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Michal Dúbravský: Jak pracujeme s PPC, když nechceme kliky na web?


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PPC Date #1

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Michal Dúbravský: Jak pracujeme s PPC, když nechceme kliky na web?

  1. 1. Michal Dúbravský 13/8/2019 PPC date
  2. 2. Senior Leadership Forum
  3. 3. jak pracujeme s PPC, když nechceme kliky na web ?!
  4. 4. Nijak!
  5. 5. a proto to bude o něčem trochu jiném!
  6. 6. Michal Dúbravský 12/8/2019 10+1 věcí, co mě se*ou v digitálu
  7. 7. 1) úspěch
  8. 8. Messenger bot – Kozel mistrův ležák 66% of people who interacted with the Messenger bot said they had tried the beer 45min average time each Player spent with the brand 505k Batches of Mistrův ležák were brewed during the game
  9. 9. Digitálně megaúspěch brandově* se to moc nehlo *brand měříme pomocí AE - Attitudinal Equity
  10. 10. 2) kreativita
  11. 11. 3) cílení
  12. 12.
  13. 13. 4) Překryvy platforem
  14. 14. 5) Komplexita kampaní
  15. 15. 6) Dostupný mediální prostor
  16. 16. 7) Musíš rozumět všemu
  17. 17. 8) Data management platforma
  18. 18. 33 Pub Retail Brewe ry Radio Online TV Event s PR Home Mobile Pub Retail Brew ery Radio Onlin e TV Event s PR Home Mobil e
  19. 19. 34 ECO-SYSTEM Synergy between DMP and Data Science in cloud 1. We are able to analyze every impression by: - who - where - when - for how long - for how much 2. We are enabled to shifting from Direct buys into programmatic 3. We are able to optimize programmatic campaign in terms of - targeting - ad quality Media inventory in CZ (video and display) Storing raw data about every impression DMP Bluekai Media insights and automated optimizations Asahi‘s Datalake
  20. 20. 9) omnichannel
  21. 21. 36 What will we know in „one year“? Michal Dubravsky Man 30 years old Prague, Czech republic Married with one children Travelling, foodie, runner, Facebook ID, Cookie Online heavy active mostly on Facebook, Instagram, linkedin, Mobile first Love PU, kozel and Radegast Likes Facebook page of all our brands Usually interact with campaigns for Kozel, PU and Radegast On-trade lover – often visitor with friends, prefers tank pubs with top quality beer, usually spend 500 CZK, going out at least once per week Off-trade potential – from time to time buying beer home during championships, low aversion towards price change. Frequent buyer on and Tesco Last interaction – two beers on Tuesdayat Kolkovna Usually paying by card or via app
  22. 22. 37
  23. 23. 10) timing
  24. 24. timing
  25. 25. 40Senior Leadership Forum
  26. 26. Miluju to !!!
  27. 27. 42Senior Leadership Forum