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Imj 19990916

  1. 1. The Internet Medical Journal The Official Journal of the Internet Medical Association. ISSN=1093-7935 Volume 3, Number 17. 16-September-1999 Medical PearlsWHITE COAT HYPERTENSION IMPORTANT. This study of 926 patients withhypertension found that the blood pressure measured in the office wasidentical to the blood pressure measured at home. This suggests thatblood pressures measured in the office be taken seriously, andelevated measurements not be disregarded as due to stress from beingin the doctors office, i.e. "white coat" hypertension. Kjeldsen SEet al. Hypertension 1998;31:1014.BLOOD PRESSURE HIGHER WHEN TALKING. This study of 28 men and 22 womenfound that talking raised the blood pressure an average of 17 mm Hg.Measurements taken when the doctor and the patient talked witheachother were higher than if both of them were silent when the bloodpressure was measured. Le Pailleur C et al. Am J Hypertens1998;11:203.LOWERING CHOLESTEROL WITH LOVASTATIN REDUCES THE RISK OF A FIRSTHEART ATTACK. In 5608 men and 997 women with average total and LDLcholesterol levels, and low HDL cholesterol levels, those who tooklovastatin (20 to 40 mg a day) had a 40% decreased risk of a firstheart attack compared to those who received a placebo. Downs JR etal. JAMA 1998;279:1615.HIGH INTENSITY STRENGTH TRAINING HELPS CARDIAC REHAB. Among the 38cardiac rehab patients studied, high intensity strength training wassafe, and increased overall physical functioning and vitality.Beniamini Y et al. Am J Cardiol 1997;80:841.PAIN RELIEF DOES NOT INCREASE RISK OF A MISSED APPENDICITIS.Amongthese 340 patients with suspected appendicitis, giving morphine forpain relief did not have a deleterious effect upon managementdecisions by the surgeon. Vermeulen B et al. Radiology1999;210(3):639.CARDIORESPIRATORY FITNESS DECREASES RISK OF DIABETES. This 6 yearstudy of 8633 men found that the most fit 40% of the group (3453 men)were much less likely than the least fit 20% of the group (1727 men)to develop diabetes, even after controlling for age, smoking, alcohol
  2. 2. use, and family history. Wei M et al. Ann Intern Med 1999;130:89.PSYCHOACTIVE DRUG WEBSITES MOST POPULAR IN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY.Among the 84 pharmaceutical product sites available to netizens, 7out of the top 10 viewed sites deal with psychoactive drugs. SussmanN. Primary Psychiatry 1999;6(8):12.PASSIVE SMOKING INCREASES RISK OF CORONARY HEART DISEASE. In thismeta-analysis of 650,000 people, exposure to second hand smoke wasassociated with a 25% increased risk of coronary heart disease. He Jet al. NEJM 1999;340(12):920.DUKE TREADMILL SCORES HIGHLY PREDICTIVE OF MORTALITY.Dukeclassification scoring of exercise treadmill tests was highlypredictive of overall mortality among a group of 939 patients with T-wave and ST segment abnormalities on their resting ECG. Cardiacsurvival was 97% at 7 years for the low risk group, as defined by theDuke classification score. JAMA 1999;282:1047.CHRONIC SINUSITIS FREQUENTLY DUE TO FUNGUS. 202 out of 210 patientswith chronic sinusitis were found to have fungi in their sinal mucus.In addition, their eosinophil levels were elevated suggesting that animmune response to fungi caused the chronic sinusitis. Ponikau J etal. Mayo Clin Proc 1999;74:877.FAST FACTS: SUICIDE. In the United States:* Every minute 1 person attempts suicide* Every 15 minutes 1 person dies from suicide* Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among college students* Men are 4 times more likely than women to commit suicide The Internet Medical Journal - Dedicated to Your Good Health!TM