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The cerebrum i


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The cerebrum i

  1. 1. •The diencephalon •The diencephalon •Cerebral hemispheres •Internal capsule
  2. 2. The white matterThe cerebrum •It’s situated in the anterior & middle cranial fossae •Cerebrum is divided into 2 parts 1)Diencephalon : Forms the central core 2)Telencephalon : Forms cerebral hemispheres
  3. 3. The white matter Diencephalon•It’s a midline structure with symmetrical right & left halves•It can be divided into 4 major parts : 1. Thalamus 2. Subthalamus 3. Epithalamus 4. Hypothalamus
  4. 4. The white matter
  5. 5. 3rd ventricleThe white matter•Situated between the 2 thalami•Communicates anteriorly with the lateral ventriclesthrough the inter ventricular foramina (Foramen ofMonro)•Communicates posteriorly with the 4th ventricletrough the cerebral aqueduct•It’s walls are lined by ependyma
  6. 6. The white matter•Cerebral hemispheres (Telencephalon)•Largest part of the brain•2 hemispheres are separated by a deep midline fissure : Thelongitudinal cerebral fissure•Corpus callosum connects the hemispheres across the midline•Tentorium cerebelli separates the cerebral hemispheres from thecerebellum•To increase the surface area of the cerebral cortex, each hemispherehas formed folds (Gyri) & gyri are separated by sulci (Fissures)•Each hemisphere is divided into 4 lobes : Frontal, parietal,temporal & occipital (Named according to the cranial bones under www.Medicallecturenotes.comwhich they lie)
  7. 7. The main sulci & GyriThe white matter Lateral view of the left cerebral hemisphere
  8. 8. The main sulci & GyriThe white matter Medial view of the right cerebral hemisphere
  9. 9. The white matterThe structures situated interior to the cerebralhemispheres:•Lateral ventricles•Basal nuclei•White matter & nerve fibers
  10. 10. •Basal gangliaThe white matter•It’s a collection of grey masses in the white matter ofthe hemispheres•There are 3 main parts 1)Corpus striatum : Divided by the internal capsule into Caudate & Lentiform nucleus 2)Amygdaloid nucleus : Situated in the temporal lobe 3)Claustrum
  11. 11. •White matter of the cerebralThe white matterhemispheres•It’s composed of myelinated nerve fibers•The nerve fibers are classified into 3 groups 1)Commissural fibers 2)Association fibers 3)Projection fibers
  12. 12. The white matter
  13. 13. Internal capsule & its nerve fiber arrangementThe white matter Relationships between internal capsule, basal ganglia, and thalamus in horizontal section. Notice that descending motor fibers for the face, arm, and leg (F, A, L) run in front of ascending sensory fibers (f, a, l) in the posterior limb of the internal capsule.
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