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User-Centric Analytics (MeasureCamp Talk)

Why and how to focus on users, not cookies. How to identify and track users across multiple devices and data sources. Why GA User-Id sucks and how to handle that. Using tools like Identity Aggregator. Slides from MeasureCamp London 2015 talk.

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User-Centric Analytics (MeasureCamp Talk)

  1. 1. USER-CENTRIC ANALYTICS JanTichý – @jantichy –
  2. 2. TODAY • Tracking cookies, not users (multiple devices, reinstall, cookie deletion) • Multiple users on one single computer • Losing user history, context, multichannel, Customer LifetimeValue • Usually tracking sessions, not visitors • Weak cross-domain and cross-site tracking • No individual user data in Google Analytics • No or weak link to other tracking systems • ROPO effect, order cancellations, refunds • Impact on remarketing, personalisation, e-mailing, customer care • Analytics, multichannel, campaign effectiveness
  3. 3. Web 1 Web 2 Callcentrum CRM Offline store +420123456789 JanTichý Chrome Safari Chrome iPhone iPad Safari iPhone Chrome
  4. 4. GOOGLE ANALYTICS CID • Stored automatically in cookies • I can send it along with order/user info into CRM or shop and use it for measurement protocol hits • Unable to get data from GA for given CID • Represents only one isolated browser, not user! • By itself, not helpful at all for us
  5. 5. IDEAL WORLD • Multichannel funnels, campaign evaluation • Purchase history, user behavior, Customer LifetimeValue • ROPO effect • Segmentation • Retargeting • E-mailing • Personalisation and recommendations
  6. 6. Web 1 Web 2 Callcentrum CRM Offline store JanTichý
 +420123456789 Chrome
 iPad iPhone CRM ID: 123456 Loyalty card: 789
  7. 7. HOWTO IDENTIFY A USER • He introduces himself – login, contacts submit… • Submitting promo code, loyalty card • Click through newsletter link • Ex-post contacts acquiring on hotline or store • 3rd party data– Google, Facebook login • Heuristics, hints, signals, probability
  8. 8. GOOGLE ANALYTICS USER-ID • Need to identify an user by myself • I have to store the id and repeatedly send with each hit • Limited to a cookie and browser • No backward recalculation! • Hard to get individual user data from GA
  9. 9. MY OWN COOKIE • Generate right with first hit of the (anonymous) user • Send to GA with each single hut • Store to my eshop/crp along with other user/order info • Usable for segmentation, remarketing, user data import to GA • Getting individual info about a user from GA
 • Still limited to single device, browser, cookies • Still no overwiew across all user activities • Still losing most of important information and context
  10. 10. IDENTITY AGGREGATOR (IDA) • Auto creating and tracking BrowserID cookies • Matching all browsers and devices together • Coupling all users actions across data sources • Signals, heuristic and probability hinting
  11. 11. IDENTITY AGGREGATOR (IDA) Identity Aggregator Browser: 123
 GA: abc Browser: 345
 GA: xyz +420123456789 CRM: 789 +420123456789 JanTichý Hash: oijoehjveorhdw Browser: 123, 345
 GA: abc, xyz, 
 +420123456789 CRM: 789 Hash: oijoehjveorhdw JanTichý
  12. 12. IDENTITY AGGREGATOR (IDA) ga('set', 'dimension1', ida.getBrowserId()); ida.init('123456'); ida.track({ 'uid': '123', 'email': '‘ });
  13. 13. IDENTITY AGGREGATOR (IDA) • Individual user data from GA across all devices and browsers • Display user data across multiple CIDs directly on CRM card • User data import from CRM to all GA visitors (CIDs) • Offline conversions upload to GA • Behavior history for personalization and recommendation (web, mailing) • RFM segmentation, Customer LifetimeVALUE • Unified retargeting to all browsers/devices of each user • User identification by open e-mail
  14. 14. THANK YOU! JanTichý – @jantichy –