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The courage of_dr_king


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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The courage of_dr_king

  1. 1. courage.html?pfstyle=wpThe Courage of Dr. King"If you lose hope, somehow you lose the vitality that keeps life moving, you lose that courage tobe, that quality that helps you go on in spite of it all. And so today I still have a dream." - MartinLuther King Jr.Dr. Martin Luther King was an inspirational leader of the civil rights movement in the 1950s and1960s. He was perhaps best known for his powerful speeches, and his commitment to nonviolentmeans to bring about social change. The power of Martin Luther King Jr.s dream was that behindhis dream, he had great hope. A dream often can seem so far off, so unbelievable, that we fail toact. If it is just a fantasy, why work hard at it? Without hope, despair, but with hope, courage. With agreat, burning desire and overwhelming hope, your dream seems possible. It is a real possibility,not just a whimsy or a fantasy. It is the hope that builds consistent, courageous action. That hope iswhat Dr. King gave us, to build up our courage to do the right thing. To respect each other. Whendisagreements occur, resolve them with nonviolence.To build up your hope, listen to some of Martin Luther King, Jr.s speeches. Learn about his life, andhis struggles. Ask yourself, what gave King such courage? What gave him hope? Certainly, theconditions in the deep south during his life were unjust and highly segregated. Separate seating,separate facilities, separate treatment. In spite of this, something remarkable happened. Thecourage, strength, and hope of good people responded to Kings calls for change. Nonviolenceworked. Hope kept him going to the very end, which for him tragically ended in an assassination in1968 at the hands of James Earl Ray. Yet his dream, his hope still inspires us today, almost a halfcentury later.Build hope through an optimistic outlook. In the movie Dumb and Dumber, Mary and Lloyd werespeaking. Lloyd asks Mary what his chances are with her. Mary responds not good, perhaps one ina million. In response to Marys one in a million odds, Lloyd replies, "so youre telling me theres achance. Yeah!" Lloyd has an optimism outlook. He just doesnt seem to understand that he cant dosomething. What makes the movie endearing is the purity of the characters. Lloyd and Harryconstantly have hope. They are too "dumb" to understand the long odds of their success. Yet,somehow they accomplish their objectives nonetheless, and they are happy.Martin Luther King Jr.s dream, powered by unshakable hope, changed the world. You can changeyour world, and that of everyone you touch, by having a great hope that fuels your dreams.Regularly practice these courage strengthening behaviors:1. Listen to inspirational music2. Speak up in a firm yet kind and humble manner3. Be hopefulRESOURCE: Martin Luther King, Jr. A call to action: the landmark speeches of Dr. Martin LutherKing, Jr. eBook, B000Q9IN8G.Author(s) take full responsibility for the content of their article, including originality, copyrights, andcompliance with all relevant Internet laws and guidelines. Articles are not edited for content by theInternet Medical Journal.