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Expert Hub Overview

  1. 1. ExpertHub Legal Network Product Overview July 2009
  2. 2. Why ExpertHub Legal Network: Value Proposition • Delivers Qualified Leads – 39 different practice areas to choose from – Choose the counties that you draw clients from – Emailed to you in real time • Delivers Increased Exposure Online – Online profile optimized to make sure you are found when users search for you – ExpertSyndication Platform helps consumers find you when they search for general legal topics • Enhances Your Online Reputation – Your contributed articles become highly ranked in Google, establishing you as a thought leader with respect to the type of law you practice. • Easy To Do Business With – 3 month initial commitment (you need 3 months to calculate ROI) – Month to month after that 7/2/2009 © ExpertHub. All Rights Reserved 2
  3. 3. ExpertHub Legal Sites Highlights: • All of our sites serve two purposes: 1. Help users find legal information 2. Help users find an attorney that can help them • All of our traffic is organic, which leads to extremely motivated, high quality consumers. • Our sites showcase the attorneys that contribute articles Contributed articles are featured on our homepages and throughout our network of sites 7/2/2009 © ExpertHub. All Rights Reserved 3
  4. 4. Sites in the ExpertHub Legal Network Legal Category Practice Areas Sites Top Keywords Personal Injury Personal Injury “personal injury lawyer,” “personal injury attorney,” injury lawyer” Auto Accidents “accident lawyers,” accident attorneys,” “workmans compensation settlements “ Wrongful Death “wrongful death attorneys,” “death claim lawyers,” “death law” Trucking Accidents “car accident lawyer,” “auto accident lawyers,” “car accident attorney,” Product Liability “auto accident lawyers,” “car accident claims,” “deposition auto accident” “truck accident lawyer,” “truck accidents,” “truck accident attorney” “product liability attorney,” “product liability lawyer,” “product liability” Medical Malpractice “medical malpractice lawyers,” “malpractice lawyers,” “medical malpractice” “birth trauma lawyer,” “c section infection,” “ebs palsy” Asbestos “asbestos lawyer”, “asbestos law firms,” “asbestos attorney” Nursing Home “nursing home lawyer” “nursing home attorneys” “medication error nursing homes” Maritime “maritime law firms,” “federal maritime lawyers,” “maritime lawyer in maine” Aviation “aviation lawyer,” “aviation attorney,” “airport policies” Criminal Criminal Defense “criminal lawyer,” “criminal defense attorney,” “criminal defense lawyer” Defense DUI and DWI “dui lawyer,” “drunk driving lawyer,” “legal bac for driving” White Collar Crime “traffic ticket lawyer,” “traffic lawyer,” “traffic violation lawyer” Traffic Tickets Family Child Custody “custody laws,” “child custody laws,” “child custody questions” Child Support “child support lawyer,” “child support attorney,” “child support law” Divorce “divorce lawyers,” “divorce attorney,” “alimony laws” Family Immigration Immigration Law “immigration lawyers,” “immigration attorney,” “us immigration lawyers” Bankruptcy Bankruptcy “bankruptcy lawyers,” “bankruptcy laws,” “filing chapter 7” “filing for bankruptcy,” “filing bankruptcy,” “file bankruptcy online” Foreclosure “foreclosure attorneys,” “foreclosure lawyers,” “foreclosure law firms” Employment Employment “employment lawyers,” “unemployment lawyers,” “employment attorneys” Sexual Harassment “sexual harassment lawyer,” “sexual harassment attorney,” “sexual harassment laws” Wrongful Termination 7/2/2009 © ExpertHub. All Rights Reserved 4
  5. 5. Sites in the ExpertHub Legal Network Legal Practice Areas Sites Top Keywords Category Disability Disability “disability lawyers,” “disability attorneys,” “social security disability lawyer” Social Security “ssi fraud California,” “social security law,” “social security law firms” Workers Compensation “workers compensation lawyers,” “workers compensation attorneys,” “workers comp attorneys” Real Estate Real Estate “real estate attorney,” “real estate lawyers,” “property liens” Estate Estate Planning “estate planning attorney,” “estate planning lawyer,” “estate lawyers” Planning Probate Business Business “business lawyers,” “business attorney,” “small business lawyers” Specialized Intellectual Property “intellectual property lawyer,” “intellectual property law firms, ” “ip law firms” “technology lawyers,” “lawyers technology” “talent agreement,” “entertainment attorneys,” “entertainment firm lawyer” Tax “tax law firms,” “cpa vs. lawyer,” “taxation laws” Consumer Protection “consumer protection attorney,” “consumer protection lawyer,” “consumer lawyer” Securities “securities law firms,” “securities lawyers,” “securities attorneys” Environment “environment lawyer,” “environmental attorneys,” “environmental law firms” 7/2/2009 © ExpertHub. All Rights Reserved 5
  6. 6. Generating Case Leads from ExpertHub Sites Highlights: • We have a simple, 2-step process to generate case leads for lawyers. We test and optimize our lead generation process constantly to maximize conversion AND quality. • On the 1st page, the consumer chooses the type of lawyer that they are looking for, their location and answers questions relevant to that type of law. • On the 2nd page, we show the lawyers that are subscribed to that practice area and zip code. The consumer chooses which ones he wants to review his case and fills out his contact information. • Upon submit, the consumer is shown the lawyers name, a link to their profile and website and the lawyers phone number. The same information is sent to the consumer in a confirmation email. • The inquiry is also emailed directly to the lawyer for immediate follow up as well as placed in his/her online account with ExpertHub. • This process (and the lawyers that are shown) is the same regardless of which site the consumer comes from. So, as a lawyer, you are getting distribution (and leads) from our entire network of sites. 7/2/2009 © ExpertHub. All Rights Reserved 6
