The 2-minute Guide: Assessed Penalties for Not Using Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System


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The government wants to shift the health industry into the digital age and has provided reimbursement incentives and an electronic medical records deadline for those who adopt electronic medical records (EMR).

However, as with all government benefits, this electronic medical records mandate comes with strings attached.

For those who do not meet the electronic medical records deadline for implementation, the government has laid out a series of penalties.

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The 2-minute Guide: Assessed Penalties for Not Using Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System

  1. 1. The 2-minute Guide:Assessed Penalties for Not UsingElectronic Medical Records (EMR) SystemSummer  2013Wednesday, June 12, 13
  2. 2. PenaltiesGovernment IncentivesHow to Avoid These Penalties?123Wednesday, June 12, 13
  3. 3. No EMR/EHR Implementation Has a PricePenalties‣The government wants shift the health industry intothe digital age and has provided reimbursementsincentives and an electronic medical recordsdeadlines for those who do not do adopt a EMR‣For those who do not adopt a EMR system bycertain deadlines, there is a series of penalties viadeduction in Medicare reimbursements‣ According to, an average AAFP(American Academy of Family Physicians) user isreimbursed 20% by Medicare3Wednesday, June 12, 13
  4. 4. Medicare Reimbursement Deduction Rates For Those Who Don’tAdopt Certified EMR/EHR or cannot demonstrate “meaningful use” byPenalties42015201620172018Reduced by 1%Reduced by 2%Reduced by 3%Reduced by 4%Wednesday, June 12, 13
  5. 5. 5The transition will not be easy for the healthindustry but a physician may receive up to $44,000in Medicare incentive payments beginning in 2011for implementing EMR systems and demonstrating“meaningful use”Wednesday, June 12, 13
  6. 6. Meaningful Use Stages6Stage 12011-2012Requires providers to meet 14to 15 core requirements andchoose 5 more from a menuof 10 optionsStage 2-2014Stage 3Undefined as of now123IncentiveWednesday, June 12, 13
  7. 7. How to Avoid These Penalties?7‣Do Research‣Physicians should prepare byunderstanding the EHR/EMRmandate and knowing the processand requirements for implementingthe system‣ Act sooner rather later‣ Experts predict that nearing mid-decade, there will be more physicianslooking to implement EMR/EHR thanthe support staff of certified EMR /EHR software providers can handle‣ Lead-time for a certified EMR softwareprovider to plan, install, andimplement a system: approximately2-4 months‣ Training time: typically 6-8 months foreach physicianWednesday, June 12, 13
  8. 8. works to connect physicians to the best EMR companies, matching the rightEMR system with specific medical practices. is the world’s largest directory ofEMR software vendors. It is a privately held company based in Cambridge, MA whose mission is tobetter organize the EMR software market. The company was founded by seasoned technology andhealthcare professionals in 2010 after the passing of The Health Information Technology forEconomic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act).For more information about the Assessed Penalties for Not Using Electronic Medical Records(EMR) System, please visit us at: can help!About UsLocation:55 Cambridge ParkwaySuite 103Cambridge, MA 02142Wednesday, June 12, 13
  9. 9. Thank you for reading The 2-minute Guide: Assessed Penalties for Not UsingElectronic Medical Records (EMR) SystemPlease visit us at for the latest information about EMR. We canhelp connect you to the best EMR companies!Choosing the Right EMRHow can help!Wednesday, June 12, 13