Mugged (working title) draft 2


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Mugged (working title) draft 2

  1. 1. mugged By Aimee Hillman Max Turnerhampsteadfinearts c/o hampstead fine arts 02075860312
  2. 2. EXT.LONDON, GOLDERS GREEN.NOONAfter viewing brief shots of London at night lookingglamorous and grand in mid evening as the sun is settingover a skyline view, gold titles against a black background,swoop in. Loud traffic jam in Golders green. Licie, a 17year old, tall, brown haired, English, middle class girl’sfeet are shown wearing heels, then the side of her bodywearing jeans and a leather jacket, onto her face where aphone is held to her ear as she is walking towards centralGolders Green, up the main road which is busy.whilst we see the girl we are introduced to the centralcharacter who is quite obviously the most dominant in agroup of hoodies hanging out in an alley way taking drugsand laughing.we are in the middle of the circle and can seetheir casual yet intimidating approach to clothing and fromtheir facial expression we see they can have a laugh buttake themselves seriously. the camera cuts back and fourthbetween the girl and the hoodies. as the camera cuts to thegirl it slowly moves up her body each cut. LICIE (sighing) Yeah just on my way back from work. Had the longest day, (excited) can’t wait to just get home and watch TV FRIEND (suspiciously) I thought you were going to see Adam after work? LICIE (confused) I’m not too sure. I don’t just want to be another girl on his list!EXT.ALLEY WAY.NOON3 boys, in dark hoodies (all in a circle). Top boy rollingup a spliff. music starts from one of their phones(diegetic) and then becomes non-diegitic as it gets louderonce he has lit up the drugs. FRIEND (interrupts) oh come on its just a bit of fun. give your self a break you cant expect every guy just to fall head (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. FRIEND (cont’d) over heels for you as soon as you meet them. LICIE i know i know, i guess he does live a few streets away from here and I guess i could fit him into the schedule along side gossip girl and ice cream. (chuckles)EXT.ALLEY WAY.NOONfocuses on top boy, smoking. loud, non-diegetic musicplaying. coloured filters and a non steady camera to createa druggy effect. FRIEND go on have fun! i wanna know all the little details after LICIE haha, alright ill message you after FRIEND alright, love youuuu LICIE you too.EXT.ALLEY WAY.NOONLicie hangs up phone and takes detor into an alley way. atthis point she briefly stops taking a deep breath as sheconsiders what could happen, the hoodies notice her and sherealises running away would be foolish so continues walkingslightly faster then before showing facial expressions ofworry and distraction. one of the hoodies drives past her onhis moped blocking of any chance of her escaping the alleythrough the way she entered. she tilts her head 90 degreesand briefly looks at the exit only to see Reggie (boy onmoped) blocking her. Three of the hooded characters approachher and she stops as they do. The lead and obviously mostconfident character takes control and shows dominance whilstapproaching her and the other two seem paranoid and lessconfident. TOP BOY (low, deep voice) what you got for me (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. LICIE (shocked and scared) please don’t do thisAs he steps in to attack her the camera slowley turns to theleft and focuses on the wall, on which the title of the filmis Graffitied.