5 stages of grief 4


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5 stages of grief 4

  1. 1. The five stages an original screenplay fine arts college, Hampstead 02075860312
  2. 2. TITLES OVER BLACK SCREEN As the titles appear the sound of ’wet’ crying can be heard. The sound is bridged into the next scene. INT. EMILY’S BEDROOM.NIGHT Fade up A desktop screen. The google search bar is being typed into a big sniff WRITING ON DESKTOP How to get over an ex boyfriend A range of options appears INT.TUTORIAL.DAY EMILY BROWN HAIR 18 YEAR OLD GIRL, SILM BUILD, PRETTY, IN LECTURE HALL WITH PSYCHOLOGY BOOKS ALL OPEN AROUND HER LOOKING BORED. WE CAN HERE LECTURES VOICE OF SCREEN TALKING ABOUT THE KUBER ROSS MODEL 5 STAGES OF GRIEF. EMILY’S FACE LIGHTS UP Lecturer: When an individual experiences a great loss they normally go through the 5 stages of grief this model was presented by Kuber Ross Intention:scene cuts and emily then decides that she will use the five stages to get over her ex boyfriend. Maybe a friend would be useful here INT.OPERATION ROOM.NIGHT Emily attaches an a3 paper on the wall. On the front in large letters is the title depression. Underneath is a list of depressing activities. Emily steps back and we see the wall is filled with four other similar posters all relating to the stages. Images of her boyfriend with red crosses on it can be seen on the wall as well. TITLE: DENIAL Black screen appears with in bold words ’Denial’
  3. 3. 2. EXT.PORCH.DAY Emily turns up at her boyfriends house wearing yellow to represent denial. She is calm and acting like nothing has happened. She rings on the door bell. Rings doorbell again and rings again Emily looks at her watch to indicate time going by. Sam opens the door SAM ...I thought you were at university EMILY You are late for our date! SAM (puzzled) Emily... EMILY Come on, lets go! We’re going to miss the movie. Popcorn or pik n mix? SAM Stop Emily! We broke up EMILY It was a dream idiot! Hurry up SAM (looking confused) uhhh.. goodbye Emily Emily goes home and ticks denial off her list TITLE: ANGER Black screen appears with in bold words ’Anger.’ INT.ROOM.DAY Intention: Emily runs around her room wearing red to depict anger. Her task is to get rid of everything in her room that has any relation to Sam and put it into a box EMILY picks up jumper ah this can go in the box rips up photographs of them together (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. EMILY (cont’d) ha! this can too!! Collects all the teddys he’s ever got her BYE TEDDDDIES! opens her cupboard and throws his t-shirts and shoes on the ground Perfect! more for the box! Collects phone charger and tooth brush Gooodbye Sam!!!! EXT.PORCH.SAMS HOUSE.DAY She rings Sams doorbell. And again and again... Sam answers the door SAM Again! what do you want? Emily throws the box of things at him and then runs away screaming... EMILY I hate you! i dont need you anymore! Im so happy we’re over! Your a liar you told me you loved me and couldn’t be without me and then just went and broke up with me. (whilst screaming this she is throwing his belongings at him) Sam tries to reply and argue his point over whilst Emily is screaming at him but is unable too. Audience will hear mumbles. SAM Uh, but, come on, emily, calm down EMILY (looks at her watch, calm again) Thankyou for that, goodbye. Sam looks very confused and puzzled Emily ticks Anger off her list on the wall when she gets home
  5. 5. 4. TTILE: BARGAINING Black screen appears with in bold words ’Baargaining’ EXT. SAMS WEDNESDAY RUNS - DAY Emily follows Sam on his wednesday morning run. She runs along next to him EMILY i will give you all my life savings, every penny i have saved and give it to you. Take me back. i need you. take my credit card, take my wallet for all i care! i need you! Throws her money, credit cards and whole purse at him SAM flinching your being ridiculous, your really scaring me now EMILY looks at her watch thank you for that. Goodbye walks away and ticks bargaining off her list when she’s home TTILE: DEPRESSION Black screen appears with in bold words ’Depression.’ INT. KITCHEN - DEPRESSION SCENE Emily is in her bed, she turns the light off *2 days gone by* appears on the screen. She is sitting on her bed with her Depression list in front of her, as she does each task she ticks it off the list. 2 days gone by appears on screen EMILY Ticks 2 days in the dark off her list (Eats ice-cream) ticks off list (Watches jeremy kyle) ticks off list (Watch notebook) ticks off list (CONTINUED)
  6. 6. CONTINUED: 5. (Watches 5th episode of friends) ticks off list Phone Rings (Don’t answer phone) ticks off list ticks depression off list which is now covered in chocolate TITLE: ACCEPTANCE Black screen appears with in bold words ’Acceptance.’ EXT. OUTSIDE SAMS HOUSE - ON FRONT PORCH- ACCEPTANCE Intention: Emily goes to his house to get closure. She looks very clean and fresh with her hair all nice. Sam is hesitant to open door, shown through seeing his shadow through the window SAM (FLINCHES AS HE OPENS THE DOOR) Yes emily? EMILY Look Sam, im over you, its fine ive realised why its not working i get you now. Goodbye forever Emily starts to walk away SAM Panicky Wait... Emily stops walking Please dont go. I made a mistake! you have made me realise how much i love you EMILY No Sam. You were right. Stop being neurotic. I have accepted. I have accepted. Its over sam. Ok. I have accepted. But... SAM EMILY Maybe you could use this now.. its no use to me anymore. Hands sam her lists Sam looks at her with tears in his eyes (CONTINUED)
  7. 7. CONTINUED: 6. SAM shouting NO EMILY! come back i love you!!! grabs emilys arm EMILY pushes him off her and walks away Intention: Sam calls emily numerous times on her mobile as she is walking away, Emily hangs up the phone every time INT. BEDROOM - LAPTOP SCREEN RECORDING Emily searches on google ’how to get over a psycho ex boyfriend.’ CREDITS