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Descending tract 2


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Descending tracts have 3 neurons 1st order neurons (UMN) : Cell bodies are in the cerebral cortex & other supra spinal areas 2nd order neurons : Short & situated in the anterior grey column of the spinal cord 3rd order neuron (LMN) : Situated in the anterior grey column & innervate the skeletal muscles through anterior roots of the spinal nerves Cortico-spinal tract :

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Descending tract 2

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Branches of the CST•Branches which are given off early in the descentreturn to the cortex to inhibit the activities in adjacentregions of the cortex•Branches pass to following areas to keep the subcortical areas informed about the cortical motoractivity 1)Caudate & lentiform nuclei 2)Red nuclei 3)Olivary nuclei 4)Reticular formation
  3. 3. Other descending pathways to the spinal cord
  4. 4. Brown sequard syndrome (Hemi section of the spinal cord)
  5. 5. Brown sequard syndrome (Hemi section of the spinal cord)•Features 1)Ipsilateral LMN paralysis & muscular atrophy in the corresponding part of the body to the damaged segment of the spinal cord 2)Ipsilateral spastic paralysis below the of the level lesion (γ motor neuron inhibition is lost) 3)Ipsilateral loss of cutaneous sensation below the of the level lesion 4)Ipsilateral loss of dorsal column sensation below the of the level lesion 5)Contralateral pain, temperature, touch & pressure sensations are lost below the of the level lesion
  6. 6. Brown sequard syndrome (Hemi section of the spinal cord)Tracts which are affected Dorsal column : Ipsilateral Lateral Spinothalamic tract : Contralateral Anterior Spinothalamic tract : Contralateral Anterior Spino cerebellar tract : Contralateral Posterior Spino cerebellar tract : Ipsilateral Anterior corticospinal tract : Ipsilateral Posterior corticospinal tract : Ipsilateral Autonomic nervous system : Ipsilateral
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