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Newspaper proposal


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Newspaper proposal

  1. 1. Newspaper Proposal Ariba Ahmed
  2. 2. Name Of Newspaper: ‘The Brent Insider’ Ive decided upon this name because its short, punchy & to the point. It straight away informs the audience of the locality the newspaper is based on. It is short and ‘punchy’, this puts it as a marketing advantage as people are less likely to remember a name if its too long or confused about the title. Whereas, this name simply suggests it’ll inform one of whats going on inside Brent, which is precisely the aim of the newspaper. Additionally, it is a unique newspaper name, as through research I’ve not yet come across another newspaper with the same name.
  3. 3. Newspaper Slogan: ‘Unfold the truth…’ This is a play on words, with double meaning of ‘unfolding the truth’; having the truth of news revealed to you as well as ‘unfolding the truth’; psychically unfolding the actual newspaper containing genuine news. I decided upon this slogan as not only is it short and memorable but through my own experience I have found that a slogan with a play on words is a great marketing skill and attracts consumers as its more fun & unique . The actual meaning of my slogan is also of significance as mainstream media tends to exaggerate stories, leaving audiences wondering what the truth is, giving my newspaper more of a unique selling point. ‘Unfold the truth’ will appeal to my audience more so because they are even more likely to want to know no little than the complete truth of their surroundings, as it concerns the community in which they live. The ‘…’ (an ellipsis) at the end almost conveys the slogan as a cliff-hanger , leaving you to want more thus actually reading within the newspaper.
  4. 4. Logo: Through secondary research into local newspapers, I found the majority did not include a symbolic logo, rather the way their font was designed was their symbol. I initially decided to incorporate the following logo into my newspaper However, I thought to use convention of a local newspaper by making it more subtle by including it in the following way instead; As you can see I did want to have unique selling point to my local newspaper and decided to also challenge the conventions of a local newspaper by using a unique colour scheme of mint green and white, as Ive not yet come across this through the local newspapers Ive seen. I decided to upon his colour as its neutral, nothing too bright as I want the newspaper to be taken seriously , also to prevent the audience getting confused with a tabloid or magazine which tend to have brighter logos/fonts. Rather I aim for it to easily identified as a local newspaper. The actual logo was designed to look slightly like an eye, but be simple and easily identifiable, as I felt the relation between my newspaper name includes ‘Insider’ also the slogan includes ‘truth’, my logo symbolises the consumer should look inside and see whats inside also the idea of what we witness with our eyes we cannot deny as the truth, (i.e it is not hearsay.)
  5. 5. Font style etc I intend to use ‘Trajan Pro (Bold) for the title / masthead Arial Body for subheading/quotes Arial Body (Bold) For the Headline & something that looks like this I chose to use a maximum of 3 different font styles because…
  6. 6. Lead story Feeble senior battered for bag of chips!
  7. 7. Lead story image (Original) (Post Modification)
  8. 8. Second Story Local teenager eXiled from X-factor
  9. 9. Second story image (Original)
  10. 10. Representation
  11. 11. Language
  12. 12. Marketing aims Target audience Unique selling point: Promotion: interest Target Consumer: