5 stages of grief


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First draft (rough) of film script for Five Stages

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5 stages of grief

  1. 1. TITLES OVER BLACK SCREEN Emily crying over black screen Emily: Weeping INT. EMILY’S BEDROOM Emily aged 18, wearing baggy jumper and pyjama bottoms and her hair is in a messy bun. She has no makeup on and no shoes, just socks. Still crying SCREEN RECORDING On her facebook page. Her status now states that she is single, she cries even more and googles ’How to get over an ex boyfriend.’ 5 STAGES Comes across the 5 stages of greif Emily: Oh this is what jodie was telling me about the other day, I cant believe i didnt think of this 2 hours ago, i am going to use this to get over Sam. ha ha sam i dont care about you anymore. In the next 24 hours i am soo over you 5 STAGES PART 2 Emily devises a presentation of each step she will go through. She writes it in an A4 note pad Perfect EMILY DENIAL - COMES UP ON A BLACK SCREEN DENIAL SCENE Emily turns up at her boyfriends house. She is calm and acting like nothing has happened. She rings on the door bell shouting and looking at her watch to indicating time is going by. Sam opens the door EMILY You are late for our date! SAM (puzzled) Emily, we broke up EMILY Dont be silly, come on, lets go, no we didnt, your such a joker (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  2. 2. CONTINUED: 2. EMILY (cont’d) these days. We’re going to miss the movie. Popcorn or pik n mix? SAM Emily, stop. EMILY (looking at her watch) Oh thank you for that. Urmm i’ll be going now. Goodbye Emily ticks Denial off the list as she runs home ANGER - COMES UP ON A BLACK SCREEN ANGER SCENE Emily is running around her room trying to find anything that belongs to Sam EMILY ah this can go in the box puts his jumpers and tops in the box this can too!! gets his tooth brush and puts it in the box Perfect ! gets all their photographs and cards and cute letters etc... and puts it all in the box EXT. OUTSIDE SAMS HOUSE - ON FRONT PORCH She rings Sams doorbell. He answers and she throws the box of things at him and then runs away screaming at him EMILY I hate you! i dont need you anymore! Im so happy we’re over! SAM shocked and does not say anything. He picks up the box and walks inside Emily ticks Anger off her list as she walks home BARGAINING COMES UP ON A BLACK SCREEN
  3. 3. 3. EXT. OUTSIDE SAMS HOUSE - ON FRONT PORCH - BARGAINING She starts throwing all her credit cards and money at him EMILY i will give you all my life savings, every penny i have saved and give it to you. Take me back. i need you. take my credit card, take my wallet for all i care! i need you! SAM flinching stop being ridiculous EMILY looks at her watch thank you for that. Goodbye walks away ticking off denial off her list DEPRESSION COMES UP ON A BLACK SCREEN INT. KITCHEN - DEPRESSION SCENE *2 days gone by* appears on the screen. Emily on couch in dark eating ice cream crying heavily ticks depression off list which is now covered in chocolate ACCEPTANCE COMES UP ON A BLACK SCREEN EXT. OUTSIDE SAMS HOUSE - ON FRONT PORCH- ACCEPTANCE Goes to his house to get closure. She is very clean and looks fresh with her hair all nice. EMILY Look Sam, im over you, its fine ive realised why its not working i get you now. Goodbye forever Emily starts to walk away SAM Panicky please dont go. I made a mistake! you have made me realise how much i love you (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 4. EMILY no listen sam. You were right. i have accepted. I have accepted. its over sam. Look i have this list i used to get over you hands sam the list sam looks at her with tears in his eyes this list helped me so much. Maybe it will work as effectively with you. SAM shouting NO EMILY! come back i love you!!! grabs emilys arm EMILY pushes him off her and walks away INT. BEDROOM - LAPTOP SCREEN RECORDING Emily searches on google ’how to get over a psycho ex boyfriend.’ CREDITS