Top health insurance companies in india


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Top health insurance companies in india

  1. 1. Top Health insurance Companies in IndiaBy Mmedimanage.comHealth insurance is no longer a luxury for us, Indians, it has become a need. Even withthe increasing disposable incomes, we can no longer afford the hospital expenses forourselves and our loved ones due to the increasing rate of medical inflation. So we canno longer depend on our savings or generosity of our friends and families or even relaxwith our company’s health insurance, we need an independant health insurance coverfor ourselves and for our family.But even with the need for health insurance realized, we find it confusing to find theright health policy for ourselves with so many health insurance companies in themarket. We give you the ‘Ten top health insurance companies in India’ and theirpopular products.This information is just to give you an introduction of the health insurance companiesand name some of their products. To buy a health insurance policy, read about thebasics of health insurance like pre-existing illnesses, waiting period, loading, exclusions,how to renew, whom to buy a policy from and how to compare health insurancepolicies. Only after understanding it, should you go ahead and buy it.
  2. 2. First let us look at some of the dedicated health insurance companies. The order inwhich the companies are listed is not an indication of their relative strengths. Star Health & Allied Insurance Company LimitedStar Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited (Star Health) is a joint venturebetween Oman Insurance Company, ETA Ascon Group and a number of insuranceveterans in the country. It is also the first dedicated health insurance company in India.Known for its innovation, Star has some very unique products like Diabetes Safe whichis for diabetic patients and Star Netplus which is designed for HIV+ patients. StarHealth insurance has an in-house TPA which increases its efficiency in dealing withcashless cases. They also have a unique feature where in customers calling a toll freenumber can get free consultations with a general physician.Popular Products: Star Family Health Optima, Senior Citizen Red Carpet Max Bupa Health insurance Max Bupa Health Insurance is a joint venture between Max India Limited and BupaGroup, one of the international healthcare providers. Formed in 2010, Max Bupa hasbrought changes in the health insurance market in India with innovative and customerfriendly products. They have a policy of not loading the customer or handling out ‘noclaim bonuses’ and have a region wise premium. They have no fixed enrollment agewhich means people of any age group can buy their policies. These policies also haveguaranteed renewal which means you won’t be denied renewal in your 70s and 80swhen you need it most. Their ‘Heartbeat’ product covers maternity also, albeit after awaiting period.Popular products: Heart Beat Gold, Silver and Platinum Apollo MunichApollo Munich Health Insurance Co. Ltd. is the new name for Apollo DKV Insurance Co.Ltd. which is a partnership between The Apollo Hospitals Group, and Germany basedMunich Re’s newest business segment, Munich Health. They also bring a change interms of customer friendly features like lifetime renewal and portability benefits for
  3. 3. existing policies which means you can buy Apollo’s policy and get the continuationbenefits of your existing policy. Apollo Munich also covers maternity after a waitingperiod.Popular Products: Easy Health Gold, Standard, Exclusive and Premium Reliance Health insurance Reliance health insurance is one of the private general insurance companies in India.They also have a few good health insurance products, in their ‘Health wise’ policyrange; critical illnesses are covered as a part of the policy. There is also a choice ofreducing waiting period for pre-existing illnesses to 2 years from the industry standardof 4 years. It covers those between the ages of 5-75.Popular Policy: Health wise Family Floater ICICI Lombard ICICI Lombard GIC Ltd. is the largest private sector general insurance company inIndia. It has some good health insurance plans - like Health Advantage which coversnot only hospitalization expenses but also outpatient expenses like dental, upto a limit.Maternity cover is also available under this product. The company has also addedHealth insurance Guide, an interactive tool to help the customer select a plan to suit hisrequirements.Popular Product: Health Advantage Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between BajajFinserv Limited and Allianz SE. Health insurance policies offered by them include HealthGuard (Mediclaim), Silver health (Senior Citizen) and Star package (Family Floater),there are also other plans like Hospital Cash which gives an amount on every day ofhospitalization and Critical Illness which gives a lump sum in the event that the insuredcontracts one of the critical illnesses listed like cancer during the policy period. Bajajwas the first company to come up with a captive TPA with ensuing efficiencies.
  4. 4. Popular Product: Health GuardNow for Health Insurance from Public Sector General Insurance Companies, Oriental insuranceOne of the four public sector units, Oriental insurance offers a number of healthinsurance products including Individual mediclaim, Universal health insurance schemeand family floaters to the customers. Optional benefits like Personal Accident and LifeHardship Survival can be added with the basic health cover to avail extra benefit. TheirHappy Family floater is a popular product because it doesn’t require medical check-uptill the age of 60 (it is mandatory for everyone over the age of 45 to take a healthcheck-up in other policies).Popular policy: Happy Family Floater United India InsuranceAnother of the public sector units, United India Insurance Company Limited also offersa wide range of health insurance products like Family Medicare- Gold, Platinum, SeniorCitizen, Top-up and Super Top-up. Top-up and Super Top-up products are productswhich provide additional cover amount if you find your basic cover insufficient.Popular Policy: Family Medicare New India AssuranceIt is one of the first Indian owned companies when it was formed in 1919. It offersdifferent health insurance products like Mediclaim policy, senior citizen policy andUniversal health insurance policy. The unique feature of their Mediclaim policy is thedifferential rating for major metros vis-à-vis other locations.Popular Products: Mediclaim policy National Insurance
  5. 5. National’s Varishta Mediclaim is a popular product, it covers everyone from the agefrom 6—80 with special features for senior citizens.Popular product: Varishta MediclaimSo these are some of the Top Health Insurance Companies in India. Select the companywhich is right for you and your family and buy a health insurance at the earliest!