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MediaZo is a Digital Media & Technology agency offering strategic consulting and execution of digital/ social media plans aligned to business objectives across Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, Collaboration and other verticals.

Some of the brands we have worked with in our previous avatar of Media Redefined includes Samsung Mobiles, Samsung Televisions, Maruti, Aircel, Micromax, VLCC, NIIT University, NASSCOM, LAVA Mobile, AutoX, Vigneshwara Developers, etc.

We offer customised solutions to track, build and leverage digital and social media spaces for brands using effective content, technology & processes.

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MediaZo Corporate Profile

  1. 1. BR AboutIE UsF “We were Media Redefined in our previous Avatar”
  2. 2. We are a digital media & technology agencyoffering strategy consulting and execution ofcomplete Digital & Social Media plans alignedto the business objectives across Marketing,Sales, Customer Support and other verticals.We’re based out of NOIDA, India.Our core objective is to track, build andleverage digital & online spaces for brandsusing effective content, technology & practices.
  3. 3. Our USPs • Over 5 years of experience working with large brands & startups. • Expertise in Digital Technology implementation. Includes – Web products, Microsites, Facebook Ads, CMS, facebook apps, social dashboards, tracking tools, dedicated e-commerce portals, etc. • In house product ‘SocialORM’ for Social Analytics , Monitoring & ORM operations. • Blogger/ Influencer relations programs across the country with a network of over 200 Bloggers.
  4. 4. WHAT We Do?
  5. 5. We create digital/ social media plans that arealigned to business objectives for brands,products, events, etc.We plan, build and nurture online communitiesto drive reach & engagement.We identify evangelists, consumers andprospects to catalyze user generated contentacross social media platforms and blogs, giving abrand ‘word of mouth’ outreach.
  6. 6. Create & use Social Dashboards for OnlineReputation Management with detailed reportsand insightsWe’re a business account holder for facebook adsto run premium Ad Campaigns and ContestsWe develop Microsites, CMS and portals
  7. 7. Social Media Strategic Planning • Identify Current Online Reputation • Identify Key Stakeholders • List existing & relevant social media properties • Develop Content and Engagement Strategies • Build Real time social support systems • Address Social App requirement
  8. 8. Microsites• Create user persona and user journey maps• Build wireframes• Design user interfaces• Develop backend databases and functionality• Empower campaigns with scalable websites
  9. 9. Online Reputation Management • Handle Social web Communication • Custom tools and apps to listen, track and respond to consumers and prospects • Real time conversations and engagement • Generate Monthly Listening Reports and Insights
  10. 10. Social Apps• Facebook Apps• Standalone apps integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Google• Brands can start conversation around a product/service and build customer profiles• Tracking/ Listening tools for brands and competitors on Social Media
  11. 11. Blogger Relationship Program • A network of 200+ blogs across cities and genres • Identifying key bloggers in the relevant category • Content strategy and classification of bloggers • Bloggers’ Meets across cities • Blog reviews of products & services
  12. 12. Knowledge Management Systems • Thought Collaboration Systems – Co-spaces • Real Time Alert – SMS, Email, RSS based • Think of Chat, Wiki, document sharing, email into one • Enterprises can discuss, work and share in co-spaces
  13. 13. Digital/ Social Technology Implementation Content FacebookManagement Apps Systems Lead CollaborativeManagemen Tools t Systems Social Micro SitesDashboards
  14. 14. Corporate Services
  15. 15. We Strategize We Consult• Align Organizational and • Social Media Planning Communication Objectives • Blog Consulting• Identify Target Audience • Organizational Knowledge• Identify Communication Mgmt. Tools • Online Brand Mgmt.• Communication Audit • Social Softwares• Social Syndication & Aggregation In a nutshell We Build We Implement• A complete digital presence • Social Media Strategies• Dedicated Web Products • Microsites & Portals• Micro Websites & Facebook • New age social media tools Apps & Games • Online Reputation Mgmt.• E-commerce Portals
  16. 16. We have Worked With
  17. 17. We have Worked With
  18. 18. Contact Us! Connect with us:Mobile: +91 9811396858Office: +91 120 250 0351Email: info@mediazo.comSnail Mail: MediaZo LGF, D-23, Sector-50 NOIDA (U.P.) 201301. INDIA