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Positive and proud old script


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Positive and proud old script

  1. 1. Screenplay
  2. 2. 1.EXT. PARK. DAY.Alice’s boyfriend Aaron is from the wrong side of the tracksIt was Alice’s first time Aaron knows itAlice suggests they get sti testedAlice and her boyfriend Aaron are sat on a park bench. Aaronhas his arm around her and her head is nestled into hershoulder. They appear happy together and content.Alice turns to him and holds his hand.alice(Questioning) Babe?Aaron(Curious) Yeah?Alice(Hesitant)I’ve been thinking...aaron(Curious)Yeah?Alice(Delaying) Well...Aaron(puzzled)Is something wrong? )alice(Hesitant) No. Nothing’s wrong. I’m really happy with you.And I trust you so much. And i don’t want you to take thisthe wrong way, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately. AARONOh.AliceUm. I think we need to get tested.Aaron (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2.What? Why?aliceI just think it would be good for us. It’s the grown upthing to do you know? I was speaking to muti and he said himand his girlfriend went and got tests done. AARONFuck Muti and his girlfriend. That’s bullshit. I don’t seewhy, were both clean.AliceYeah i know. We probably are, but there’s no harm in trying.Right? So there’s nothing to be scared of. I want you to dothis with me. AARONThis is going to be a waste of time. But if you want to doit then fine. If you think we should do it then we’ll do it.AliceSo you’ll do it? We can go together! To the clinic... We cango next weekend.AaronRight, yeah sure.AliceI love you.She leans back into his shoulder. She is smiling and gladthat he has agreed. AARONI love you too babe.Aaron puts his arm back around Alice. He has furrowedeyebrows and appears slightly anxious. Alice cannot see thisexpression.
  4. 4. 3.2.ALICE FINDS OUT SHE HAS AIDSAlice is sat outside the room door of a clinic, she iswaiting to be called in to be told her results. She is veryanxious and stressed out.Alice’s name is called, and she goes in.The door closes behind her and the screen fades to black.Alice comes back out, after being told the news. She looksvery upset and in shock.2.Alice goes home to tell aaronAlice is now in her bedroom. She is worried and anxious. Shedoes not know how she will find the words to tell him.She sits on her bed, and looks scared and tense.She rings him, then cuts off the call in panic.He rings back instantly.She answers.AliceH-hello? AARONHi? You just rang me?AliceOh Aaron!AaronWhat is it babe? ALICEI dont know how to say this Aaron.AaronWhy? Has something happened to you? ALICEAaron listen to me very carefully. I’m so sorry I don’t knowwhat to do. (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. CONTINUED: 4.AaronWhat are you panicking about? Can you please just tell me? ALICEAaron, I’m positive. AARONWhat?! ALICEI went to the clinic today. I got my results...AaronNO! I cant believe this.AliceAaron help me! They said I have HIV. What am i gonna’ do!?AaronYou dirty little slut.AliceWhat!? Aaron no please listen to me you have to help meAaronYou AIDS INFESTED WHORE. Stay away from me. ALICEDon’t say that Aaron, you know it’s not like that.AaronYes it does. And I’m very lucky. I got my results yesterdayand they said I tested negative. You could have ruined mylife. ALICEThis doesn’t make any sense.Aaron (CONTINUED)
  6. 6. CONTINUED: 5.You bitch. I don’t deserve this. I’m going to tell everyonewhat you have, so they don’t risk catching it from you. I’mgoing to ruin your life like you ruined mine. Don’t comenear me ever again.Aaron puts the phone down on Alice.Alice throws her phone on the ground.She is in shock and can’t believe what Aaron has just said.He has just broken her heart and her world is falling apart.She is sat at the end of her bed, covering her face with herhands, curled up in a ball. She looks up and the first thingshe see’s is her Buddha.Alice’s lonely journeyAlice goes to the parkMuti calls, had a drink at the park, i’ll come and get you.Alice wakes up hungoverAlice is in bed, looks a mess. Room is messy, adding extraemphasis on her having a bad time.She checks her phone ’Im coming over’- Muti.Muti arrivesMuti knocks on the door.She walks towards her front door, she braises herself as helooks through the peekhole in the door.She sighs in a realease at seeing her best friend Muti.3. INT. ALICE LETS MUTI INSIDEWhat happened last night? Im positive. Unsure what to do.READ THE WALL. Aaron says im horribe, muti encourages her,you have me!Alice MUTI!mutiAlice! Hello! (CONTINUED)
  7. 7. CONTINUED: 6.She leaps up at him to hug him. They have a long, stronghug.MutiHow are you babe? I just came to borrow your textbook... ALICE(She cuts him off) Muti. Thank God your here. Muti I don’tknow what to do?MutiWhy what’s wrong? What’s happened? Did Aaron do something toyou? ALICEMuti you’ll have to sit down for this.MutiWow, ok.The two walk back into Alice’s bedroom. Muti sits down onthe stool which he pulls out from her dressing table whichis placed next to the wall which has writing all over it ofinspirational quotes and her friend’s heights etc.MutiSo what is it? ALICEMuti. Me and Aaron had sex.MutiOh. ALICEI was worried so I went to get some STD tests done, so didAaron.MutiOk. (CONTINUED)
  8. 8. CONTINUED: 7. ALICEMuti I got my results. And I have HIV, Muti I’m HIVpositive!MutiOh my god. ALICEMuti you have to help me. I’m gonna die.MutistronOh AliceHe gets up to hug her. He puts his arm around her and shetakes his arm off of him. ALICEMuti what am I gonna do!?MutiWell what did they say at the doctors? Your gonna needmedication and... wait, have you told Aaron? ALICEI told him and he broke up with me. On the phone, and he’sgonna tell everyone Muti, he thinks I’ve cheated...MutiThat’s absolute rubbish he must be lying he must have givenit to you. I know you Alice, i know your not like that ALICEOh muti what the fuck am I gonna do? I’m gonna have to gofar away where no one knows me. And never be with anyoneagain. I deserve to be alone forever.Muti reaches out and holds her hand. Her head drops onto hisshoulder.MutiAlice calm down and listen to me. Your stronger than thisand you can get through this. (CONTINUED)
  9. 9. CONTINUED: 8. ALICENo I can’t, you don’t understand.MutiListen to me Alice. This isn’t the end of you. Alice lookaround you.Alice looks up at him. He turns and points to the writing onthe wall.MutiAlice. Read the writing on the wall. You wrote it there.Your advice is better than anyone elses.Alice gets up and begins to read the writing on the wall.4.Montage of writing5.INT. ALICE’S BEDROOM. DAY.Alice is a princess. She’s positive and proud.Alice is in her bedroom looking for her WAD ribbon. Sheappears healthy and relaxed. Her room is tidy, clean andbright. Alice puts on her ribbon and then she straightens itand smiles. (Looking at her reflection in the mirror andbefore she leaves she picks up a pen, looks at her wall andwrites ’Positive and Proud’ on her wall, smiles to herselfthen leaves.