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Seo app side down (Jakub Chour)

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Seo app side down (Jakub Chour)

  1. 1. iOS & ANDROID AAP STORE OPTIMIZATION SEO APPSide down Jakub Chour | @kubachour
  3. 3. GOAL FOR KEYWORD OPTIMIZATION Targeted position > TOP 10
  4. 4. WHAT INFLUENCES THE RANKING? App Metrics: • in app purchases • update frequency • engagement metrics • usage metrics Store Metrics: • keywords & relevancy • reviews & ratings • conversion rate (CR, CTR) • download velocity • But also app usage, backlinks, developer name… DEVELOPER’S JOBAPP ASO JOB
  5. 5. RANKING ? source:
  6. 6. WHAT IMPACTS ORGANIC DOWNLOADS ON iOS? all screenshots, description, reviews I. SEARCH TAB II. SEARCH RESULTS III. APP PAGE keywords icon, name, 3 screenshots / app preview & 2 screenshots, rating
  7. 7. WHAT IMPACTS ORGANIC DOWNLOADS ON ANDROID? main banner, short and long description, screenshots, video, rating, downloads, badges I. SEARCH RESULTS II. APP PAGE icon, name, rating, editorial badges
  8. 8. KEYWORD FIELDS I. App Title (name) The second most important field to increase rankings for specific keywords. Apple puts more weight on keywords in the subtitle too. Maximum length of the subtitle is also 30 characters. Apple puts less weight on keywords in the keyword field. The length for keywords is limited to 100 characters, which is usually enough for approximately 10-12 words. Words from the app title / subtitle do not have to be repeated here in the keyword field. II. App Subtitle III. Keyword field The first most important field to increase rankings for specific keywords. Apple puts more weight on keywords in the title so keywords here will have better impact on ranking. Maximum length of the title is 30 characters and should be completely used.
  9. 9. Kickoff analysis - revision of a current state - competitors performance analysis - Search Ads usage review Keywords proposal - keywords analysis (volume, competition, relevancy) - setting up targeted phrases - creating keyword combinations Review & new set - rankings review after 7-14 days - removing keywords below top 20, adjusting keywords between #10 and #20 - report and new keyword set suggestion Iteration BASIC ASO PROCESS
  11. 11. Seed keywords We create a list of „seed“ keywords that describe the app and its functionality. As inputs, we use app description, competition description, main features, reviews, we brainstorm etc. Long-tail combinations We use seed keywords as a basis from which we, using brainstorming and a number of semantic tools, set out to create a list of possible long-tail word combinations. ASO tool research The list of long-tail combinations is evaluated based on relevancy, traffic, competition, and current rankings. Most of the long-tail keywords from stage 2 do not pass this stage. Competition analysis Once we know which of the keywords are viable, we manually check with the top competition whether we can reach TOP 10 rankings. KEYWORD OPTIMIZATION PROCESS 1/2 1 2 3 4
  12. 12. KEYWORD OPTIMIZATION PROCESS 2/2 TITLE SUBTITLE KEYWORD FIELD Note: on Google Play is the Keyword field in the diagram on the left replaced by the app description which is indexed as well.
  15. 15. Title Namshi - ‫-نمشي‬ only uses 17 characters from maximum of 30 Screenshots Not readable in the search results (very small font), very basic screenshots without using best practices - read our post about the true behaviour of users in app stores. Competitors JollyChic app and many others are more visible on the App Store than Namshi - using more keywords + nice colorful screenshots App Store
  16. 16. Title: Namshi - not used for keywords Short description Enjoy effortless shopping and much more with the Namshi app. - not using keywords in it, only “shopping” Long description Not repeating the most important keywords in the text (duplicates are important for rankings) Google Play In UAE many searches are in english! Namshi doesn’t rank for some keywords at all as opposed to competitors like SIVVI, or Jollychic app, for example: fashion app, fashion, clothes, discounts not appearing in the search results on competitor’s brand names like or Vogacloset
  18. 18. CLIENTS