The match fourth draft


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The match fourth draft

  1. 1. EXT.FOOTBALL PITCH.DAY Very God-like opera music (plays through whole clip). two teams of players are lined up. This is CRAP FC a group of five players dressed in a range of different clothes, very much a rag tag bunch. Next to them is ACE FC a highly polished group of players in immaculate matching kit.Both teams lining up, sounds of shouting and football songs. a sombre grey sky spills its water steadily. The sounds of shouting and a ball being kicked can be heard. God like music (opera) A mottled astro turf pitch, caged in. GEOFF (O/S) Hello and welcome to a glorious day of football here today, I'm Geoff Shreeves and I am very excited for this match. Shows shoes of both teams, different shoes i.e. A parade of highly polished expensive football shoes followed by a similar parade but this time it show inconsistent pattern of foot wear (high heels, sandals) kick off shows ball glistening in the rain, shows title of movie sounds of people cheering and exaggeration of player's heavy breathing. ,shoes still in shot but not in focus  portraying the importance of that one ball.  (whistle sound) Filming player from behind, west rolling down his neck and shows many defenders struggling to tackle him, it then shows him lodge the ball very cool and calmly into the net showimg the defenders dismay that someone just scored. Ball rolling into the corner of the goal and penetrates the net shows opposition players head's inshouting at one another. switches to other team celebrating, they are ecstatic and they are all jumping on each other.   (CONTINUED)
  2. 2. CONTINUED: (2) 2 GEOFF (O/S) SPECTACULAR Crap FC with hand in head looking distressed.  In the background there is the opposition (Ace FC) celebrating and hugging each other. player (ace player) running back to his own half. With the sound of Ace FC songs exaggerated by fans singing.   Two players hugging each other while the opposition is looking annoyed in the background ready for the game to restart. Guy dribbling on the wing being followed by Crap FC players,  he is obviously much faster,then it shows the Crap FC players falleng behind looking fatigued. then crossing he crosses the ball high into the air. Switches to Crap FC guy goes into a slide tackle and misses the challenge due to the sheer skill of the Ace FC player. Switches to bad team missing a chance comparing this miss to Torres for mancherter united when he missed, it has to be exaggerated that this was an say goal screwed up by Crap fc. Site of sandal flying off foot when kicking it, this portrays the lack of care towards the game made by Crap FC as they have not made the effort or professionalism to get real football boots. Site of good team in perfect alignment, you can compare it like the military.  This is key due to the fact that it compares them to the army as they are in a formation that can't be broken and it needs to be exemplified with slow motion. Player does a rainbow flick on another player.  shows the feet flicking the ball, shows the ball in the air, shows the opposition mesmerised by the skill. Shows guy dribbling and slotting it in the bottom net, sought of second nature as they have been dominating the whole match. The scorer gives a cheeky smile to the camera, displaying his joy and generally making fun of Crap fc. (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: (3) Shows net Behind the goal, player going past whole team, usin many different skills such as: the maradona and the stopover, sound motif could be used. showing goalkeeper gloves in focus while he dribbling but when the player shoots the gloves should be out of focus and the player shooting should be in focus, the player belongs to Ace FC. Then it shows a celebration of them all doing the celebration of the flying fish or Tim Cahill's boxing corner flag. Shows Opposition looking unhappy montage of players looking upset,shows Crap FC player's crying, then kicking the water bottle, shouting at the goal keeper walking out the pitch. Then it shows the goal scorer show his hands which say 3-0 with his fingers and in the background is the entire celebrating. opposition shaking his head, intone with the line aid by Geoff Shreeves below. GEOFF (O/S) Boy, do they need inspiration from somewhere. blackout 3