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Daniel sachon evaluation 4


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Daniel sachon evaluation 4

  1. 1.  A Target audience is a specific group of peoplethat are attracted to a niche market. Target Audiences can also be a group of peoplethat are tied together through a common factore.g Age, Gender. In The media Industry, a Target Audience isthe group of a market you aim your product at.This audience is normally directed at a specificAge, Gender, and a certain type of Interest.
  2. 2.  My Target audience is both Genders. I feel thisdue to my film having various elements thatattract to both sex’s such as Thriller andMurder themes. The age of my Target Audience is around 16-24. I feel this way due to my fresh take on atimeless genre, and the use of an upcomingactress is also more appealing to this market.
  3. 3.  I did some market research into my targetaudience with the rough cut of my film usingsocial media to get honest feedback. Mostpeople within the 16-24 age group enjoyed itproving to me I have successfully targeted acorrect age demographic.
  4. 4.  I found mostly only females of my target age demographic gaveme response on social media, so I decided to do another MarketResearch with both male and females to see how they would feelabout my film.
  5. 5.  As my film involves more mature themes suchas sex, violence and murder I feel my filmwould best be rated at 15. I feel this works wellwith my Target Audience also as it lets themknow before seeing the film that it is of a moremature standard, but not too mature that theyhave to worry about getting in to the viewings.I feel it also works with the older part of mytarget demographic as it lets them know it isnot too immature for them.
  6. 6.  I have themes of other genres such as Thriller,Murder and Drama that combine with mymore Obvious Film Noir genre to create ahybrid genre that can appeal to a largeraudience. By involving themes of other genres I feel Ihave created an Independent film that I hopecan achieve a mainstream audience because ofthis as it opens up my Target Audience to alarger mainstream audience.