  7. 7. Online Profile Optimized for Google Organic Search Highlights: • Every member of our service gets an online profile that is optimized for Google at no additional charge. • By completing your online profile, your page becomes even more prominent in the eyes of search engines. • You can add the following to your profile: • Bios and photos of every attorney in the firm including experience, education and professional affiliations • Video clips • Detailed case history and notable outcomes • Links to all articles that you contribute 7/2/2009 © ExpertHub. All Rights Reserved 7
  8. 8. Profile Page Case Studies Search in Google for This Keyword Page Title in Google Profile Link Monthly Visitors to Profile Page “nicholas walsh law office” “Law Office of Nicholas H. Walsh, P.A. - Portland, 450 “nicholas walsh lawyer” ME Personal ...” h-walsh-pa + 5 other page 1 keywords Jd hass Law Offices of JD Haas - Bloomington, MN 600 Jd hass attorney Lawyers + 4 other page 1 keywords “white flood trial attorneys” “White Flood Trial Attorneys - Houston, TX 200 “brian white maritime” Personal Injury ...” attorneys + 5 other page 1 keywords “ed gudeman” Ed Gudeman, Member of Gudeman & Associates, 100 “gudeman & associates” P.C. - Royal Oak, MI ... pc/ed-gudeman + 4 other page 1 keywords “valerie sherman lawyer” Sherman Law Group - Roswell, GA Bankruptcy, 400 “sherman law group” Criminal Defense ... + 5 other page 1 keywords “mansfield, tanick, cohen” “Mansfield, Tanick & Cohen, PA - Minneapolis, 250 “seymour mansfiled, attorney” MN Lawyers” cohen-pa + 4 other page 1 keywords “lowenthal abrams” “Lowenthal and Abrams, P.C. - Bala Cynwyd, PA 700 “jeff lowenthal” Medical Malpractice ...” abrams-pc “terry laporte” The Law Office of Terry LaPorte - San Jose, CA 50 Social Security ... laporte “james schloner” Law Office of James N. Schloner, P.A. - 40 Minneapolis, MN Personal ... schloner-pa samuelson hause Samuelson, Hause, & Samuelson, LLP - Garden 50 City, NY Family, Child ... samuelson-llp 7/2/2009 © ExpertHub. All Rights Reserved 8
  9. 9. ExpertSyndication Overview Highlights: • Our platform and network is built to automatically optimize your contributions for organic search. These are techniques that lawyers spend between $5-25K to SEO consultants to do for them. They are included at no additional charge. • Search optimized page titles, meta tags, etc • Search friendly urls • Linked to from relevant articles and pages in our network: gives your content the hardest part of SEO – high-quality inbound links • Social media tools are built in, maximizing your exposure. • Ability to for users to share via Twitter (and other platforms) with 1 click • Users rate content submissions – so that the most helpful content gets more exposure • Consumer sees your (or your firms) byline prominently and can contact you directly, increasing your lead volume, based on the article that you have written. • You can include back-links to your site in the content to improve your site’s SEO rankings. 7/2/2009 © ExpertHub. All Rights Reserved 9
  10. 10. ExpertSyndication Case Studies Search in Google for This Keyword Article Title in Google Link to Article Monthly Visitors from Google “beating a speeding ticket in court” “Beating a Speeding Ticket in Court” 255 “how to beat a speeding ticket” defense/traffic-tickets/cross-examine-officer-speeding- + >100 keywords ticket.htm “mha guidelines” “Determining Eligibility for Making Home 194 “legal help with mha modification” Affordable (MHA ...” estate/foreclosure/mha-guidelines.htm + >100 keywords “workers compensation wages” “What Wage Benefits Are You Entitled to Under 130 + >50 keywords Florida Workers ...” compensation/wage-benefits-workers- compensation.htm “rights of injured workers” “Rights of Injured Workers: What You Need to 110 + >40 keywords Know” compensation/injured-workers-rights.htm “court attorney vs. private attorney” “Public Defender vs. Private Attorney: Is it Worth 105 + >40 keywords It?” defense/defendants-rights/public-defender-private- attorney.htm “child support payment modification” “How Child Support Payment Modification 100 + >30 keywords Works” support/modifying-child-support-payments.htm “probate transfer deed process” “Transfer on Death Deed | Avoid Probate for Real 90 + >30 keywords Estate” planning/probate/transfer-on-death-deed.htm “advantages of bankruptcy” “Advantages and Disadvantages to Filing for 85 + >20 keywords Bankruptcy” bankruptcy/pros-cons-advantages-filing-bankruptcy.htm “beneficiary gift and taxes” “Beneficiary and Fiduciary Liability for Income, 75 + >20 keywords Gift and Estate ...” planning/beneficiary-fiduciary-liability.htm “b-2 visa requirements” “Visa Alphabet Soup: B-2 Visitor Visa “ 70 + >20 keywords law/us-visa/visa-alphabet-h2-visa.htm 7/2/2009 © ExpertHub. All Rights Reserved 10
  11. 11. ExpertStats Reporting Highlights: • Our reporting interface shows you how your advertising campaign is performing for you at a glance. • The “Leads Summary” section shows you the number of times your name was shown to a consumer that browsing our directory or completing a case lead form, as well as the actual # of leads you have generated each month. • The Exposure Tab shows you the number of times your profile and your articles have been viewed. If you click on the link, you see the # of views broken down by attorney (if you have multiple attorneys) or article • You can also read all of your leads and have a record of all emails from ExpertHub stored for you. • To demonstrate this page, go to ertstats 7/2/2009 © ExpertHub. All Rights Reserved 11