Anaesthesia review: Your Guide to Paediatric Anaesthesia


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Another great review for SIms & Johnson's paediatric anaesthesia text - see a sample chapter here:

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Anaesthesia review: Your Guide to Paediatric Anaesthesia

  1. 1. Anaesthesia 2012Book ReviewYour Guide to Paediatric I found particularly well written and for most anaesthetists, unless theyAnaesthesia easy to understand. are going to be working in a veryC Sims & C Johnson There are two sections that the specialised paediatric hospital. TheMcGraw-Hill Medical (Australian edition), anaesthetist preparing for the FRCA illustrations are very informative,1 Nov 2011 exam may find extremely useful. The particularly those of equipment withISBN 978-0071000222, 374 pp., first is a list of ‘Current Issues’, found which the readership may be unfa-Price £87.99 at the beginning of the book with miliar.This is a new book published by the page references to the main body of The crucial question is whether Iteam from Princess Margaret Hospi- the book. The second is at the end of would recommend this book to mytal for Children in Perth, Australia, the book, listing all the questions junior colleagues. If they need an easy-aimed at trainee anaesthetists under- relating to paediatric anaesthesia to-read, well-written text to learntaking training in paediatric anaes- from previous FANZCA and FRCA about paediatric anaesthesia, eitherthesia. exams. The inclusion of these sec- as a novice or with some prior expe- The book itself is divided into 31 tions demonstrates that the authors rience, the answer is a wholeheartedchapters starting with the principles have thought about, and appreciate yes. I would also recommend this textof paediatric anaesthesia, including the needs of, their target readership. to those studying for their FRCApharmacology, fluid management Aspects of the book that I par- examination and as an invaluableand the bio-psychosocial manage- ticularly liked are the highlighted reference tool for consultants whoment of the child. There are chapters ‘Note’, ‘Tip’ and ‘Key Point’ sections. occasionally anaesthetise children.covering neonatal surgery, chronic These contain concise summaries ofdisease in the paediatric population the text and pearls of wisdom which B. Grahamand congenital syndromes and their I wish I had known before I started Locum Consultant Anaesthetistinfluence on anaesthesia. my training in paediatric anaesthesia. Imperial College Healthcare NHS The book then describes anaes- Trust The chapters are succinct, con- St Mary’s Hospital, Londonthetic techniques for the various cise and contain all the information Email:surgical specialities. The authors required, without going into unim- benjamin.graham@imperial.nhs.ukinclude chapters on paediatric inten- portant or unnecessary detail thatsive care and child protection, which doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2044.2012.07119.x will be superfluous to requirementsAnaesthesia ª 2012 The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland 1