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Conventions of Media


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Conventions of Media

  1. 1. HORROR Cause panic/fear Lead character usually survives or all die Monster/killer Certain way of killing victims Good vs evil Entertaining Usually predictable storylines Tension and suspense Dark lighting throughout Sometimes shot using hand-held filming Damsel Hero Group of friends Usually only survivor
  2. 2. ACTION ADVENTURE Protagonist Antagonist Damsel Quest/journey Good vs. evil Exotic and varied settings Treasure/ something to gain Crew/henchman Damsel and protagonist fall in love Lots of action Usually predictable Family films Good always wins
  3. 3. ROMANCE Aimed at female audience Characters will go their separate ways but will reunite later in the film Boy meets girl, they fall in love – typical story line Always a happy ending Hero of story is usually a man Symbols of love, such as flowers and hearts, are commonly seen Stories involve lots of emotion