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Online Conferencing in the Era of the 24/7 Global Digital Society


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Draft slides presented in Session TTS74

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Online Conferencing in the Era of the 24/7 Global Digital Society

  1. 1. Online Conferencing in the Era of the 24/7 Global Digital Society Simon Kear Beyond Distance Research Alliance Slides at: Online Educa Berlin 2011 Distance Learning Technologist of European Foundation for Quality RESEARCH ALLIANCE the Year 2009: Team Award in e-Learning UNIQUe Award
  2. 2. Online conferencing 1990s June 2003 March 2006 Email, eGen Conference JISC InnovatingBulletin Boards E-learning Conference
  3. 3. Online Conference Asynchronous wrapper (VLE) Synchronous
  4. 4. Online Conference 12 11 1 Asynchronous wrapper (VLE) 2 109 Synchronous 3 8 4 7 5 6
  5. 5. Why online?• Eliminating time barriers• Eliminating geographical barriers• Target disadvantaged groups• Help balancing family and work life• Very low costs• Reduced environmental impact
  6. 6. Why Follow the Sun?
  7. 7. 13-15 April 201101/12/2011 7
  8. 8. Global presentationLeicester UK CanadaBrighton UK USA
  9. 9. Figures• 48 hours non-stop• 280 participants• Hosted from 3 time zones• 25 countries• Up to 80 delegates each session
  10. 10. Japan“I managed to participate in selectedpresentations from Asia/Australia and UK.“The 24-hour format meant I could planparticipation and fit into my work schedule.”
  11. 11. Australia“(I was) not in either destination and thus wouldnot have attended had it not been via the onlinecommunity and technology”
  12. 12. USA“I learned from the comments of the otherparticipants in my session. I have referred to thissession in my LinkedIn groups.”
  13. 13. Canada“I saved travel time … (I) prefer attending onlineas I can eat or fidget or do anything I like duringa session at home and still be at a conference.”
  14. 14. UK“It has given me some new ideas and links topeople and work that potentially are very usefulfor me.“I like the chat during the session as participantscan make comments while they listen which canbe picked up at the end, in many ways moreinteractive than a traditional conference.”
  15. 15. 01/12/2011 18
  16. 16. Futures for Knowledge • Engineering • Astronomy • Climatology • Music • Geology • Health and Medicine… to name a few. Unisa, September 2011 19
  17. 17. And … Unisa, September 2011 20