, then there is something truly wrong with their perspective on the world. Intuitive naturally understand the destructive effects surrounding such behavior, so they will either do it to attempt to defeat and thus be stronger than the drug effects or they will do it because they are truly in so much intense pain and they actually feel so misunderstood that they will seek solace or escape in a behavior they know to be worthless. In the workplace, intuitives do well in consulting positions where their gut instinct is where and how they make their money. If you are looking for someone to actually correctly predict market behavior or the behavior of a stock, then don’t ask a thinker, feeler or sensate. Ask an intuitive. In the meantime, protect your company assets by using the power of workplace drug testing. Onsite drug and alcohol screening is available for people who believe that their employees should be tested but who do not wish to pay the high overhead costs for a laboratory. Mediscreen makes it easy. You simply schedule us to come to your business place, and we will screen all of your employees, store your employee records right there onsite, and be very efficient. Because we do not pay for additional laboratory time and space, your costs are reduced, your employees take less time off of work or free time, and they can get back to their jobs much quicker and easier. This article has been taken from : http://mediscreen.net.au/articles/lessons-from-an-intuitive/