Happy to just be


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Happy to just be

  1. 1. Happy to Just Be Have you even been happy to just exist? Have you ever considered the inexpressible joy in just existing? It’s like, rather than placing emphasis on what you are doing now that you are on this earth, perhaps you could be ecstatic to just have made it to planet earth! I mean, we all have done much more than making it to planet earth, so that goal has not only been fulfilled, but it has been fulfilled a million fold in all of our lives! Isn’t that easy? Monks who spend large amounts of their time meditating understand how important it is to be entirely dependent upon your internal energy and only partially dependent upon your external energy. What does that mean? Your internal energy is the energy you draw from within yourself, your mind, your concentration, and your heart. External energy are things like food and water, sleep, and convenience in traveling. Many of these monks have gone many days, weeks, and even months fasting, concentrating instead upon their internal energy and allowing it to flow unencumbered, unrelenting, out of themselves and into a whole new sphere of beauty and tranquility. Of course, in the business world, we do not have such internal strength. However, we do have extreme cases of lack of it. When an employee drinks alcohol or abuses illicit drugs in the workplace environment, we know that they are suffering from almost zero internal energy exercise. This makes them feel helpless and worth less than they are really worth, which bring about more substance abuse. Break the cycle of drug abuse in your business. You can do this by knowing about it, and which individuals are involved, by using Mediscreen, one of the best health screening companies in Australia. We have a strong drug testing knowledgebase and are NATA accredited to AS4308 for onsite drug testing. That is something really special, and it makes the process much more convenient for you than the laboratory alternative. Simply call us up and schedule a screening appointment with us, and we will come to your business and screen your employees right onsite. This article has been taken from : http://www.mediscreen.net.au/happy-to-just-be/